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Thread: The AI Files: rumors, gossip and speculation

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    I saw grantaire kissin' Santa Clays, underneath the mistletoe last night...

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    Has anyone had the thought that it was really unfair not to get rid of someone last week after the Corey fiasco? I could see if they decided to keep everyone and didn't tell who the bottom two were, but the way it was done, Trenyce or Carmen (probably Carmen) should have been gone. But as expected, the people who like them got to vote (if it even matters) again and give them a second chance. It doesn't seem fair.

    Anyone who watched this show saw with Tamyra that one less than stellar performance can mess you up. It doesn't seem fair to me that Carmen and Trenyce kind of got a free pass.

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    I think it was very unfair.

    I said at the time that they should not have told us who was in the bottom two as their fans would go crazy voting to make uo the deficit.

    This weeks voting was ridiculous imo.
    Rickey was not the greatest performer there, but I really don't think he was the worst on Tuesday night.

    I've said it many times, this show is not fair, never has been.
    This was just another example of a poor decision by the producers imo.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    i have a little gripe (no diplomacy on this thread, please... bash me if you want, I prefer it to preaching. I like to preach and hate having someone preach at me. Go figure.):

    why are some people so quick to point out that Trenyce and Kim L. were sick last week... but "forget" to mention Josh was sick and keep it going with all the patriotic Josh voters and the big conspiracy it all is...

    Josh actualy was sick...check his fan sites. He allegedly had tonsilitis and his baby was in the hospital and his mom had pneumonia.

    Looks like a bug was going around, that's all...

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    You want gossip and speculation- well here's gossip and speculation.

    I heard this from a very reliable source- after Frenchie was kicked off, she came back to the show (unbeknownst to the producers) in disguise as CLAY!!!

    That's how come that voice can come out of that skinny little body.

    For those skeptics amongst you, look carefully the next time "Clay" mouths "thank you." You'll notice he's really saying "merci."

    My reliable source also told me something equally shocking about Ruben, but I'm not at liberty to repeat it (I'll give you a hint though- he isn't one big guy at all, but four little guys all stuffed into one 205 shirt).

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    Has anyone else noticed the attention Ryan heaps on Kim L. I have noticed on several occassions, the lingering looks, the kisses (no-he doesn't kiss every contestant) and the other night the "arm rub" he gave her as she was heading back to sit on the couch after getting a reprieve one more time.

    Plus, what did Kim L. mean when she was heading back to the couch (at the moment Ryan was giving her arm a rub) when she looked right at him and hollered, "I'm ready!" At least I think that is what she said.

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    Ryan and Kim L. I don't believe....

    Now, Ryan and Simon, that I could see!
    "Look, you love me, and I love you. Maybe in a different time, a different place, this would work out. But we both know that only one of us is leaving this room alive, and I'm the one holding the flame thrower." - Film Fakers

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    May I add:
    Take a gulp whenever someone states that the wrong song was picked.
    Spit back in your cup every time Paula mentions the good outfit more than the singing (Kiss of death?)

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    Bye the way grantaire02
    Good idea for a thread. It really has taken off!

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    AI Drinking Game

    I think I mentioned in passing in one of my posts awhile back that I've been playing this for the last few weeks with my boyfriend (I had to find a way to make him watch with me!) Here's our rules:

    1 drink for every contestant, no matter what. They get up there and do something I'd never have the courage to do, so a toast to them each.

    1 drink each time Randy says "dawg". We get very, very drunk from this simple rule alone.

    1 drink each time Ryan and Simon make idiotic banter with each other.

    1 drink every time Paula comments on the way somebody looks.

    1 drink each time Paula says the word "refreshing". It just seemed appropriate.

    1 drink each time Simon says either "brilliant" or "dreadful"

    We also have a standing rule that has (unfortunately) not yet been tested. If ever any of the contestants falls flat on their faces - literally, not in the figurative "God they sucked" sense - we have to do 5 shots. Come on. That deserves a celebration of sorts.

    edit: I should probably clarify: By "drink" I mean sip, gulp, shot, whatever. I just realized that by saying "1 drink" I sounded like the biggest raging alcoholic to ever roam the Earth.
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