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Thread: 5/13 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Re: 5/13 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by armywife;2996186;
    I am a huge switchfoot fan as well and was floored to learn Jason was going to sing. But.. to be honest, I didn't think it was his best. It was OK, but I was waiting for him to pull through with the song a bit more. GOOD but not GREAT!
    Paula, is that you?

    Sorry, couldn't resist!
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    Re: 5/13 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by AsIs;2996608;
    Paula, is that you?

    Sorry, couldn't resist!

    And didn't he sing twice?
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    Re: 5/13 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by TopCatDC;2994311;
    All this rambling to say this: do you vote for who you think can sell the most records next year, or the person you think will sell the most records over the course of their career? There is no right answer - both are valid criteria.
    My personal opinion is you should vote for the person who you enjoy the most. Some people sell a lot of records for reasons other than great vocal ability, so it just boils down to subjectivity.

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    Re: 5/13 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by liedenfrost;2994593;
    May 13, 2008: The Top Three

    1. David Archuleta. Billy Joel wrote And So It Goes in a cathartic attempt to deal with [a] breakup ... . ... Billy Joel is a very sensitive man and sings it with real emotion; every note is washed in palpable pain. ... David Archuleta gave it full attention; e.g., sang it beautifully; was sincere and honest, but I didn’t believe it. ... [T]his was a clinical performance; reflecting neither pain nor passion. ... Chris Brown’s With You ... the lyrics are simple but the liner notes list some of the best musicians in the world. ... [If David] wants a lasting and successful career, he’s got to form an unbreakable bond with his younger fans, so that he and they can grow old together; so that they can love and support him through the years; through good times and bad; ... . ... I loved this performance; it was a much needed breath of fresh air; a respite from a season of boring ballads. As I said before, ... [David's] R&B is real. Dan Fogelberg’s Longer, on the other hand, is another matter. In college, I lived with a girl who played this song every single night. Because I loved her, I loved this song. Then, she dumped me. I’ve hated this song every since ... . Obviously David’s not to blame, nor is Dan, but God himself couldn’t get me to listen to this awful song again.
    Excellent analysis. (It's also great to read a "reviewer" who recognizes the true source of some biases. kiss
    I agree that the Chris Brown song was David's best and that's the kind of thing he should be doing. Not only are classic slow ballads (e.g. Love Me Tender; Longer) not the stuff that young male singers are made of these days, but those songs really don't benefit from being given the melisma-runs-change-up-the-tune thing that David likes to do to make a song his own.

    Quote Originally Posted by liedenfrost;2994593;
    2. David Cook. Why did Simon pick Roberta Flack’s First Time Ever I Saw Your Face? ... David did the best he could; he sang his heart out, tried to make it his own, but the song is a catch-22 for a rocker; if the melody’s changed, the judges (and Roberta Flack fans) will complain; if the melody remains unchanged, David’s rock fans will claim he sold out, faked it; ... he couldn’t win. On the other hand, David did a wonderful job with Switchfoot’s beautiful Dare You To Move. ... David’s pipes aren’t as strong as Jon’s ... but vocally, this was an accurate copy of the original. I loved it. Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing was badly arranged ... and, badly over-sung; way too much muscle for a beautiful love song. ...

    3. Syesha Mercado. ... Vocally, she did a nice job with Alicia Keys’ If I Ain’t Got You ... but the performance lacked R&B authenticity. ... [B]ut think Randy was right to request it. Because her future lies in R&B, Syesha needs to build a fan base in that genre, ... . ... I enjoyed the funky, sexy, and sultry Gia Ferell song, Hit Me Up. ... Never thought I’d see Syesha doing the Booty Bump (didn’t think she could); but she did, and seemed to have fun doing it; good infectious fun; highly entertaining; loved it. Like the Alicia Keys cover, this performance should help establish a place for her in R&B. But, Peggy Lee’s Fever certainly won’t; there's nothing remotely contemporary about it ... . But I think the new Syesha, the one we saw the past few weeks, is exponentially more marketable, more contemporary, than the original. ...
    Again, good analysis.
    I actually liked Syesha's "Fever," but I agree that kind of thing is not going to help her establish herself as a contemporary artist. I have enjoyed Syesha more than David Archuleta during these past 4 or 5 weeks.
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    Re: 5/13 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Grisabella;3003671;
    Excellent analysis. ... I agree that the Chris Brown song was David's best and that's the kind of thing he should be doing.
    I just re-watched Tuesday's performances, and you know, the second half of With You is really good. It's like it took him a verse to find the groove with the band and really take off. Unfortunately, I think by the time he got it together, I had already written the song off as a misfire and stopped listening.

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