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Thread: 4/7 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 4/7 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by OriginalSinner;3408662;
    I miss Norman, and Tatiana.
    I think that Norman was hilarious. I would love for him to have a comedy act somewhere. He's really talented. As far as Tatiana, I think she has a serious mental problem. I'm not being funny. I feel really bad for her and I believe she needs to be on medication. She's just pitiful.
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    Re: 4/7 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Tatiana's "crazy" wasn't real, it was an act.
    "Mediocre singer tries to shoo in herself, using an act to cause attention".
    Didn't she say she worked in marketing?

    It was so obvious.
    They just kept her around for a few laughs.

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