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Thread: What musical artist(s) do you want to see "coach" on Idol?

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    Re: What musical artist(s) do you want to see "coach" on Idol?

    Not sure how I feel about this whole mentor thing since it usually means a lame and forced theme week. If they could do the mentor and just do the genre instead that would be awesome. I love Dolly and she would be great for country week and then have somebody like ZZTop as mentioned above for rock week and so on and so on. General gist is that for each weeks genre they pick a top selling and well respected artist that represents that area to mentor the contestants. I'd also love to see more of the mentoring, why can't that be filler instead of the lame call in or whatever else they choose?

    (Of course this is all contingent upon who they can actually get in but considering the popularity of AI? An artist would be nuts to pass up the opportunity, IMO)

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    Re: What musical artist(s) do you want to see "coach" on Idol?

    I have three women who I'd like to see.

    I saw Tina Turner posted earlier in this thread, and I totally agree with it! Tina is a legend, and it would be great to see her share her experience with the future Idol contestants.

    If you want to add in an experienced Idol contestant, then I would love for them to bring in my girl Kelly. She still is my favorite winner to date, and though her latest album didn't do too great, she's still the most successful winner worldwide, with Carrie the most successful here in the U.S. At least that's the impression I've gotten, correct me if I'm wrong. But anyway, I would love to see Kelly give her insight to future contestants. And I'm sure she will be hilarious while doing so.

    And then for some reason, I would also like to see Natasha Bedingfield on it. I was just scamming though the iTunes Top 100 right before checking this thread(whoa, David Cook occupies the top 4 right now!), and then I saw her name. And after I saw this thread, I put two and two together and thought that she would make a great mentor to the contestants.

    This is just my opinion.
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    Re: What musical artist(s) do you want to see "coach" on Idol?

    Quote Originally Posted by bbnbama;2812909;
    I'd like Garth Brooks/Trisha Yearwood for country..he helps the guys and she helps the girls...
    I love the idea of a husband / wife team like this. Ditto for Broadway's idea of Vice Gill / Amy Grant.

    Quote Originally Posted by blue valentine;2814071;
    madonna but she would never do it.
    Wouldn't that be great? Even if she didn't mentor - I think that's a list of songs people could have fun with and it already encompasses a range of musical styles.

    My addition to the list is Billy Joel. I think he would make a great mentor. And his song catalog is deep enough to use for a week, if they wanted, since he's done rock, pop, country, bee-bop, motown, adult contemp, classical, and even a bit if rap.

    Quote Originally Posted by calamari;2845057;
    Billy Idol, though mostly because my evil twin wickedly wants to see David Archuleta completely misinterpret "Cradle of Love" as a tender lullaby.
    OK, but only if he wears Idol's original hair, makeup, and leather outfit. While ice skating.

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