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Thread: 4/9 Idol Gives Back Show Discussion *SPOILERS*

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    Re: 4/9 Idol Gives Back Show Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Quote Originally Posted by waspylookin;2909253;
    Seeing something like that brings you to the uncomfortable realization that we spend our valuable time tuning in every week for, essentially, a staged-for-TV Amateur Hour.
    You just gotta set your priorities right, then everything is good again.
    The main thing is the show itself, the entertainment, and the people.
    The drama, the goofs, the occasional surprise.
    If one of the guys should evolve into an exceptional talent, years after Idol, that is a big extra.

    It's all about having fun with the show itself.

    If it was about, finding tomorrows answer to music.
    I would have thrown my TV away already.

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    Re: 4/9 Idol Gives Back Show Discussion *SPOILERS*

    I agree completely Kyle. Here's how I would put it. The show is thoroughly entertaining. But that doesn't mean I would dream of buying a ticket for the tour.

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