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Thread: Michael Johns - Season 7

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    Re: Michael Johns - Season 7

    Quote Originally Posted by astrotronix;2911914;
    Although it was close between the two of them Michael had the worst performance overall.
    Don't forget -- David did write "give back" on his hand.

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    Re: Michael Johns - Season 7

    Quote Originally Posted by Blues Songstres;2911715;
    As to whether or not his song was more or less "inspirational" than those of Syesha, Kristy Lee or Carly, that would certainly be a matter of opinion. Loosely speaking, I suppose "Dream On" could be considered inspirational, but I suspect the average viewer of IGB week would be looking for something that pulled at the heartstrings more than Aerosmith. "I Believe" (or whatever that song is called!) would fall into that more traditional "inspirational" category than would "Dream On", as would "Anyway". As far as Carly's choice with "The Show Must Go On" - well, she could have chosen better.
    Now that you mention it, I don't think of "Over The Rainbow" as an "inspirational" song. Certainly not in the same way songs like "The Impossible Dream" or "Anyway" or "One Love" or "If I Can Dream" or "We Are The World" or "You've Got A Friend" are. It's a daydreaming song about wishing for a fantasy world.

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    Re: Michael Johns - Season 7

    I continue to be blown away at the reaction to this guy, and the "shock" that he would be eliminated. Each week, he sang a song more or less as it was written -- I think someone else described it as him "singing along," and that's spot on. The only problem is, he's singing Freddy Mercury or Steven Tyler and doing nothing different with the song, so he's inevitably going to be compared to those singers -- which wouldn't be favorable to anyone.

    The result is that even when he sings it well, it pales in comparison to what you know. Syesha has the same problem, IMO, always biting off these huge songs.

    The only surprise for me is that he stayed around as long as he did...

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    Re: Michael Johns - Season 7

    I am sorry for the fans of Michael Johns, it was a shock to them and I know how that can feel.

    I maintain that he will be heavily featured in the tour because he has a big stage voice and presence. His fans will have fun seeing him at the concerts and that will take some of the sting off.
    Again sorry you feel bad.

    I am a Jason Castro fan. So many of the performers shouldn't even be compared one to the other, their styles are so very different and so will be their fan base.

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    Re: Michael Johns - Season 7

    I'm sure gonna miss watching this hottie and his perfect bod! WTH happened???!!!!

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    Re: Michael Johns - Season 7

    Quote Originally Posted by kwtaylor;2911497;
    He was NOT the lowest votegetter--and that's all i will say on the matter. Michael did not receive the fewest votes--
    I tend to believe this person. I tried to vote for 3 of my faves-- Michael, Jason, and Brooke. For an hour and a half after the show I was using 2 phones to alternatively vote for these 3. I never once got one vote through on Michael's line. On Jason's I finally got 1 vote in, but on Brooke's I was able to get through 5 of every 6 times I called. I thought for sure Brooke was a goner and I told both my sis and step mom the same. So I was shocked first that Brooke was the first name called as safe, second that Michael was in the bottom 3, and finally stunned when he went home. Doesn't make sense to me.

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    Re: Michael Johns - Season 7

    Michael Johns: 'I would be lying to say I wasn't shocked' - USATODAY.com

    Michael Johns: 'I would be lying to say I wasn't shocked'
    By Luz Elena Avitia, USA TODAY

    Booted American Idol contestant Michael Johns chatted with reporters Friday, following his unexpected ouster Thursday night. USA TODAY listened in on the conference call.
    Q: What thoughts were going on in your head while you were performing last night?

    A: That's just it, I wasn't thinking, I just was feeling. I'm glad that came across. … I would be lying to say I wasn't shocked. I hadn't been in the bottom three and I thought definitely the last two to three weeks have been my strongest. But we're in this competition and stuff can happen and it did (chuckles).

    Q: For inspiration week, when you saw everyone else was singing ballads, did you think singing a rock song would be an advantage?

    A: I've never chosen a song based on what the competition is doing. It's like I pick songs that mean something to me, lyrically and emotionally. So to sing Dream On by Aerosmith with a 20-piece orchestra, it's amazing.

    Q: No regrets on song choice this week, then?

    A: Absolutely no regrets at all, mate.

    Q: Which performance turned out the most like you planned?

    A: It's All Wrong But It's All Right, definitely the Dolly week, turning the country song into a soul song. That's my niche. I'm just sad I'm not going to get to do any more of it.

    Q: Which song were you planning to do for Mariah Carey week?

    A: A really cool blues/soul version of Vision of Love. It was hot, too, so I'm a little bummed.

    Q: How was it working with Dolly Parton?

    A: Absolutely amazing. I got to speak to her this morning, and she was just saying what a fan of mine she was. It's just so surreal to hear Dolly Parton saying that, "I can't wait to sing a duet with you one day." That's just awesome.

    Q: What did you really think about Simon Cowell's comments?

    A: I respect his opinion, but he wanted me to sing that soul/blues stuff, like, every week, but you can't. I'm a rock/soul singer; I like to do both genres so I wasn't just going to necessarily pan toward what the judges said. You have to go out and say, "This is the kind of record I want to make and this is the sound I do."

    Q: Ryan Seacrest gave a cruel twist last night, mentioning how last year for Idol Gives Back, they didn't vote anyone off. How do you feel about that?

    A: I get the television aspect of this competition. It was tough because I thought, "OK, I'm going home," and then they said that and I'm like, "Oh, wait a second, I'm not going home, maybe they're just having good laugh," and I hadn't been in bottom three before, so I was thinking that was a possibility. But then reality set in and Ryan gave me look as if to say, "Look, I am so sorry I had to do that to you." You know, you get it; you're in this business, so you get it. I don't hold it against Ryan or anything.

    Q: There have been some comparisons with Chris Daughtry and being eliminated before your time. Do you see yourself as the Daughtry of this season?

    A: I've been hearing that a bunch this morning. What an honor. Chris is an amazing artist and a great guy above that. I've talked to him a few times, so to be put in that category, I have nothing but good things to say.

    Q: What do Australians do to drown their sorrows?

    A: (Laughs.) We're a pretty big beer-drinking country so that's probably what I'll be doing here in a bit.

    Q: Have you heard from other people, like record companies or celebs?

    A: Yeah, I got a reach-out from Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman saying I was their favorite and they watched every week. It's amazing how far this show reaches. It's insane.

    Q: Do you think your ascots that you wore two weeks in a row had anything to do with getting the least amount of votes?

    A: No, it was a fun outfit, it was time to step it up a little bit stylistically and I went for it. No regrets there.

    Q: Anything you want to say to fans?

    A: It's been overwhelming; I've been getting letters, flowers, gifts. Just thank you and see you on tour. I'm going to give you guys a good record by next year.

    Q: After the show, what did judges say to you?

    A: Paula grabs me and goes, "Look, I have no doubt in my mind that I'm going to a concert you're doing one day. You're super-talented." Randy gave me, "Dawg, I can't wait to see what you do with your career." Simon told America that they're going to miss me and I'm a good guy — hearing you're a good guy from Simon, that's really cool.

    Q: Was your wife there the entire time?

    A: Yeah, and if you look back at last night's footage, just before I'm about to sing, when it started to sink in, I look over to her and she mouthed, "I love you" to me. And you see me take this big breath and I clicked into performance mode and sucked it up and tried to do my best. She's really special.

    Q: Did you hear the booing in the audience last night?

    A: Yeah, I definitely was aware of it. It was pretty loud in there. It just gave me solace that I struck a nerve with a lot of people. It made me feel really special. It shows you no one's safe. The public can think week to week, "Oh, they did a good performance, they're coming off of a good run, I'm going to vote for someone else who maybe didn't have as good a night." You just have to vote for your favorite.

    Q: Where did you get the Dolly T-shirt from (that Johns wore on elimination night during Dolly week)?

    A: We were backstage getting dressed, and one of the stylists hung up this vintage Dolly Parton T-shirt on the door as a gag, so I said, "What is that? Can I wear it?" and he goes, "No it's just a gag." And I go, "Oh, no, I'm going on TV and wearing that." Just tried to lighten up a little bit. And Simon gave me a look to say, "Man, you are crazy." It was all worth it.
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    Re: Michael Johns - Season 7

    FavShow, remember that a lot of votes come from text messaging too. Busy signals won't give you an idea who's getting the most of those.
    Also, the lines can be very busy in one city or area and not in another.
    I didn't hit a single busy signal for David Cook, Carly, or Brooke (most of my calls were for David) in the 20 min. or so I dialed, but that doesn't mean the same wouldn't have been true for the others had I dialed their numbers.

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    Re: Michael Johns - Season 7

    I have yet to vote for anyone. The two that I want in the Final 2 are not too threatened, so I'm waiting for when it counts.!

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    Re: Michael Johns - Season 7

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