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Thread: 5/06 Show Discussion **spoilers**

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    Re: 5/06 Show Discussion **spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Imperfect1;3441705;
    I so agree! That's why it's so important that we all VOTE VOTE VOTE for whomever we think should really be an American Idol --- not for the "nice guy/gal" .

    And the other thing that makes me crazy is when people dislike a contestant for some reason having nothing to do with their talent, and then vote against that person, by casting their vote for which ever contestant is opposing the person they dislike, whether that other person is as talented or not. I think that people don't realize is that it is this kind of action (and the "vote for the worst" kind of voting) that will ultimately make American Idol meaningless.

    Well, this may come as a shock, but American Idol is not a particularly meaningful enterprise. It's a wonderfully cheesy talent show that doesn't particularly value talent in most of its contestants. Nevertheless, I think most viewers vote for the contestants whose music they like, period. That's why the Sanjayas and others are always weeded out before the Top 3. This year's Top 4 was the best ever. Viewers insist on the best musicianship when the competition starts to get serious (usually at Top 4 or Top 3).


    "Tons of surprises, but it wouldn't be 'American Idol' without it, would it?" Cowell told MTV News. "At the end of the day, I could go out and find 12 great singers, but that's kind of boring. The fact that there's people there who shouldn't be there makes it 'American Idol.' "

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    Re: 5/06 Show Discussion **spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by pillbeam;3441129;
    It is not a generic complaint for me. One of the nice things about this year's finalists is that several of them did a great job of connecting with the lryics: Although Adam failed earlier in the season with this, in recent weeks he has brilliantly expressed emotion in his songs. Even when Matt wobbled vocally, he conveyed the meaning of his lyrics very well. Kris is the king of connecting with the lyrics. He can express the meaning of song powerfully without shouting a note (Allison should learn from Kris).
    I agree that its always a more powerful performance when the singer connects with the lyrics, but I don't believe it's possible for every singer to connect with every song, especially when they have a limited list to choose from, and limited life experiences at 16/17. What I liked most about Allison was the tone of her voice, and I think the connection will come as she gets older.
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    Re: 5/06 Show Discussion **spoilers**

    The unmentionable website, as I call it,
    to comply with the rules (sounds funnier too ),
    has no impact on the outcome of the show.
    They have no chance against millions of dial-happy Idol fans.
    Otherwise Sanjaya would have been the 6th American Idol.
    They had Howard Stern to help them.
    The biggest support they could dream of. And it got them nowhere.
    I wish people would forget this urban myth,
    that they have any significant impact.
    American Idol is in the hands of it's core viewers.
    Depending on the viewpoint, one might say,
    that nobody else is to blame for the outcome of a season.

    The more ridiculous things get on Idol though,
    the more I find myself checking out their blog (not their forum that's way to negative).
    It's funny how they turn out to be the reasonable people all over sudden,
    cause they call out the train wrecks for what they are.
    I know, if they are celebrating it can't be good for Idol.
    That is, if Idol still claims to search for respectable talents.

    It seems that it's all about gathering a huge fan base really quick.
    A fan base that doesn't care what is happening on the show.
    People who vote for their favorite, no matter what.

    The best way to point that out would be, if Adam gets the boot this week.
    Did Idol have it's yearly scandal already? That would be it.

    If Adam gets the boot this week, the terrorists have won.
    I mean.., you know what I mean.

    No matter what happens,
    one of the most fascinating parts of the show is,
    the psychology of American Idol.

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