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Thread: 3/16 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 3/16 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by echo226;3856399;
    Angie - [/B]I think Mick Jagger was having an affair with someone named Angie who was another artist's (???) wife.
    Angie was David Bowie's wife.

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    Re: 3/16 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    As I look their performances over, I have to agree with those who have said that Crystal & Siobhan are leagues above the rest of them, and that with so many "middle position" singers ousted last week, we are left with a long wait for a number of them to drop off.

    Still.....tonight was, surprisingly, a really unusual and good night with some very unexpected performances, especially considering the theme!

    No matter how they do it, I find it easier separating out the guys from the girls in rating them:

    1 - Siobhan gets top billing for me.

    2 & 3 - Crystal & Didi. Crystal, while showing her natural power and talent, came off as still suffering from an illness and lacked her full energy, to my eyes (meaning not vocally, .. but, physically, only). And Didi amazed me with handing in a fantastic performance and arrangement that was perfectly suited to her. This was the first time in a very long time that she won some votes from me. I was impressed and enjoyed it.

    Large Jump....

    4 -Paige - While this was the first time, for me, the big voice the judges spoke about came across, and I enjoyed her performance for the first time, as well; I'd have to say, on second-look, that she is still projecting herself as just another dance band singer, not an artist. She is due to go, even if not tonight, unless her previous weeks catch up with her.

    5 - Katie - Nothing to compliment, just another semi-disconnected, mostly good, vocal performance. Hated the beginning, she only comes across as too-young and pagaent-like with power vocals that aren't perfect enough to wow anyone, anyway. Sorry, Katie. Potential for the future, but not in this competition.

    6 - Lacey - Definitely the lowest one on the totem pole. She gave a horrendous performance, imo, even if her vocals aren't all that bad. Terrible arrangement. Simon, I think it was, gave an astute observation in saying it was as if she is acting her performances - she doesn't come across as natural. She's the one I expect to go, unless one of the guys falls even lower than she does, which is possible.

    The Guys:

    01- Aaron - I think he gave his best performance tonight. I'd put him as # 4 on the girls' scale above, before Paige. Liked it more than Mike's, despite the raves others feel for him.

    02 - Andrew (my preference, though popularly, Casey would go here) - As much as Andrew hasn't lived up to his earliest wows, he finally stepped up his recent performances and I liked it. Not a master, but improved and enjoyable for me.

    03-05 - Casey, Michael & Lee - Casey does best, vocally, with ballads. This may have been popular, but it was really disappointing and reduced his vocals and ratings, for me.

    Michael, who has a really good voice and consistent Soul, R&B, performance, was good but forgettable. Not thrilled with the arrangement, still, I liked him. Just ok for me, though.

    Lee, while in danger tonight, actually gave one of my favorite performances from him. I'd like these 3 to stay.

    06- Tim - The worst of the male performances, his time is already overdue. If the 'tweenies keep him in, we could lose someone we'd really get to enjoy and see improve, instead. We need him gone!

    Tim & Lacey should both go, with Paige, anytime now. I hope we don't lose anyone else.

    Personally, I was strapped for time tonight and lost 1/2 hr. voting and more time, getting dinner done. As a result, I never managed to vote for Aaron and Mike, and Lee, as I would have liked, or even to give enough votes to Andrew and Didi. Hope the West Coast makes it up.

    For me, Siobhan, followed by Didi & Crystal were the Top 3.

    Aaron stood out, too, and Andrew made a real improvement and I really enjoyed him and liked his performance. I couldn't be critical when I still liked him. Lee, while still needing to come out of his shell, was also worthy of staying and gave a good vocal performance, if a bit subdued. But, I fear he could be in danger.

    The only 3 I'll be happy to see go are Lacey, Paige and Tim.
    And the only 2 I'd accept in the first 2 spots are Siobhan and Crystal.

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    Re: 3/16 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Why is Lacey still there? She is so boring. I think being this boring might be worse than being bad.

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    Re: 3/16 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Siobhan is overrated. She has skill but being able to hit special notes doesn't make me want to buy her album. Look What I Can Do isn't convertible.

    P.S. Why do they insist on closeups of her bad teeth?

    Props to Mama Sox honoring Lily Scott.

    "Vote for Mama Sox" = instant classic.
    "A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment." -- Jane Austen

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    Re: 3/16 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    March 16, 2010: The Top Twelve

    1. Siobhan Magnus. Paint It Black mourns the death of a lover. I ranked her first among the girls, and I'm honored to rank her here. This interpretation worked ; she projected these lyrics perfectly; sad, somber and plaintive at the beginning, escalating into a palpable agony toward the end. Even though the Stones’ version is different (the music is upbeat and the lyrics don’t seem to bother Mick much), I prefer Siobhan. What she does; the way she covers traditionally masculine hard rock songs with quirky femininity is reminiscent of Tori Amos and Kate Bush. I still don’t like the high notes. Unlike Adam, who screams with tone, Siobhan is often cacophonous and dissonant. There were a couple bad notes here but I didn’t care much. She’s a wonderful singer; one of the few truly interesting contestants left in the competition. I like her immensely; she’s fearless, entertaining, unpredictable, and always lights up the stage.
    2. Lee Dewyze. Except for Randy, I think the judges got this one wrong, big time. Lee's was a contemporary, post grunge, bluesy arrangement that fit these lyrics perfectly. Tonight was the first time he truly connected with and projected his lyric. The judges seem to want him to rock out and go hard every night, but that won’t work forever; I guarantee Middle America will tire of him if he does that, and only that. The Stones version is inherently boring; Lee’s was anything but. I’m not a Lee Dewyze fan but I try to be objective. This was a very good performance; layered, heart-felt, and passionate; his best work yet. Maybe he’s known this feeling; what it’s like to be a Beast of Burden?
    3. Crystal Bowersox. I didn’t like this performance much; she never found the heart of these lyrics and seemed disinterested at times, so I don’t know why she picked it. The song, especially this version, required hard driving blues guitar chords. Had she done that, it would have forced her to sing with more passion, soul, and urgency. Nonetheless, she’s a genuine artist, and when she allows us in; touches everyone around her. Crystal is an introvert but arguably the best singer in the competition; but if she’s to win, must find a way to duplicate and translate off stage the same openness and warmth she gives on stage. It's impossible to win American Idol without charm. Despite tonight’s disconnect, and despite the fact that I’m not a fan, this performance was still better than most, so I couldn’t rank her any lower; she’s just too good.
    4. Casey James. Ladies probably didn’t, but from a dude’s point of view; one who loves rock; one who likes to go hard and rock out with down home southern blues and mean guitar licks (the little I could actually hear), I loved this performance. This was Casey best performance of the season; the first time he looked and sounded like a real musician and artist. Still not a fan but he gets major props tonight. He surprised me. Dude definitely got this on right.
    5. Aaron Kelly. I didn’t like it; not much in Angie for me, but as always, Aaron connected with and projected his lyric with honest heart-felt emotion. He’s not afraid to show vulnerability; not afraid to show us his soul; that’s a good thing. This dude will be a superstar in country music. He’s so right for the genre it’s almost scary.
    6. Michael Lynche. I didn’t get much from this performance; don’t like Miss You much, but he, too, connected with his lyric and sang it well. There’s not a lot in the Stones songbook for a contemporary R&B singer like Michael but that’s no excuse for picking this boring song; he wasn’t the only one handicapped by a theme. He’s a good singer but I wish he’d picked something with more soul and entertainment value.
    7. Paige Miles. I liked Paige from the first; especially her sweet and endearing personality, but her song choices befuddle me….until tonight. This was clearly her best performance; almost nailed it shut. Had she attacked this song (Honky Tonk Woman); e.g. Tina Turner, it would have been perfect, worthy of a top five ranking. I hope tonight is a harbinger of good things; a new era for Paige; not just an anomaly, because I like the new Paige.
    8. Didi Benami. Play With Fire is a good song and I like the girly interpretation, but I don’t know that the song’s message can be delivered with flirting glances and feminine charm. It’s not about that. So I didn’t believe it, but man, does this kid have a great relationship with the camera.
    9. Katie Stevens. Didn’t like this on either. Hard to enjoy a soul-less and disconnected version of Wild Horses. If you want to know how it’s done, check out Susan Boyle. Her version is absolutely sublime.
    10. Lacey Brown. Jeez, this was boring; a difficult listen. I wanted it over. Ruby Tuesday reduced to a bed time lullaby; not for me. It’s impossible to dislike this kid, but this was not a good performance.
    11. Andrew Garcia. I think this was his best performance, but hardly enough to make up for all the bad notes and scratchy guitar chords I endured the past month. It’s ironic in a way, because this performance could have used his guitar. Not an Andrew fan either. Seems like a good kid; a decent singer, but if there’s anything contemporary or commercial in him, I’m not seeing it.
    12. Tim Urban. I wonder if Tim was channeling Kris Allen; this arrangement was eerily similar to what Kris did last season. Tim’s a good kid but this just didn’t work; too tepid; no conviction; no energy; no muscle, and too boring.
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    Re: AI9 Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by Jexter;3856443;
    I was extremely bored tonight. Even my favs (Crystal and Siobhan) weren't at all interesting to me. Crystal's performance was good, but I think she only went half-way with her interpretation. it was too low key for what it could have/should have been. Same for Siobhan.

    On the boys side...only Michael, Adrew, and Lee come close to doing anything for me at all and none were more than average.

    But...I'm always disappointed when people try to sing Rolling Stones songs. IMO, no one can ever give their songs the emotion and attititude that Mick Jagger and his band did/do. IMO, there are some artists whose level no one will ever rise to. Mick and the Stones are one of them.
    I actually had quite the opposite feeling you did. I thought top to bottom it was one of the better Top 12 shows ever. I also thought there was some really good reinterpretaions of some of these songs. I thought Siobhan was without a doubt at the top of her game & brought true drama to the show & the song.

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    Re: 3/16 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by liedenfrost;3856487;
    4. Casey James. Ladies probably didn’t, but from a dude’s point of view; one who loves rock; one who likes to go hard and rock out with down home southern blues and mean guitar licks (the little I could actually hear), I loved this performance. This was Casey best performance of the season; the first time he looked and sounded like a real musician and artist. Still not a fan but he gets major props tonight. He surprised me. Dude definitely got this on right.
    Liedenfrost, I also thought Casey's performance was the best one we've seen from him since Hollywood Week was over. He's OK with the ballads, but I love it when he gets bluesy and rocks it. This is from a chick's point of view!

    I love Siobhan, and I did like "Paint it Black," but I thought it was just a little over-the-top. Do we have to have a big note EVERY week? Why doesn't that get old with the judges? I hope she doesn't morph into the female version of Adam Lambert. I just do not like that style at all. I don't care for the dramatics.

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    Re: 3/16 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by CharmOffensive;3856478;
    Siobhan is overrated. She has skill but being able to hit special notes doesn't make me want to buy her album. Look What I Can Do isn't convertible.
    I'm a huge fan os Siobhan, but I sort of agree with what Kara said a week or two ago, "I don't know what kind of artist you want to be."

    Although, now that I think about it, she has a lengthy musical theatre background. Maybe being a good singer who can hit the special notes is exactly who she is - which is perfrect for Broadway.

    And, for that matter why does anyone need to know who they want to be as an artist? Can't we just vote people through who sing well and who we like?

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    Re: 3/16 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I don't know if I can watch this season. It is painful.

    Siobhan was doing great and then she started SCREAMING - that was not singing at the end and it actually hurt my ears. I definitely fell into the category of people who Simon said would not like it.

    Crystal sang well but I just don't like her. I hate when they say to singers - it wasn't great but I love you so great job! Simon gave her better criticism but I wanted to throw something at Randy and Ellen. To me that is just ridiculous. When someone doesn't do their best - tell them like you tell everyone else.

    I am really sick of them pimping their favorites each year and not pointing out the things they do wrong - like Siobhan someone should have told her not to scream like that again!

    Lee is my favorite. He sounds like Darius Rucker to me - which is a very good thing! I feel like I could sit and listen to one of Lee's albums. For the others, I see it being more of liking a song here and there.

    Tim was awful last night, Lacey is boring and Andrew is well - irrelevant is the best word I can think of.

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    Re: 3/16 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by LuvThisStuf!;3856378;
    -Please send Tim first. If I didn't understand English, his reggae version of Under My Thumb would have been good, but how in the world can he sway back and forth and be so laid back while singing those lyrics???? Total disconnect.
    After that performance, I'm totally jumping on the send Tim home NOW bandwagon. I think he has a decent voice, but did he truly not know what he was singing about? (And by the way, I totally hate that song, no matter who sings it).
    If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men. - St. Francis of Assisi

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