Well, let's see:

Vanessa: waitressing, maybe singing on open mike night, shopping, not doing much of anything
Charles: probably married, couple kids, running that grocery store, still crooning over bananas
Julia: cutting hair
Corey: in the gutter
Carmen: graduating from college, maybe being a nurse-she'd be an adorable nurse
Ricky: being a teacher or guidance counsellor, I think his attitude could motivate anyone
Kim C: washed up, back in Branson or Nashville (whereever she was) doing Dolly Parton impersonations
Kim L: married, mom, lazing around
Clay: singing on Broadway
Trenyce: still hanging around Hollywood shoplifting
Josh: still married, more kids, serving as a marine, having realized that singing is a great hobby, but not a career
Ruben: (if he doesn't have a heart attack) still singing, possibly as a successful musician

cynical, I know, but think about all those pop idols who made it without resorting to frivolous talent shows.