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Thread: Best in Positions

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    Re: Best in Positions

    love all of the third placer

    2nd: Diana Degarmo
    Blake Lewis

    4th: Tamyra Gray
    La Toya London
    LaKisha Jones

    5th Place
    Paris Bennett

    6th Place
    Constantine Maroulis
    Carly Smithson

    7th Place
    Kimberly Caldwell
    Jennifer Hudson
    Anwar Robinson
    Sanjaya Malakar
    Kristy Lee Cook

    8th Place
    Nadia Turner
    Haley Scarnato
    Michael Johns

    9th Place
    Mandisa Hundley
    Gina Glocksen

    10th Place
    Lisa Tucker
    Chris Sligh

    Best of the Rest
    Stephanie Edwards
    David Hernandez
    I remember when first i saw her,i was like "This girl is gonna win" :nono
    I guess I'm the SALEISHA in this competition *Laugh loudly* -Dominique

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    Re: Best in Positions

    This is based on my own personal preference.

    2nd Place: Bo Bice
    3rd Place: Elliott Yamin
    4th Place: Jason Castro (of course!)
    5th Place: Chris Richardson
    6th Place: Kellie Pickler (I was rooting for her to win that season...)
    7th Place: Toss-up between Kimberly Caldwell and Sanjaya.
    8th Place: Jon Peter Lewis. I loved JPL.
    9th Place: Nikko Smith.
    10th Place: Lisa Tucker. I see she's started acting, though. Good for her!

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    Re: Best in Positions

    I'd completely forgotten that Jennifer Hudson was a 7th placer. That, plus misread the original post.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    Re: Best in Positions

    Based on personal preference only:

    2nd Place - Bo Bice
    3rd Place - Melinda Doolittle
    4th Place - Jason Castro
    5th Place - Brooke White
    6th Place - Phil Stacey
    7th Place - Kristy Lee Cook
    8th Place - Bucky Covington
    9th Place - Gina Glocksen
    10th Place - Amy Adams

    Best of the Rest
    Brandon Rogers
    Amanda Overmeyer

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    Rock Stars! bbnbama's Avatar
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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......

    Re: Best in Positions

    2nd Place: Bo Bice, Clay Aiken

    3rd Place: Kimberley Locke, Elliott Yamin, Melinda Doolittle

    4th Place: Chris Daughtry, LaKisha Jones, Jason Castro

    5th Place: Brooke White, Chris Richardson, George Huff (still love his "Take me to the Pilot") Trenyce (wasn't crazy about her on the show but she was awesome at the AI concert!)

    6th Place: Carly Smithson (left waaay too soon!), Constantine

    7th Place: Jennifer Hudson, Anwar Robinson, Ace Young ( )

    8th Place: Nadia Turner (loved her!), Michael Johns

    9th Place: Nikko Smith, Mandisa, Gina Glocksen (just like Trenyce, I wasn't crazy about Gina on the show but I loved her at the AI concert!)

    10th Place: Chris Sligh (would have loved to see him stick around longer..I still love his "Endless Love" rendition), Jessica Sierra (hoping she can get her life together!)

    Best of the Rest: Matthew Rogers (loved him!), Mikalah Gordon, Lindsey Cardinale (gorgeous voice!), Melissa McGhee, Brandon Rogers (wish he could have stayed longer), Amanda Overmyer, David Hernandez
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Re: Best in Positions

    My Own Personal Favorites (I'm combining some)
    2nd/3rd/4th Place: Clay Aiken, then Bo Bice, then Melinda Doolittle

    5th Place: George Huff

    6th Place: Carly Smithson

    7th Place: Jennifer Hudson

    8th Place: Nadia Turner

    9th Place: Toss-up betweenNikko Smith and Mandisa Hundley

    10th Place: Probably a toss-up between Chikeze and Chris Sligh, but I also thought Amy and Jessica got the boot way too early.

    Best of the Rest: Vanessa Olivarez

    Rankings in terms of Post-Idol Commercial Success/Stardom

    2nd Place: Clay Aiken (Duh!)

    3rd Place: Kim Locke, so far, but Elliot may pass her in a few months

    4th Place: Chris Daughtry (again, Duh!) - but Josh Gracin has left the others in the dust so far, too

    5th Place: RJ Helton, George Huff, and Phil Stacey may be tied here, but Phil's CD is just out - too soon to tell

    6th Place: Kellie Pickler seems to be walking away with this one

    7th Place : Jennifer Hudson (another Duh!) - but Kim Caldwell's been pretty visible too

    8th Place: Bucky Covington is the only one I know of who's made a splash in the industry - he's known in country music

    9th Place: Corey Clark's the best known (infamous), but Mandisa has had some success in Gospel music

    10th Place: Chris Sligh and Chikezie are probably the closest to household names now, they were on the show the most recently, but Chris is the only one whose CD(s) I know anything about.

    Best of the Rest: Hmm. Melissa's on some high-visibility TV ads, Mikalah's done some entertainment TV hosting, and Vanessa Olivarez has had some success as a recording artist (outside the US, I think). None of the others' names or faces are probably remembered by the public.

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