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Thread: 15 Best AI Performances...Ever?

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    15 Best AI Performances...Ever?

    There's an article currently on EW.com (here is the link) that lists (in their opinion) the 15 best AI performances ever. Here's their list:

    15. Ruben Studdard, "Superstar"
    14. Trenyce, "Proud Mary"
    13. David Cook, "Billie Jean"
    12. Clay Aiken, "Solitaire"
    11. Carrie Underwood, "Alone"
    10. Jordin Sparks, "I (Who Have Nothing)"
    9. David Archuleta, "Imagine"
    8. Melinda Dolittle, "My Funny Valentine"
    7. Chris Daughtry, "Hemorrhage"
    6. Jennifer Hudson, "Circle of Life"
    5. Bo Bice, "In A Dream"
    4. Blake Lewis, "You Give Love a Bad Name"
    3. Elliott Yamin, "A Song for You"
    2. Kelly Clarkson, "Stuff Like That There"

    And the #1 Best AI Performance ever?.....

    1. Fantasia Barrino, "Summertime"

    Thoughts? Comments?

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    Re: 15 Best AI Performances...Ever?

    I would personally rank Bo's "In a Dream" as #1. I've had this discussion several times over the last few weeks, actually, and think it is far superior not only because of how well he sang, but also because of the shock and awe value of singing a capella... and at that stage in the contest. Absolutely stunning performance that sent shills up my spine. Thank God that the video is on the internet for me to still revisit.

    I am surprised Carrie is on the list for "Alone." People crucified that performance. I would have thought her Rascal Flatts song would have been there instead.

    Elliott's is right on. I didn't see most of Season One so I couldn't say whether it topped Kelly for #2, but he was right there. It was fabulous.
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    Re: 15 Best AI Performances...Ever?

    I wasn't the enormous fan of McPhee, but I do have to admit that her Rainbow was a top 5 all-timer for me.

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    Re: 15 Best AI Performances...Ever?

    Ooh, I was going to mention that one, too. I agree with you.
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    Re: 15 Best AI Performances...Ever?

    Haven't seen first 3 seasons completely so it's hard to judge that. But my list would be quite different as I'm more into rock, blues and stuff like that. And I just cannot understand how Fantasia can be #1, I've never liked her. But overall, not any big surprises.

    My list would be something like this:

    1. Bo Bice "In a dream"
    2. Elliott Yamin "A song for you"
    3. Bo Bice "Whipping post"
    4. Jordin Sparks "I who have nothing"
    5. David Cook "Eleanor Rigby"
    6. Melinda Doolittle "My funny valentine"
    7. Nadia Turner "Try a little tenderness"
    8. Bo Bice "For the love of money"
    9. David Cook "Billie Jean"
    10. Chris Daughtry "Hemorrhage"
    11. Elliott Yamin "If I can dream"
    12. Nadia Turner "Power of love"
    13. Taylor Hicks "You are so beautiful"
    14. Michael Johns "It's all wrong, but it's all right"
    15. Bo Bice "Time in a bottle"

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    Re: 15 Best AI Performances...Ever?

    Kelly's "Stuff Like That There" was a good performance, but I wouldn't say it ranks in the Top 15. I would swap that and put her "Natural Woman" performance in it's place.

    Also, what about Tamrya Gray's "A House Is Not a Home"? I would swap that with Jordin...I didn't find anything Jordin did worthy of AI greatness.
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    Re: 15 Best AI Performances...Ever?

    I thought Melinda Doolittle's "Funny Valentine" was the best single song I've heard on AI. I HATED that song before she sang it. Her version was all kinds of wonderful. I would have put her in the top 5.

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    Re: 15 Best AI Performances...Ever?

    I didn't like Fantasia's Summertime, or Carroe singing Alone. I think Clay's best was Bridge Over Troubled Water and think that Kimberly Locke's Band of gold should have made the list. Tamyra Grey had some great performances too that are missing from this list.
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    Re: 15 Best AI Performances...Ever?

    Seems like a good time to jump in. For comparison, here's the Top 15 rated performances at WhatNotToSing.com.

    1. 96 "In A Dream", Bo Bice

    2. 95 "Summertime, Fantasia Barrino

    3. 94 "Build Me Up Buttercup", Clay Aiken
    tie 94 "All By Myself", LaToya London
    tie 94 "Hemmorhage", Chris Daughtry
    tie 94 "My Funny Valentine", Melinda Doolittle

    7. 93 "Don't Rain On My Parade", LaToya London
    tie 93 "Billie Jean", David Cook

    9. 92 "New York State Of Mind", Kimberly Locke
    tie 92 "Solitaire", Clay Aiken
    tie 92 "Whipping Post", Bo Bice
    tie 92 "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me", Nadia Turner
    tie 92 "Bohemian Rhapsody", Constantine Maroulis

    14. 91 "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me", Clay Aiken
    tie 91 "A Whole New World", Ruben Studdard
    tie 91 "Stand By Me", Bo Bice
    tie 91 "I Don't Hurt Anymore", Mandisa
    tie 91 "Over The Rainbow", Katharine McPhee
    tie 91 "I'm A Woman", Melinda Doolittle
    tie 91 "Imagine", David Archuleta

    Keep in mind that these are calculated strictly from reviews posted on the Internet in the 24 hours after the original performance. Many songs rise and fall in stature over time, and we don't even try to measure that. "Build Me Up Buttercup" for example is rarely cited today as one of Clay's top 3 performances, but at the time his fans loved it (as usual) and his detractors were so happy to see him do something other than a power ballad, and do it very well, that they rated it exceptionally high. DavidA seems in a similar situation in AI7, and he could use his own "Buttercup" in the worst way. (The irony is that if he does produce a "Buttercup", it will more than likely result in "Imagine" to be thought of more highly in future years. That's just how human perception works, I think.)

    As time goes by, these mass-media 'top 10' lists tend to be driven by popularity factors beyond how a contestant actually sang on that particular night. On the USA Today blog this year, for example, a fan vote put Clay's "Bridge Over Trouble Water" as #1 overall, because that's the consensus favorite performance by the contestant with the most long-term loyal fanbase. No problem per se, but the fact is that "Bridge" rated to an 86 that night - very good, but not even in the WNTS Top 40, because non-Claymates didn't think all that highly of it. One consequence of this is that great performances by "forgotten" contestants get kicked to the curb. A great example (which rated at 90 on our list, #21 overall) is Amy Adams's "Sin Wagon," which was a true showstopper the night it happened. Another problem is that the 2nd or 3rd best performances by a contestant, particuarly a non-winner, tend to be forgotten, like "I'm A Woman", "Don't Rain On My Parade", and "Stand By Me".

    We still don't have the AI1 ratings online but, based on our preliminary ratings, "Stuff Like That There" is a lead-pipe cinch to end up in the Top 10. At least one other AI1 number might make it into the Top 15. We'll have them done by early next month.
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    Re: 15 Best AI Performances...Ever?

    This might not be Top 15 material, but Lakisha's your gonna love me was one of the best performances last season

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