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Thread: 3/2 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by french dip;3846000;
    TopCatDC - I agree with your entire analysis.
    I admit to voting for Tim Urban tonight....with a couple thrown to Lee Dewyze (BTW, he's got the greatest name....rolls so easily off the tongue).
    Tim was much improved. I thought he was toast last week and was very sad to see Joe go home.

    John Park and either Toddrick or Jermaine can go home. I found Jermaine to be very cocky and arrogant. Is he the one that threw the band under the bus during the Hollywood rounds? I get easily confused.
    I completely agree that John, Todrick and/or Jermaine should go home. I'm loving Alex, Lee, and Casey...

    And I'm really rooting for Andrew to get it together, and for Tim to continue to grow. I too sent a few votes his way...

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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by TopCatDC;3845989;
    OK, here's where I think the guys stand at week 2. This is a ranking of how I perceive their popularity. The letter grades rate their performance tonight.

    Casey James B+
    “I Don’t Want to Be” by Gavin Degraw
    Yeah, Kara drooling over Casey was cringe-worthy, but it served it's purpose. It got him noticed and set him apart before the live singing began. And then once the singing started Casey, alone amoung the guys, has delivered two strong performances. I say to Casey's fans, start saving your money because Casey will be coming to your town this summer on the Idol tour. The only question is in what position will he be singing.

    Michael Lynche B
    “This is a Man’s World” by James Brown
    Michael edges ahead of Andrew with a strong performance. Not great, but really for the first time he's given us a glimpse of the soulful singer he might become. Definitely left us wanting more.

    Now here's the really sad thing: Casy and Michael were the only two singers to actually stay on pitch and sound like they meant what they were singing. Everyone else failed on these two minimum requirements to one degree or another.

    Andrew Garcia C
    “You Give Me Something” by James Morrison
    Andrew came in to the semi-finals as the top guy, but he's slipped a bit in each of his live performances. Tonight was really his poorest singing. This is not a good direction. Still he's got enough momentum to get to the finals if he can show us soon why we liked him to begin with.

    Lee DeWyze B-
    “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder
    Lee's got the Springsteen growly voice and a real passion and commitment. Add autotune and he's perfect. But this is American Idol and we expect even our rock stars to actually carry the tune. So much going for him he is surely safe, but he's got to get some vocal consistency.

    Aaron Kelly B-
    “My Girl” by the Temptations
    Aaron brought some vocal chops back and made a much more confident effort this week. He should be safe - but if he wants to succeed in the finals he's got to get better fast.

    Tim Urban C+
    “Come On Get Higher” by Matt
    Alex and Tim Urban are in this in-between place. They both had no pre-season exposure and pretty awful initial performances. But this week, they not only sang better, they showed what they uniquely have to offer. With Tim we really get to see more of his personality. The camera loves this guy; he is so comfortable just blabbing. And he's cute. Yeah, the singing is so-so. But there is a demographic that is going to go for this guy, and could even put him in the finals.

    Alex Lambert C+
    “Everybody Knows” by John Legend
    Like Tim, Alex is much improved. Alex has that liquid, heartfelt voice. But is has absolutely no experience - he literaly doesn't know what to do. Unless he is a quick study and suddenly finds a boatload of self-esteem, I don't see how he can hang on.

    Jermine Sellers C-
    “What’s Goin’ On” by Marvin Gaye
    Jermaine is doomed. Nice voice, but he has no point of view. For him, a song is just a vehicle to show off the vocal chops. He will try to follow the judge's misplaced advice about "song choice" and not realize that the songs aren't the problem. He has no soul.

    Todrick Hall C+
    “What’s Love Got to do with It” by Tina Turner
    Ditto. He's the secular Jermaine Sellers. He's all show and no soul. Both Jermaine and Todrick are sinking down the list.

    John Park C
    "Gravity" by John Mayer
    Minimal pimping + a disastrous first round + a boring second week = boot. Sad to say that Tim Urban will get more votes with his looks and personality than John will with his superior voice. But in truth, John hasn't done anything interesting with that voice.

    Casey James was so awesome tonight despite what the judges said i really liked Andrew Garcia it showed a different side to him i mean what do the judges expect from him give him a break just because he did that renditon of Paula song doesnt mean he has to do that all the time.John Park was not that great tonight with that song tonite at all and he could be in danger of going home i really like Mike Big Mike what a way to open the show i loved it and also Aaron Kelly surprised me with that song My Girl it showed a softer and mellow side to himand he reminds me of David Archuleta in the voice.Jermaine didnt cut it for me and he did sound arrogant in away like he was the big thing and why are they doing that to me kind of attitude,Tim wasnt all that great but Alex Lambert really got my attention today and also Todrick i dont get it he needs to pick better upbeat songs cause even though he did alrite again he butchered a classic song so for me the ones that should go home are Tim Urban,John Park and Jermaine Sellers but the others should stay and to close the show Lee really i liked him alot

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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by I<3JAY;3846039;
    I completely agree that John, Todrick and/or Jermaine should go home. I'm loving Alex, Lee, and Casey...

    And I'm really rooting for Andrew to get it together, and for Tim to continue to grow. I too sent a few votes his way...
    I dont think Tim problem is that is he got to pick better songs so like the judges arent getting too hard on him cause then he runs the risk of going home or the teen vote going to him based on his looks u know Andrew did an okay job but i feel he needs to just relax and be himself and then the judges wont be so critical of him being perfect when noone can live up to that.My votes went for Casey,Andrew and Aaron cause they got the talent and for the rest they are toss up for me cause they need to win me over and some of them are while i think it the end of the road for Jermaine,John and Todrick

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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    While I'd say Mike was the best of the night, surprisingly, I think no one else came close to being truly outstanding, perfect or amazing enough to blow my mind. However, I still liked and enjoyed a few performances and am giving them my hope that they'll start growing up to their potential.

    Along with him, I have to say I just like Andy the best. I hope he maintained the votes he had before and starts doing better. But pitchy or not, I definitely think the most of him.

    Lee D. may deserve some compliments, if not the outrageous ones of the judges, but I just don't enjoy listening to him. I can see him becoming another Daughtry type singer - I just feel tired of that voice and wish he could sometimes sing with a purer tone. He has some learning and growth to go.

    After those 3, way too many gave performances that were barely apart in ratings, for me.

    I can see myself getting tired of Jermaine's attitude, but for now I liked him. I did not, however, like his hair or outfit tonight. And I agree that his singing was too over-styled. Still, he sounds good and has the energy. I think he could pleasantly surprise a lot of people if he truly stopped the vocal gymnastics and let himself sing simply, from the heart.

    I also liked, and found fault with, Aaron and Alex. Aaron, for sounding too shaky, despite trying so hard to appear confident (I'll look forward to his growth); and Alex, who I thought sounded really very good, but picked too sleepy a song and shows himself to be too terrified of performing. I, too, really felt, "hey, way too much information!!!" regarding his throwing up from nerves. However, I really liked his voice.

    As for Casey, my #2 last week, he dropped a lot on the charts for me, tonight. I like him just as much, and thought his guitar-playing terrific, but he just lost so much on vocals tonight and as a few people mentioned, didn't compare with Bo Byce. I really like him best challenging himself on vocals and developing a connection to a heartfelt song that outdoes last week's performance. Simon was right: he came off as just another bar band lead singer tonight. I hope he goes back to showcasing a song next week.

    My bottom 3 would have to be -

    John - whose voice I still think is wonderful, and hope he has the chance and takes it, to finally do a much better performance;

    Todrick - who really made a mistake in doing that song;


    Tim Urban - who I really wish we could get rid of and have felt that way all along. I did not see improvement, though perhaps I'm biased, but I can't stand that he can't carry a tune and that the tweenies seemingly love him and so many adults seem to see more in him than I ever have. Too bad. The best he could hope for, imo, is a pre-teen boy band.

    What a shock it was to learn the guys were singing tonight. At least we have 4-5 terrific female singers. Let's hope they do their best tomorrow.

    For the guys, Andrew is still my favorite. I really, really hope he keeps improving. I hate how they play games about "changing" vs. "too-much changing" on the arrangements. Someone earlier said it best, to paraphrase: it's not changing the arrangement that matters, it's really making a song their own in some distinctive way; not to mention connecting to the song and projecting that out and making no vocal mistakes. Well, I can dream, can't I?

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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    This season is starting off pretty rough. I like Andrew, Lee and Alex. I hope Crystal feels better she is really talented.

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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Ugh! Tim Urban surviving last week is a travesty. I sure wish Joe Munoz made it at least one more week. Tim did improve but after last week's performance you really can't go down from there, the only way is up. He looks goofy, he's not really cute...I don't see the appeal. No producer would want to sign this joke. Jermaine, Todrick and John....i'm kinda tired of these 3. Seems like they had the same problem last week and they only improved on it a little. Jermaine reduced the oversinging and his shriekyness a bit, Todrick reduced his over-arranging a bit, John reduced his being boring a bit. I think it's going to be Tim and John going home but because Tim got the pre-teen votes and the Worster votes, he will survive again and victimize either Jermaine or Todrick. After last week's eliminations, I pretty much know who the top 6 boys are:


    Although I think Joe should have taken Alex's or Aaron's spot there.

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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    March 02, 2010: The Top Ten (Boys)

    The owners and moderators of this site will know (I certainly don’t) who visits; e.g. whether the contestants and/or AI sniffers monitor this site, but on the off chance they do, I won’t say anything mean. These dudes are some of the best ballers since little Ricky Schroeder in the 1979 movie, The Champ. Jeez, these guys are sensitive!

    1. Aaron Kelly. I have the utmost respect for Simon; he believes Lee Dewyze is the one to beat, and he's knows his stuff, but I disagree. I still think Aaron is the most commercial singer, and, I saw nothing this week that changed my mind. He‘s a good singer and a good kid, likable and real. It’s obvious, and the performance proved it, he wants to be a country singer. That’s a good thing; country music fans proved a determined and formidable voting block. AI has produced some very good and commercially successful country singers: most notably Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, Bucky Covington, and Josh Gracin. I can’t lie. While he did a good job with the song, I also would have preferred something a bit more contemporary. While his country vibe was interesting and novel, as an R&B fanatic, I’m not used to My Girl, in twang.
    2. Lee Dewyze. Each season, I play the song selection game; to see if I can guess which songs the contestants will choose. I got partial credit on this one. Austin Winkler is the perfect guttural and gravely match for Lee’s post grunge style; but guessed wrong; I picked Without You (it's more haunting, with a better melody and hook). Lips of An Angel is about a man pining over an old flame (e.g.; Lips of an Angel) who calls him up late one night while he’s in bed with his new lady. This was a good copy; the only thing missing was a bra on the microphone. My problem with Lee this week is the same as last; he does not emote, and because of that, I can’t share his experience. Lee and Austin are different performers; Austin is always on the verge, too much emotion. Lee is a good singer and the judges like him; that should keep him safe for a long time. It’s hard for young singers to show vulnerability, especially males. That makes it hard to bond with them. Maybe I’ll feel differently about Lee later on, once I know him better. I liked Allison, Kris and Adam from the start last season but it took nearly two months for me to like the introverted Matt Giraud.
    3. Alex Lambert. I like this kid; he’s cool; and I love his voice (it’s got a real soulful, mellifluous tone; can’t say the same for his guitar), but he’s a frustrating performer. Nobody is going to come home from a hard day’s work; drive fifty miles, and then shell out a hard earned fifty bucks to watch him. Would you? John Legend will never be accused of holding back; he’s one with his lyric. Alex is not. It’s weird that he doesn’t embrace his lyric because projecting honest emotion should come naturally to one who wears his heart on his sleeve. This was a good vocal; as for performance value, he could have mailed it in. Perhaps he shuts down in an effort to control his stage fright? Musically, however, I think he’s worth saving, but the judges will decide this. Should they decide to mentor him, they will need to work hard to keep him safe.
    4. Michael Lynche. If traditional R&B is his home, how did he end up with a Maroon 5 song last week? I love James Brown. I love this song. And I loved this performance. Mike has a genuine feel for the nuances of R&B; he gets it. His was a gentler, smoother version of the original but very effective. He’s more muscular but sounds a lot like Tank (R&B singer), so it doesn’t really matter that the song is dated; Mike already owns a contemporary vibe. I was wrong about his talent; it’s there; he can sing; that’s a given. Whether he can sell records is not.
    5. Casey James. I’m not a Casey fan (my first impressions are not good) but I think the judges treated him unfairly tonight. He is an American Idol contestant; the judges put him through; so they should treat him with respect. Kara was mean to him. In addition, she unwittingly encouraged him to sacrifice his music for sex; so it’s her responsibility to re-program him, not desert him. He deserves that much from her. I didn’t think his was a good interpretation of I Don’t Wanna Be (too detached, too tepid), especially since Idol loyalists like us know how it’s done; Bo Bice and Elliott Yamin rocked the hell out of this song; both have bigger talent and stronger pipes than Casey, but this performance was nowhere near as bad as the judges claimed.
    6. Jermaine Sellers. I actually think he can sing, and, I think he did a good job with What's Going On, which has a great message (saving the planet). The problem is the messenger. Jermaine is so full of himself, so narcissistic, and so unlikable, it’s hard to be objective, but I have to be fair; the dude can sing.
    7. Tim Urban. No. I don’t think he’s a good singer. But this was a bold and risky this to do. He picked Come On Get Higher, a song about sweaty tantric sex, did it on the American Idol stage, in prime time, and got away with it. All this, from a dude who looks like a choir boy. Got give him props. That took some serious chudspah. It’s a shame he sings so poorly; he's likable and has a wonderful relationship with the camera.
    8. Andrew Garcia. His was a vocally flawed interpretation of a James Morrison classic. A repeat performance. Whatever it is that makes the judges giddy for Andrew is a mystery to me.
    9. Todrick Hall. This was also a vocally flawed cover; this time it was Tina Turner in the hot seat. Todrick is very musical, with an authentic R&B soul; he just doesn’t have the instrument to express it.
    10. John Parks. I love John Mayer, the artist, but not the man. He’s not a good person; hurtful and disrespectful to women and hateful toward other races. I will never suggest another John Mayer song to anyone. Gravity is, nonetheless, a great song, with a strong soulful and bluesy vibe. Unfortunately, John Parks has neither the chops nor the musical sensitivity to do it justice.
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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I loved Lee Dewyze!! My favorite of the night. He's my American Idol. He has problems with his nerves like many of the other guys but I can identify with that, it makes him more human to me. The fact he's the only rock singer helps him in my eyes as well since that's the type of music I like. I look forward to seeing him grow and improve, I can tell how bad he wants to win.

    Casey sounded bad, I even liked Chris Richardson's version of that song better. The guitar drowned out his voice and he doesn't his notes long enough, its like his voice peters out and he cuts off the last word of every line before he should. I noticed he did it last week too but it didn't start to annoy me until this week.

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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Bellenote;3846059;
    I hate how they play games about "changing" vs. "too-much changing" on the arrangements. Someone earlier said it best, to paraphrase: it's not changing the arrangement that matters, it's really making a song their own in some distinctive way; not to mention connecting to the song and projecting that out and making no vocal mistakes. Well, I can dream, can't I?
    I hate this back-and-forth thing the judges are doing this year too. It's very confusing for the contestants, and they can't possibly win with the judges when there's this guessing game going on.

    As far as changing arrangements, I think it boils down to changing it in a way that sounds good and makes people go "Wow" - like with Kris Allen's "Heartless" last year, rather that "What the heck was that?" with his "All She Wants to Do Is Dance."

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    Re: 3/2 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Lee Dewyze stood out this week for me.

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