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Thread: American Idol, The FORT Interview With Trenyce

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    Excellent... of course

    That Trenyce energy is missing from the show.

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    Thanks CopperPenny for the info. Trenyce does flow smoothly.

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    Thanks for that great interview with Trenyce!

    I agree with her that her best performances were the last two songs she sang. Trenyce was on fire that night! I felt so sad that the very next day she got the boot, and cheated as well because I thought Trenyce had finally found her groove and could ride it all the way to the top three or two or...?

    But I know that she is gonna rock the house on tour and I don't believe we have heard the last out of Trenyce!

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    Originally posted by Aota Bass

    As others have said, I sure hope she does get a record deal. Freak Apple, Num1AIFan, and I will have to have a brawl to see who gets to the cashier first!
    Hey, don't forget about me! I'll be kicking and shoving to get Trenyce's first CD as well!

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    Great interview.

    Trenyce... A classy lady.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyrjar
    It occurred to me that I thought this interview was really great in bringing Trenyce out because Trenyce has not appeared warm to me before. Last week, I said that I thought the Carmen interview was not the greatest in that Carmen seemed less forthcoming/articulate -- maybe it was just that I thought Carmen was so warm on the show. A matter of expectations, I guess.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I thought the questions are great and actually gives insight into the persons and the dynamics that I have not otherwise seen. That is why I look forward to these interviews.

    WOW Lobeck you rule my fav was Trenyce's and Clay's my Idols Thank you so much!

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    I I agree it was sorta boring when Trenyce got voted of but Clay was there to top it off!!!

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    Go Trenyce all the way..! We love you..!

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