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Thread: Josiah Leming-Hollywood Week

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    Re: Josiah Leming-Hollywood Week

    i definitely think he deserved a spot in the top 24 especially over people like colton, garrett, luke, and jason yeager talk about yawnsville. its like who the hell were they and why out of thousands of people were they let in?
    I'll never understand why they put Josiah through to the top 50 after his bad performance only to cut him, but then put those people that you mentioned above in over him. He seemed to get a lot of post show support from fans, so best of luck to him. I hope he's very successful.

    even though he didn't have the best voice at least he was interesting and had a great story (living in his car) which america would have eaten up. the producers probably thought if they let him in he would probably get far and maybe ruin their plans of getting their favorites eg david archuleta, carly the win.
    Completely agree.

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    Re: Josiah Leming-Hollywood Week

    i love this boys personality and such... I saw him on Ellen, and he seems really sweet...
    i think he would sound nice in a recording studio.
    but i really don't think he was up to par with the majority of the rest of the singers.
    it really seemed like he crumbled under pressure, and wasn't emotionally ready.

    i maybe would have put him through over Jason Y., Garret, and Luke...
    but then again, if that would have happened, i bet he would still be there, in a position similar to kristy lee cook, where he just doesn't live up to the standards, and doesn't hit the notes, but consistently gets voted through because of his strong back story.

    he's decent at what he does... but i think he would have been a terrible disaster on the show.

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    Re: Josiah Leming-Hollywood Week

    Quote Originally Posted by calamari;2860480;
    That whiny, weepy, can't-work-with-the-band, I'm-so-brave-to-sing-badly incident make Josiah look like he'd be an enormous behavior problem within the AI format, where competitors not only have to sing their weekly song, but also have to be cooperative for the group sings, the Ford commercials, and the endless PR sessions. If he behaved so badly under the pressure of Hollywood Week, how much of a brat would he have been when competition really heated up?

    One thing we saw again and again with the Top 24 who were featured in Hollywood Week was that they were nicely behaved and took criticism well, in contrast to Josiah and to that abstinence girl. (No one has yet explained why Jason Yeager was foisted on us, and it may remain one of life's mysteries.)

    If Josiah can parlay his brief AI exposure into a real singing career -- in a setting that's more nurturing to him -- more power to him. I'm all for gutsiness and ability to grasp an opportunity.
    HOpefully he learned a few lessons and ate a slice of humble pie.

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    Re: Josiah Leming-Hollywood Week

    I thought I heard that he got signed with Warner Records.

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    Re: Josiah Leming-Hollywood Week

    That's what's all over the news, though not on Warner Bros' own site (but they generally seem to not post signing press releases on their site anywhere I can find).

    While the experiences of Carly, Kristy Lee, and Michael Johns have demonstrated that being signed doesn't guarantee much, it's sure a good start for him, and presumably what he set out to accomplish by auditioning.

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    Josiah Leming gets a record deal with Warner Brothers

    I hope this link is OK to post:

    knoxnews.com | Tele-buddy's Tinseltown Tales
    You've got to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince!

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