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Thread: 4/29 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 4/29 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Veruka;2960301;
    Let's be honest - the mentors they bring on, they bring on to promote albums. Neil Diamond is with Sony, and therefore has an association with 19 Entertainment. He's got a new album - it's corporate synergy.

    I think that some of the older mentors they bring in could be more effective if they'd explain to the participants and the audience WHY they're a part of it. They did a bit last week with ALW, explaining that his songs tested story telling in singing. Neil Diamond's songs leave a lot of room for personal touches in the way they are written, and could have been a real test of personal style. If they'd told the participants that is what they were looking for - and told us to look for it in them - then it would be a real test of musical performance instead of just a way to promote an album.

    I like the idea of guest judges, but don't like the way its been practiced on AI in the past. At least one season, they did have them, and for the most part, every single guest judge would gush over every performance and be worse than Paula. If they brought people on who were really honest - like Andrew Lloyd Weber was last week in his segments - I think it would really add something. But if they do it in the way that is the American way, and just bring a bunch of people who want to look nice and kind, then it doesn't add anything to the show.
    There's an essential reason "guests" are rarely honest about the contestants.

    The crowd.

    We've all seen the lemming-like fashion in which the crowd boos bad comments about their favorites. A guy like Neil Diamond, as one example, who needs to drum up public support to buy his latest product, isn't going to want to stick his head into the thresher of crowd disapproval.

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    Re: 4/29 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by gagi;2959958;
    And it seemed like everyone on stage was having trouble hearing what they judges had to say over the sea of pre-pubescent girls and (shame on them) older teens and twenty-somethings. It's not a concert; it's a contest.
    Actually, that's not unique to this season. There have been plenty of embarrassing moments in the past where a judge or a contestant didn't quite catch what one or the other of them said to each other. As I recall last season there was a gaffe by Simon that made it seem that he'd made a sarcastic eye-roll about someone's patriotism when in fact he hadn't heard the statement that the contestant made at all.

    I haven't been in the studio for Idol, but having been to SYTYCD I can see how weird the sound can be in the studio vs. what we get on TV thanks to having everything we "want" to listen to mic'ed up properly.

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