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Thread: 4/30 Results Show **Spoilers**

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    Re: 4/30 Results Show **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Lois Lane;2963208;
    Brooke's bawling just irritated me. For pete's sake, it's not like someone just died, or she found out she was homeless. She and her one-note whiny voice made it further than she ever should've. I doubt she's going to get a record deal 'cause she's generic, and generic doesn't sell. She seems like a nice enough person--irritating though--and I wish her well. But for crikey's sake, girl, keep things in perspective.
    Brooke was very composed and spoke well for herself on her interview in AI Extra. She's just someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, and whether you're prepared for it or not, when Ryan calls your name to tell you it's over, it's emotional. She did a good job of controlling it as best she could, I think.

    Once she'd had some time to settle down and get some goodbyes from the others and sat down with JD for the Extra interview she had gotten over it. Outside of the moment she thinks and presents herself far better than she did on stage sometimes.

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    Re: 4/30 Results Show **Spoilers**

    Brooke has never bothered me, rather I've always kind of felt for her. Very sensitive, which is not a bad thing for a singer/songwriter. There are many wonderful recording artists that have a difficult time performing in front of audiences. Don't know if that was part of her problem, or if the entire thing was the stress of the competition, but I'll think she'll be okay now that she's not under the microscope of television (at least as much).

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