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Thread: American Idol, Top 5: The 60's and Sedaka

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    Originally posted by Grisabella
    -- when so many singers totally lose the beautiful melodies they worked so hard to create.
    The inverse also being true as witness the tears in Neils eyes as Clay delivered a gorgeous rendition of "Solitaire". Had he muddled that up with a bunch of 'vocal gymnastics', I very much doubt that the effect would have been the same.

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    Trenyce's 2 preformances that night were THA BOMB!!! she shouldn't have gone, it should've been Josh. if I was rankin them Trenyce's would have been both #1

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    I agree about Trenyce. Those two performances were the very best we've seen from her..! Too bad she had to go..

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    Trenyce was the best that night and she should not have been voted off.

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