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Thread: Didi Benami Season 9

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    Re: Didi Benami Season 9

    I'm glad she was eliminated. I didn't enjoy watching her & she always seemed to be trying to put on this personality when she sang that wasn't really her. Also, something about her seems really unstable to me. I can see her having a mental breakdown in the next few years. I really don't think she's cut out for the dog-eat-dog world of the entertainment industry.

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    Re: Didi Benami Season 9

    I'm a little on the fence with Didi. She does not have the chops for this kind of competition. Still, there are songs that work for her. And, combined with good looks and perseverance, I think she may one of the few who has some measure of success beyond idol.

    There are so many good singers who don't go anywhere, but it is really because there isn't a nitch they fit with. I can see Didi being very appealling to the young-masses who consume pop music.

    Just a hunch.......
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