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I like her songs, I think they're catchy. But I hate the $. I brought this up to my friend who LOVES her, and this is what was said:

Apparently the $ means a lot to her in that it symbolizes her past. She was actually featured on the hit song "Right Round" by Flo Rida, but was never given credit. So even though she had a part in the #1 song in country, she was still broke as hell. And now with her newfound success, the $ takes on a new meaning.

That's just a summary of what I remember from what my friend said. I believe them, but there's really nothing else that would explain it for me.
Was that her? I actually liked that song. I wish she would have pursued that sort of music. Now she is that "artist" kids listen to just to drive adults crazy. Ke$ha is my age and even I don't get it. I almost feel like she's selling crack to kids. This music is a mess, sends a bad message, and it just sucks!