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Thread: 3/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 3/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Do we really need to put up with 6 weeks more of this crap? Can't we just put Crystal/Siobhan or Mike into the finals and take it from there?

    I shudder what would happen if Crystal/Siobhan were voted off for some lame brained reason 4 weeks before the final. Maybe Simon and the Judges would secretly disregard the Results and pick someone else to fill their place.

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    Re: 3/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    My 2 favorites have been Crystal and Siobhan.
    However, I did not enjoy Siobhan's rendition of Stevie tonight.
    And, I have to agree with Simon about the screeching at the end. That was the 1 thing about Adam that bothered me last season. And, I have to say that his screeching was always on key.
    I like Siobhan but her screeching comes off like, well, screeching!
    I do hope she pays attention to Simon's comments tonight, because she's one of the few good singers this season.
    Poor Paige was not at all good and it sounds like she had really bad laryngitis.
    I actually thought Katie did OK.
    Didi is becoming extremely annoying.
    Andrew was just embarassing.
    I thought Lee was a lot better. And he really seemed to relax.
    Tim is playing to the girls who vote for him . That's smart of him and while I'm not a big fan, at least he did improve and move around the stage.
    I love R & B and I think Big Mike has a nice voice but it's nothing special. He's no Ruben.
    I didn't really care for Casey tonight.
    Crystal is just an amazing singer. She does what good performers do. She makes you feel the music and want to sing along.

    Have to take back some of my pre show criticism of Miley.
    I actually thought she handled herself very well and gave some good advice. I'm not a fan of her singing, but I have to give her credit for how far she's come. She's definitely got more talent and poise than her Dad!
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    Re: 3/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    My $.02 and my opinion of the singing tonight.

    The only two I really liked were Crystal who rocked out on her carpet and Aaron who got into the song's emotion.

    If Casey had a richer baritone voice, I would have liked his cover of the Huey Lewis song. I do agree he has mad guitar skills.

    Siobhan disappointed me tonight with the screech in her voice. She lost all tone when when she went high. I would like to hear her without her "glory" notes.

    Michael stayed in his lane and I found him boring because of it.

    Poor Paige.

    Lee shouldn't have dropped his guitar. He didn't know what to do without it.

    Tim has a clear voice but an over-the-top style with tonight's song.

    Didi tried to show her bad side and I think it worked, sort of.

    Sorry Andrew - no go for me.

    Katie was much better in song choice and look, but still didn't grab me.

    I think Paige goes; if not her then a toss-up between Andrew and Tim.

    I also have to hand it to Miley. Her notes to the contestants were spot on and I liked the way she handled herself in the mentor slot.
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    Re: 3/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Great job, Miley! Definitely exceeded my expectations. I wasn't totally opposed to her mentoring, but I didn't think she really fit the Billboard #1s theme this week. If it had been kept as Teen Idols week, I would have been totally up for it. But with all the changes, Miley as a mentor just did not make sense to me. But she really did do a decent job at giving these guys advice.

    Even though this season has been rough, I'm planning to go to the tour for the first time, ever. With that in mind, I don't know if I could go through Tim's set... and maybe Andrew's, unless he sings something like Straight Up (I thought it was good, at least). Because of that, I hope Tim goes, but I'm doubtful.
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    Re: 3/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I really wish they unlock the Prediction thread at 12mn (PT) because I have to work 9-5 and don't have time to get to the FORT the next day. My workaround is to post it here or else I'll never get to play or I'll forget and by the time I get the chance it's past 5pm here in the West and the thread is already locked. East coasters have the advantage because they can still get home from work relax a bit, then put their predictions in until before 9pm. Anyway...my bottom 3 are:

    Andrew - 1st safe
    Tim - 2nd safe (unfortunately)
    Paige - going home

    Definitely no judges' save.
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    Re: 3/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by StarryElf;3861055;
    Seriously? Miley Cyrus is a mentor?
    Pretty hilarious. Someone who can't sing live, mentoring the world's biggest live singing contest.

    And what the hell was Miley wearing in those mentoring sessions? A shirt dress? A long shirt over denim cutoffs?

    Now down the list:

    1.) Lee - Got GREAT backup singers and musicians and stage setup, but rewarded that by singing flat. Uh uh, buddy. It was good, not great.

    2.) Paige - Paige SO wants to be Miley. And if not being able to sing live is the route to that? She succeeded. Otherwise? Not so much. I know I've said it before but... Go Home Paige. Thank yew.

    3.) Tim - I think Miley just wanted to feel Tim up (thus the hug). He's got a good voice, but man is his energy level WAY too low on stage. Yes, even when doing "slides into third base". Its his SINGING that's low energy (his phrasing, and the notes he hits), not his movement around the stage. He will stay, but he's GOT to address this. Does Tim even UNDERSTAND that the way he sung it this was STILL a slow song? His comments to Ryan would seem to indicate he doesn't.

    4.) Aaron - Poor li' baby Aaron. Never mind his voice. He's got the stage presence of a wet noodle.

    5.) Crystal - Miley Cyrus trying to mentor Crystal Bowersox is like a little league coach trying to mentor A-Rod. I actually don't think Crystal's upper register is any better OR worse than her lower one, but I suppose she might have been right with this one song that the upper worked a bit better (it creates a higher energy--not that Ms. Cyrus was able to express it that way).

    6.) Big Mike - I know some claim he's a poseur, but I'm a B.M. fan. The riffs are what that style of singing are ALL about. I'm not sure why they judges are claiming otherwise. They let female contestants Whitney the hell out of stuff with much less fuss, and B.M. was NO where near that limit. He did about the same level of indulgence as Percy Sledge did. He's not QUITE Percy, but it was good.

    7.) Andrew - Doesn't need to be here. Guitar or no guitar. "Straight Up", he's just not good enough. That Paula Abdul song should have been his swan song.

    8.) Katie - Miley Meets Katie. All I heard was "Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp? Know who you are. Chirp, chirp, yawn". Then Katie sang. And I cried. And not a good cry. A "why baby Jesus why" kind of cry. That song was WAY too big for her.

    9.) Casey - Still don't get him. And yet I know every female viewer out there disagrees with me. :-) And for all that talk about "connecting" with the audeince, all I saw him do was hide behind his mike. He didn't use the stage at ALL. "Power of Love" ESPECIALLY is a song where you PUT DOWN A GUITAR, UNHOOK THE MIKE FROM THE STAND, and prowl the stage. Casey just doesn't have the right insticts. HE JUST STOOD THERE.

    10.) Didi - She's grown on me since the beginning. Even still, that was only "okay". Still better than the scary crap she did the first few live shows.

    11.) Siobahn - One or two odd notes, but think about what she does EFFORTLESSLY that NONE of the others (even Crystal) can. She WORKS THE STAGE. Like crazy. And she works the crowd. They are literally in the palm of her odd little hand. All the more amazing given that we know she doesn't wear contact lenses and likely CAN'T EVEN SEE THE CROWD. Simon is right about one thing though--the end note thing is getting a bit old.

    Who needs to go? Paige. Katie, Andrew and Aaron shouldn't be far behind, and Casey, Lee, and Tim need to pick up their game seriously.

    Quote Originally Posted by nutty1;3861341;
    I have never seen a worst Top 12.
    I don't know about the whole 12, but 3 of them (Crystal, Siobahn and Mike) are as good or better than anyone else ever on this show.

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    Re: 3/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    March 23, 2010: The Top Eleven

    1. Siobhan Magnus. The verse was fine; she sang it well; not great but okay. What she did at the end; the screaming, didn’t work for me. Siobhan has lost her way. It appears she’s now sacrificing her music and artistry for theatrics. As I said before, screaming only works within the context of the song, and there’s nothing in this music or these lyrics that demands a primal scream. Siobhan is my favorite contestant; so much raw potential and infinitely likable; but I’m becoming impatient, waiting for the magic to reveal; and slowly losing interest. Didn’t like this performance at all.
    2. Crystal Bowersox. The judges loved Me and Bobby McGee more than I did. The Joplin version is about a woman who loved a man; loved him deeply, let him go, and is now pining for his return. With respect, Crystal is a wonderful singer and artist, but in my opinion, left these melancholy lyrics woefully under-nourished. Here’s something else. I don’t think she's interested in winning. I don’t believe an introvert and intensely private person like Crystal is looking to complicate her life. It’s only my impression, but I don’t think she has either the patience or people skills to successfully negotiate and charm her way through hundreds of boring, mindless, and tiring interviews. Not to mention, the hectic schedule and intrusive media that comes with the title of American Idol. She clearly wants a career in music (she’s good at it), a good life for her family, and a recording contract. Her work on Idol has earned her those things, but winning the title would, in my opinion, complicate and compound an already delicate life, and do more harm than good. Is she the best singer? Maybe. Is she the best choice for American Idol? I don't think so.
    3. Aaron Kelly. Easily his worst vocal (tonsillitis?), but musically connected and believable. I disagree with Ellen about stage presence; he’s got tons of that. I also disagree with Simon. I don’t think he’s old-fashioned; just precocious; a man trapped in a sixteen year old body (it happens). I wonder if the contradiction is confusing for the judges. Not a psychologist but not uninformed either; been teaching teen age males for almost twenty years.
    4. Casey James. He’s headed in the right direction, I think, but his journey will be a long one, fraught with obstacles. There was a long discussion about Katie and country music, but if ever there was a perfect fit for a man and his music, its Casey and country rock. His pipes are not strong enough for traditional rock; his connection with his lyric is not strong enough for pop or the blues. Casey clearly wants a career in music, and, wants to be a sex symbol. The former will require a lot of work (he’s got to improve his music acumen and stage presence to become commercially attractive); the latter will not (he’s pretty much already there, as measured by internet chatter); but if he’s wants both, country music is the perfect vehicle.
    5. Michael Lynche. This was absolutely the right song. I have no idea what these judges are thinking because songs like this make up the majority of Adult R&B stations play lists around the globe. I just don’t think he sang it very well. He, too, sounded hoarse; e.g.; his upper register failed him repeatedly. Big Mike gets it; he knows his future is Adult R&B, and is doing exactly what he should; using his time on Idol to build a fan base in the genre.
    6. Lee Dewyze. Lee singing jazz in a penguin suit? Not for me. I didn’t get it. Thought he was a rock singer. If so, why wouldn’t he, like Big Mike, use his time on Idol to secure and cement a fan base in the genre? He’s never going to be a pop or jazz singer (he lacks sensitivity); doesn't want to be a jazz singer, so what was the point? Yes, the judges liked it but it was Simon who looked beyond; Lee and Jazz is not a good fit and he certainly won’t sell records doing what he did tonight. It was Bo Bice who said, “you can put a mink coat on a penguin but it’s still a ***** penguin”.
    7. Katie Stevens. I could repeat the same Bo Bice quote for Katie and pop music. She sang it well but is old-fashioned and presents a huge marketing problem. Can Katie relate and connect with kids the same as Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato? I'm not seeing it.
    8. Didi Benami. Didn’t get it. A slinky and sexually charged version of You’re No Good, an otherwise very angry song? She’s beautiful and very sexy, attractive attributes; but neither is reason to exhaust artistic liberty; to reinvent music in her own image. She could learn from Casey, who apparently had an epiphany; e.g.; pick songs that maximize her attributes rather than contradict them.
    9. Paige Miles. The third worst performance I’ve ever seen on American Idol. A complete mismatch; there were tons of great R&B songs she could have picked.
    10. Tim Urban. The second worst performance I’ve ever seen on American Idol. Someone will need to explain these song choices to me. First it was Hallelujah; a great song but gender neutral. Then it was two muscular and masculine songs, Under My Thumb and Crazy Little Thing Called Love that somehow got reduced to gender neutral. Tim, wake up dude; you're a virile and handsome dude; focus your performance on the ladies; find a way to connect with them; study Aaron, Casey, and Big Mike. It is the ladies who will make (or break) your career.
    11. Andrew Garcia. Without question the worst performance I’ve ever seen on American Idol. His fan base appears to be stronger than some, so he could stay in the competition much longer than his talent warrants. Left to me, he'd be home, but America decides these things. I’m a loyal viewer but it’s obvious this kid doesn’t belong here. He can’t sing.

    American Idol Awards: The Best Recorded Music (Seasons 1 thru 9)

    I’ve been working on this for the last three years. I wanted to post it after season nine and call it Idol Music Awards of the Decade, but after tonight, I see no reason to wait.

    1. Best Pop Song of the Decade (released as a single):
    Breakaway-----Kelly Clarkson
    Home (acoustic)-----Chris Daughtry (Daughtry)
    A Song for You-----Elliott Yamin
    Live Like We’re Dying-----Kris Allen
    Permanent-----David Cook
    Battlefield-----Jordin Sparks
    Addicted-----Ace Young
    For Your Entertainment-----Adam Lambert

    Best Pop Song Winner: A Song For You-----Elliott Yamin
    Runner-up: Live Like We’re Dying-----Kris Allen

    2. Best Pop Album/EP of the Decade
    All I Ever Wanted-----Kelly Clarkson
    Leave This Town-----Chris Daughtry (Daughtry)
    Breakaway-----Kelly Clarkson
    Just Like You-----Allison Iraheta
    Jordin Sparks-----Jordin Sparks

    Best Pop Album Winner: All I Ever Wanted-----Kelly Clarkson
    Runner Up: Breakaway-----Kelly Clarkson

    3. Best Country/Folk Song of the Decade:
    I’ll Walk-----Bucky Covington
    Unbelievable-----Josh Gracin
    Nothin Like A Dream (MCD)-----Lindsey Cardinale
    Jesus Is My Neighbor-----Bo Bice
    So Small-----Carrie Underwood
    My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me-----Danny Gokey
    Temporary Home-----Carrie Underwood
    Papillion-----Bo Bice
    I Wonder-----Kellie Pickler
    Hold Up My Heart------Brooke White

    Best Country Song Winner: Temporary Home-----Carrie Underwood
    Runner-up: Papillion-----Bo Bice

    4. Best Country/Folk Album of the Decade:
    Carnival Ride-----Carrie Underwood
    3-----Bo Bice
    My Best Days-----Danny Gokey
    Bucky Covington-----Bucky Covington
    Recipe For Flavor (EP)-----Bo Bice
    Josh Gracin-----Josh Gracin
    Small Town Girl-----Kellie Pickler

    Best Country Album Winner: Carnival Ride-----Carrie Underwood
    Runner-up: Recipe for Flavor-----Bo Bice

    5. Best Rock Song of the Decade (indie, country, pop, traditional):
    Whyyawannabringmedown-----Kelly Clarkson
    Call Your Name------Daughtry
    Witness-----Bo Bice
    Artic Outcry Wind-----Josiah Leming
    See the Light-----Bo Bice
    A Long Time-----Amanda Overmyer
    The Past-----Chris Daughtry (duet, Sevendust)
    Bury Me Alive------Carly Smithson (lead singer, We Are The Fallen)
    Play On-----Amanda Overmyer

    Best Rock Song Winner: Witness-----Bo Bice
    Runner-up: Whyyawannabringmedown-----Kelly Clarkson

    6. Best Rock Album of the Decade(indie, country, pop, traditional):
    See The Light-----Bo Bice
    Leave This Town-----Daughtry (Chris Daughtry)
    Constantine-----Constantine Maroulis
    Punk Ass Rain (EP)-----Josiah Leming
    C’mon On Kid-----Josiah Leming
    Solidify-----Amanda Overmyer
    Angels Undercover(EP)-----Josiah Leming

    Best Rock Album Winner: See The Light-----Bo Bice
    Runner-up: Solidify-----Amanda Overmyer

    7. Best Traditional R&B/Hip-Hop Song of the Decade:
    I’ve Learned to Breathe Again-----Latoya London
    Gallery-----Mario Vasquez
    How I Love The Rain-----Latoya London
    When I See You-----Fantasia Barrino
    Truth Is------Fantasia Barrino
    Burnt Up-----Paris Bennett
    A Song for You-----Elliott Yamin
    No Air-----Jordin Sparks (duet, Chris Brown)
    You Give Good Love------Lakisha Jones
    Exotic------Nikko Smith
    It’s Your Love------Melinda Doolittle

    Best R&B/Hip Hop Winner: It’s Your Love-----Melinda Doolittle
    Runner-up: I’ve Learned to Breathe Again-------Latoya London

    10. Best Traditional R&B/Hip-Hop Album of the Decade:
    Fantasia-----Fantasia Barrino
    Revolution-----Nikko Smith
    Princess P------Paris Bennett
    Love and Life-----Latoya London
    Soulful-----Reuben Studdard
    So Glad I’m Me------Lakisha Jones
    Coming Back To You-----Melinda Doolittle

    Best R&B/Hip-Hop Album Winner: Coming Back To You-----Melinda Doolittle
    Runner-up: Love and Life-----Latoya London

    11. Best Song (Musical/Movie) of the Decade:
    Now Behold The Lamb-----Tamyra Gray (from the movie, The Gospel)
    Old Spanish Trail-----Bo Bice (from the movie, Noble Things)
    Reaching For Heaven-----Diana Degarmo (from the movie, Princess on Ice)
    I Am Changing-----Jennifer Hudson (from the musical, Dreamgirls)
    Connected-----Katharine McPhee (from the movie Barbie and The Diamond Castle)
    I’m Here------Fantasia Barrino (from musical The Color Purple)
    Time For Miracles-----Adam Lambert (from the movie, 2012)
    High Enough------Constantine Maroulis (duet; Amy Spangler; from the musical, Rock Of Ages)

    Best Musical/Movie Winner: Time For Miracles-----Adam Lambert (2012)
    Runner-up: I’m Here------Fantasia Barrino (the Color Purple)

    The Big Four

    12. Best Lyric of the Decade (songwriters’ award):
    Razor Blades and Hand Grenades-----(Josiah Leming)
    Temporary Home-----(Carrie Underwood)
    31 Pages-----Josiah Leming
    Live Like We’re Dying-----Kris Allen (The Scripts)
    One Last Song-----Josiah Leming
    Don’t Waste The Pretty-----Allison Iraheta (Michael Dennis Smith, Stefanie Ridel, Miriam and Olivia Nervo, Toby Gad, and Elyssa James)
    Arctic Outcry Wind-----(Josiah Leming)
    Breakaway-----Kelly Clarkson (Avril Lavigne)
    Deconstructing-----Josiah Leming

    Best Lyric Winner: Razor Blades and Hand Grenades-----Josiah Leming
    Runner-up: 31 Pages--------Josiah Leming

    13. Best Song of the Decade (e.g.; composition; lyrics/voice/music):
    Arctic Outcry Wind-----Josiah Leming
    Want-----Adam Lambert
    Live Like We’re Dying-----Kris Allen
    Song Without A Reason---Josiah Leming
    See The Light-----Bo Bice
    Trouble Is-----Allison Iraheta
    A Song For You-----Elliott Yamin
    Breakaway-----Kelly Clarkson
    My Funny Valentine------Melinda Doolittle
    Temporary Home------Carrie Underwood
    I’ve Learned to Breathe Again-----Latoya London

    Song of the Decade Winner: My Funny Valentine-----Melinda Doolittle
    Runner-up: Song Without A Reason-----Josiah Leming

    14. Best Album/EP of the Decade (all genres):
    Solidify-----Amanda Overmyer
    Just Like You-----Allison Iraheta
    Coming Back To You------Melinda Doolittle
    Recipe for Flavor (EP)-----Bo Bice
    Angels Undercover-----Josiah Leming
    Love and Life-----Latoya London
    Come On Kid-----Josiah Leming
    See the Light-----Bo Bice
    All I Ever Wanted-----Kelly Clarkson
    Stranger Things Have Happened-----Justin Guarini

    Album of the Decade Winner: Coming Back To You-----Melinda Doolittle
    Runner-up: Come On Kid-----Josiah Leming

    15. Artistic Performance of the Decade: (The award is presented to the Idol who best utilized and personified (on vinyl) artistic expression; not an award for technical proficiency, music composition, or lyric integrity; rather it honors the most moving record of the decade. The artist’s name appears first, followed by the work that earned them the nomination).
    Justin Guarini-----Rock Bottom (from the EP, Revolve)
    Josiah Leming------ Artic Outcry Wind (from the EP, Angels Undercover)
    Melinda Doolittle-------My Funny Valentine (from the album, Coming Back To You)
    Kelly Clarkson------Sober (from the album, My December)
    Bo Bice-----See The Light (from the album, See The Light)
    Josiah Leming-----Song Without a Reason (from the album, Come on Kid)
    Latoya London-----I’ve Learned to Breathe Again (from the album, Love and Life)
    Katharine McPhee-----Unbroken (from the album, Unbroken)
    Allison Iraheta-----Trouble Is (from the album, Just Like You)
    Fantasia Barrino-----I Believe (from the album, Free Yourself)
    Amanda Overmeyer-----Play On (from the album, Solidify)

    Artistic Performance of the Decade Winner: I’ve Learned to Breathe Again-----Latoya London
    Runner-up: Song Without a Reason-----Josiah Leming

    •*To avoid purely subjective evaluation, I used Metacritic ratings (indidentally, the highest Metacritic rating for all Idol albums belongs to Melinda Doolittle’s Coming Back to You; obviously I agree with her rating), Wikipedia’s Critical Reviews; Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Spin album reviews to help with the nominations. Then, I chose the winners, based on a point system that included quality lyric, music composition, creativity, and vocal excellence. Some records were sold independently or privately, so were not reviewed; those nominations are purely subjective. Not all albums are officially released yet. AI studio recordings are not included..
    • **Some records qualified in more than one category; e.g.; Daughtry is clearly a pop rock band; and a darn good one, so eligible in pop and rock; Bo Bice started out in southern rock but switched to country, so eligible in both country and rock; Josiah Leming is indie, so eligible in multiple categories; others like kelly Clarkson and Allison Iraheta are pop artist but seem to like rock as well.
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    Re: 3/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I suspect Crystal could deal with the endless interviews better than you might think. She's became increasingly adept in dealing with the Judges. Being polite and doing subtle touches (e.g For the Band, Audience) to seem not too arrogent.

    I agree that she'll be perfectly fine with not winning AI (As long she can make a good living), but I thionk Crystal could probably deal with the stress.

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    Re: 3/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I'm going to comment before reading any comments so they don't color my impressions and then go back and read what you guys thought of the show.

    I was pleasantly surprised by Miley, I had no idea she knew actual musical terms! Plus, she really focused on what she is good at....putting on a show and stage presence. That is something all these contestants need, none of them are very good at doing anything other than standing in one spot and singing. I thought she did a good job, then again I didn't have any preconceived bad notions about her going into it. I've never really felt anything for Miley, good or bad, so I didn't expect anything and was more open to seeing what she brought to the table. I do feel that she helped some of the idols loosen up and that's a good thing.

    Overall this was a hugely disappointing night, I don't think any of them did a great job and I'm struggling to remember their songs the next morning. Not a good thing because last week I couldn't get Crystal and Siobhan's songs out of my head and actually set up my iTunes to alert me when their studio singles became available, this week? I'm not purchasing any of them.

    So when I rank them keep in mind that I thought they were all rather dismal.

    Best of the night....

    Didi and Big Mike (he's making me mad, I really don't want to like his hammy hamness but I can't seem to help myself).
    Siobhan, Crystal and Casey

    The rest of them were either really awful (Paige!) or completely forgettable to the point where I can't recall what they sang. I was very disappointed in Siobhan and Crystal and think they fell victim to their hype a bit this week and need to be careful that they don't hand over their front runner status to Casey who has been working hard or Didi who is just plain stunning and there are tons of shallow viewers out there...I'm one of them....I was mesmerized by how beautiful she looked and probably missed some of her vocal mistakes due to it.

    Speaking of mesmerized....

    What the heck happened to Siobhan's hair? I get that she is quirky and weird but that was literally trying too hard in my eyes, completely distracted me and then there was the unnecessary screech. I'm a huge fan of hers...HUGE.....but back off the screaming before you ruin your chances, girl.

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    Re: 3/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    While I'm looking forward to reviewing tonight's show and going over my first impressions, tomorrow, for now, before I fall asleep I have to say that I can't believe I was so caught up in the keeping up with the show and FORT, before, that I didn't even comment on the theme; which I have to do, now!

    Let's just say, it made me sick to see what's become of the music business - Miley Cyrus? C'mon. The all-time-worst-pick for mentor, ever! Ugh! As down-to-earth and sweet as she came across in the film clips, she gave no mentoring and wasn't qualified to give any. When they played up her mega-success and experience over her age, they could at least have shown her mentoring on how to really carry out how to "own the stage, relax and perform," etc. - but the clips showed her barely having a thing to say. This was beyond gross - just to interconnect promotions. When Ryan mentioned tomorrow we'll be seeing some Jonas Bros., I wanted to throw something at the tv! Now we have more created-no-talent-kiddies/fake musicians (or were when they started out) who were manufactured to bring in the bucks. Grrrrr....This theme put with a fake mentor? A total waste, except for them to exploit the cash registers involved.

    With all those kiddie dollar signs waving around, I doubt we'll be seeing Tim go, but we sure better not lose someone better. Not that this is such a big-talent season of the Top 12.

    Paige has got to be the one, this week.

    What a truly dreadful theme night/mentoring pick.

    Ok, rant over. (shrug, blush...sorry? or not? shrug)

    For me, too many people aren't getting Siobhan, the only one who is #1 and above the rest. Even though I can see the delight of considering a scream that goes beyond others' talents, as a phenomenon for a signature, I have to say that she didn't tonight. Listen again. Personally, when she let out a shout, I was feeling it, right there and saw and heard and felt it, too, not at all the same as that extraordinary note she's done before, but simply as an expression, in exactly the right time and place, of passion felt, in singing and performing, right there and then. Hope she won't overdue it, but she is simply extraordinary. A mega-talent.....And her vocal control when she sang softly is just beautiful.

    Yes, I do love Crystal, she is a natural talent. But Siobhan strides past her, imo. At least, she does for me.

    And in a small sidenote, I was really fed up with "Bobby McGee" as the Joplin tune Crystal chose. Why do they keep using that number and not choose a better and less-repeated one by Joplin? I'm not saying anything against her amazing voice. I just wish she'd take more risks and challenge herself and do more to connect with her audience. She is a joy to listen to, but shouldn't she step past the coffeehouse performance? I'd really like to see her develop in that area, and song choice.

    To be fair, "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder was another surprise, for Siobhan's choice. And I could say too many talentless contestants, previously, tried it. But for Siobhan to have done so was also delightfully unexpected and boy, did she perform the heck out of it! I absolutely adore that girl and all she shares and expresses and her amazing voice. I hope more people get and love her, too, soon.

    Last for now, as for Didi, I think the comments last week or the one before, about her succeeding when she attempted to meld "her sweetness with a dark side" as Kara put it, got to her. ..only to leave her criticized this time. But I think she came off as getting into the "minx" side of herself, the mischievous, sexy side she'd like to access, to not just portray herself as simple, hippie, and sweet. And you know what? While it wasn't overwhelmingly authentic or fantastic, I have liked her a whole lot more these last couple of weeks! She sounded really good and talented and looked terrific.

    Oh, that reminds me, I just loved Siobhan's hair tonight! Really glam! LOL.

    Last funny thought for the night: I've had a tendency to consider a tinge of conspiracy theories when it comes to AI alone, and the selections, but I'm really beginning to wonder if they pick many of the less talented, those medium and lesser lights, deliberately, to pave the way for how they want it to go and to stir up the controversies that come along with them, to make "better television programming" being it's a "Reality" show.

    It sure seems to me that there have had to have been far more major talents than 2 that they could really choose earlier on. Maybe it is the way it is because that's their formula!

    I'll be interested to hear other theories, but I may not be so far off the mark on this one. I wonder...

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