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Thread: Question about the show.

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    Question about the show.

    You guys remember how last year when it got to be the bottom 3 or 4 they enhanced the stage a bit? I believe so...

    My question is: Are they going to add any 'extra' things to make the stage more appealing, maybe a larger audience too? Or bigger TV screen behind the performer?

    My other question is: When are the contestants going to start performing *whole* songs? I know with the bottom 3 or 4 last year, each performer got to perform 2 FULL songs, will that be the case this year?

    Thanks for ya help peeps.

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    AI Critic
    The only difference I know would be a change in theatre for the season finale, obviously. I don't think modifying the stage or enlarging the audience capacity is really that necessary. Well maybe the audience could hold more fans.

    I think they will be performing 2 full songs. I mean, sounds reasonable to keep the show lengthy.

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