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Thread: 2/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I had to work this evening and missed the show. I'll have to catch it online in the morning.

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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    This show was so disappointing. Katie was the best of the night hands down followed by Crystal, Michelle, and Sioban.
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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I found it a rather strange night, and for a season they're already letting us know they're picking a girl to win, something tells me I'll be happier with the guys. But, there was some stand-out talent and potential.

    Sifting through them in the order they came on -

    I first liked Ashley - 02 - and thought the judges were far too hard on her, especially after being far too kind to Paige, who really messed up in her song choice, and I found forgettable. Now, if I'd only done the math, first, I wish I could have sent some more votes Ashley's way - she had a terrific voice, and really ought to have the chance to develop. I hope she stays, so if you're reading, West Coast, give her some votes for me, if you can, please.

    Next to stand out for me, was undoubtedly, Lily! I loved that girl. She really impressed me - first one to do so. I liked her originality and her voice and arrangement. Well-done!

    (I skipped Janelle, who I thought did a completely terrible job, in every way!)

    Now, Katelyn, whoo-hoo! She even just marginally blew past Lily for me! Though I agreed with Kara in loving her Hollywood, original, "earthy, natural" look far, far better, she knocked this out for me. I just loved her singing! 5 stars/5 stars

    Now, to Haeley. I would have loved to throw her a few votes - and even intended to, but ran out of time. She totally messed up singing, imo; but she was totally infectious and adorable and really would love to have her stay and grow and see if she gets better. Hope she gets the chance.

    Unfortunately, Lacey, as sweet as she came across on her tape, in opposition to her tougher look, and despite having a good voice, I just can't see staying. Not a good choice at all. Wouldn't have minded skipping her performance, either. Somehow, she sounded off, also. It was unfortunate.

    And now we come to one of my favorites of the night ....
    Michelle. She gave me my first real "Whoa!!!" Stunning. Really loved it! Hated those back-up singers, again, singing across her and not in a good way, at all! Loved her and her performance!

    Didi, who I thought, last week, was a mistake in choosing her when we could have had Angela Martin or someone else, better, surprised me. She had a beautiful voice, jazzy style, and absolutely no oomph. If I hadn't run out of voting time, might have thrown her some support, but didn't have the chance. Deserves to stay, for now. Reminds me of the one I liked who played keyboards and Carole King, was it last season? Or the one before? Anyway, she had a lovely voice, and no performance/personal magnetism.

    Ah now...Siobhan. Phenomenal!!!!! Exellent. Controlled. Fantastic! First-rate! Magical. Hope she gets the love and support. Really, really, really impressed me. Can't wait to hear her really let out all that power. Fantastic.

    Cristal....In Hollywood, my favorite. Tonight? I wouldn't say she outshone my previous favorites of the night; but she sure can sing. And though I don't know if she'll get into other genres gracefully or not, she still tops the charts tonight. Still, I'm a big fan and just love her and her singing. I feel terrible I didn't manage anywhere close to the votes I wanted to give her and only got to send her a handful. I really, really care that she does well, tonight and others can make up for my shortfall with her. Are you listening, West Coast? Please give her more and make up for my poor showing by her tonight. I will try to not let that ever happen again.

    As for the producer's pimping Katie... how I wish they hadn't. Yes, she has powerful vocals, but c'mon. She wasn't flawless. Her song was a terrible choice for her; it was way too old for her, and she wasn't the best one of the night. I'll wait and see with her.

    So, my faves of the night -


    Katelyn, Michelle, Lily, Siobhan and Cristal, followed by Ashley, with a little support thrown to Haeley and Didi and Katie, who I wish I could have made time to support. As it was, I even shorted one of my all-time favorites - Cristal, simply by chronologically voting for those I loved most.

    My pick to go? Janelle and Lacey or Paige.

    I really have my fingers crossed for Ashley and Cristal, and my other favorites.

    On another note, I loved the idea of the show adding a brief Hollywood week clip, to refresh us and remind us of what they sounded like during that audition. They shouldn't have left out a sound clip of their performance, which they did on one or two people. Great idea to include that!

    On the opposite side of the spectrum, when will they learn to eliminate the back-up singers! They were often singing across the singer, in another key, and really interfered with the performance. Clean it up! Save them for much later in the season, when finalists can benefit from them and we can enjoy them better.

    And lastly, the judges. I was pleasantly shocked they were so constructive tonight, for the most part. I just love Ellen's refreshing honesty, warmth, and humor and compassion. I was surprised I so often agreed with Simon, and I did! And was utterly amazed Randy was so constructive and had real ideas to offer, instead of just more neanderthal grunts like his, "Dawg." lol ....I am really appreciating and pleasantly surprised by what Ellen brings to the show. It's a nice change from the sloppy drug-induced, seemingly drunk, but sweet Paula. ....As for Kara? Mostly like her. Tonight, however, Ellen, Randy and Simon were really good. Hope they have fun with it and don't continue to come across as all-business, somehow. I don't know that I'd even want to watch once Simon leaves next year.

    Something tells me I'm going to love the guys more, tomorrow. Too bad I'd be doomed to be infuriated, if that's the case, seeing they keep telegraphing their intention to choose a girl this season. Well, I'll keep watching, and voting. Grin.....

    Nice to be back, everyone. Love FORT!

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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I thought the show was a mess. Nobody picked the right song. And to end the show with Katie was a bad decision. It did look like a 12-year-old in a recital. A big let down. I think Lacey and Haeley were the worst of the night.

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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Best: Katie, Didi, Crystal

    Worst: Haeley by a mile, Janell

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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Haeley will survive. She will be the Sanjaya or Scott MacIntyre of this year. There will be a shocking elimination before the final 6 girls are selected. She is unique and she will go through. No wildcard round this time so there will be no 2nd chance. The two girls with the least face time are Paige Miles and Michelle Delamor. Paige had the unfortunate death slot so she sure is gone. Michelle may be able to survive since she sang better than some. If she is not 2nd to go, it could be Janelle or Lacey.

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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    February 23, 2010: The Top Twelve (Girls)

    1. Siobhan Magnus. She’s got a great voice and did the song justice (Wicked Game) but out of the ten hole, I was bored already. Chris has a way with the ladies (they love him), so I’m not surprised she picked it, but it’s depressing and too slow (does it even have a time signature?) for prime time. The song is about an unhealthy and unrequited love; e.g., loving in vain. In my opinion, the best of the night, but a waste of a very talented young singer with beautiful soul. Like so many sensitive young artists, she’s an introvert and on a show like Idol, that's not a good thing.
    2. Didi Benami. The Way I Am is about a fringe dweller who finds and falls in love with her soul mate. The judges said she sounds like Duffy and Adele but I think she sounds more like the little known Phoebe Snow. The judges sent through a lot of indie crooners and lounge singers this season, but Didi, I believe, does it best. The camera loves her but I don’t think AI viewers relaxing on sofas after a hard day’s work will get inspired to vote incessantly for this performance. Artistic? Yes. But boring; lacking entertainment value.
    3. Katelyn Epperly. The Beatles penned some great lyrics but neither Fixin a Hole, Oh Darling, or I Want to Hold Your Hand is among them. She’s got a good voice but it was wasted here. Blessed with arresting beauty, this kid is a breath of fresh air. She’s also developed a good stage presence, but is musically immature. Oh Darling, boring in its own right, was further compromised by Katelyn’s facial theatrics and musical disconnect, but I didn’t care. Hers was one of two entertaining performances of the evening and I loved it. I rank her here because of what she brings to the stage. Television, even the vaunted American Idol, needs entertainers, and Katelyn was born to it.
    4. Lilly Scott. Don’t like the song. Didn’t like the performance. Musically, there was nothing wrong. She's a musician but i don't know if she can sing or not. Fixin a Hole carries the same theme as Kris Allen’s Live Like We’re Dying and Allison Iraheta’s Don’t Waste the Pretty (overcoming obstacles and living life to the fullest). The genre is often linked to high art and musical frontiers, but because it rarely features high notes, vocal transitions, or runs, it can also be used as safe haven for the vocally challenged. No doubt, indie crooners play by the rules (e.g., there’s no rule against picking songs that cycle through three or four notes) but I think this violates the spirit of the contest. They get to play it safe; safe from the judge’s wrath; until very late in the game, while R&B, rock, and country singers negotiate challenging and intricate vocal transitions that leave them exposed to elimination. It's smart, calculating, strategic, and fully within the rules, but unfair.
    5. Haeley Vaughn. A beautiful young black female country singer? An Ebony version of Taylor Swift…with a Lisp! I can't stop smiling. This comes along once in a lifetime. You'd need a Zen Master to explain this conundrum. Guys, we could search a million years and never find another contestant as unique and quirky as this. Enjoy this kid; we won’t see the likes of her again. Okay, she butchered a Beatles song. There are worse things. Other compositions got butchered tonight as well. I hope she (and the fiercely independent Katelyn Epperly) learns to play the game so they go deep into the competition. I like weird, strange, different, and the unexplained almost as much as I like pretty and beautiful. Not surprisingly, I like the hell out of this kid. I see the world in double vision. Middle America does not. She's already exposed because of who she is, so can't win. But I hope America can learn to like her as much as I do.
    6. Michelle Delamor. The judges liked this performance a lot more than I did. Not a big fan of pop R&B. But when you go looking for young R&B talent, Michelle Delamor comes gift-wrapped. She possesses many intangibles; she’s engaging; she's likable; she can sing. When you sing like Fantasia or Tamyra Gray, the music sells itself, but Michelle is not in that league. She’s a strikingly beautiful woman but there’s something missing. Where's the sex appeal? Some have it from the start (Katherine McPhee, Haley Scarnato, Megan Joy, Leah Labelle, Nadia Turner); some develop it post-Idol (Carrie Underwood); others want nothing to do with it. Others learn to fake it. But for one as beautiful as she, sex appeal would definitely boost Michelle’s commercial potential and market value.
    7. Crystal Bowersox. Alanis Morissette’s Hand in My Pocket is a song about accepting and coping with the vicissitudes of life. Crystal's real, and I think she's an artist, but it wasn’t on full display in this performance. She sings well but lacks stage presence and star quality.
    8. Paige Miles. I didn’t get it. Its All Right Now is a song about looking for sex; a booty call. She seemed to have fun with it, and she’s a good singer, but I couldn’t get past the message. I’m used to dudes singing about this stuff, but it just doesn’t look good on women. I'm old-fashioned.
    9. Katie Stevens. She’s got a big voice, but this was a boring performance. It rang false from the start and I didn’t believe a word of it. She'd fare better with something a bit more contemporary. Perhaps she could give the Disney singers a listen?
    10. Lacey Brown. Landslide is a song of loving and losing. There’s nothing spectacular in the track or lyrics. It’s a song that requires an artist to bring it to life. Stevie Nicks is an artist and routinely brings her audience to tears with this song. Lacey is not far enough along in her career to do that, so these poignant lyrics were never allowed to breathe.
    11. Janelle Wheeler. This was not a good performance either. This was a tale in two parts. The first part was actually very good; e.g., an ultra-feminine interpretation of an otherwise edgy Heart classic. She had me. But then, for some reason, sought to re-create the original. Big mistake. Janelle doesn’t have the pipes to do that.
    12. Ashley Rodriguez. This was a bad interpretation of Leona Lewis’ Happy. The song is already a conundrum. It never quite commits to either pop or R&B. It should have been a mega hit but was unfortunately left unfinished in studio; the power notes watered down and thinned. This was a horrible song choice for Ashley. Like Celine, Aretha, and others, Leona Lewis is better left alone. Ashley doesn’t have the pipes for this song and I can’t help but wonder if she recognized that the song is not even about being happy.

    Paula Abdul, wherever you are, I love you. I miss you. See you on X Factor! Neither Kara nor Ellen even come close to filing the void.
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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Yikes. I've been so tuned into the Olympics (and work), I have yet to see a full episode of this year's AI.

    I tuned in and out tonight but got to see enough of everyone to know - without hesitation - that the only 3 worth a hill of beans are Crystal, Lily, and Siobhan. I had to agree with the judges comments, too (except I mostly agree with Ellen about Siobhan....maybe the song didn't have mass appeal but I thought it was absolutely wonderful and without a doubt the best of the night.

    It was kind of refreshing tuning in this late in the game because I got to watch the performances without the influence of "back-stories". Anyway, for my tastes, it was pretty clear who belongs on top, in the middle, and on the bottom.

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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Hope there's a great singer in the boys group. The girls were boring, the ones that sang the best all tried to sing like Adele, can you imagine Disco Night! No Adam Lambert type singer this year which means it will be a long season.

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    Re: 2/23 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Liedenfrost I totally agree with you about Lacey. My favorite version of "Landslide" is the one that Fleetwood Mac has on their live CD "The Dance". Stevie Nicks just brings so much emotion to the song. It was almost painful listening to Lacey butcher that song, when I know how beautiful it can be.

    Simon thinks a girl is going to win it this year... well it sure seems that they have a long way to go before that could come true. Of the 12 girls last night, only 3 or 4 of them seemed good enough to make it to the top 10, let alone the finale. I guess it's early yet, so there's room for improvement.

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