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Thread: Where do you see the Top 12 in three years ?

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    I'm not a big pop fan (I listen to alt rock) but if Clay Aiken makes an album, I'm buying it - so to say he only has a place on Broadway, well, I don't think that's necessarily so. Could he make it on Broadway - of course, but I think he has much more to him than that.
    I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star in somebody else's eyes... but why... why... why can't it be me?

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    Shhh it's a secret

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    Well, from the sound of things...a few of them might be in prison.
    My first instinct too BF.

    Maybe we should start a new thread.. who is the next AI contestant to be exposed on The Smoking Gun?
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    I don't think Broadway is Clay's only chance at success.
    I'm sure the fans here would make his first album at least a huge success.
    It'll be interesting to see how long he can sustain this level of popularity though.
    Most people are judging after seeing such a limited amount of performances from him.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I'm sure we won't even be hearing about most of the top 12 contestants in 3 years from now. I do hope and believe Ruben will have a record deal and hopefully some hits by then. Come to think of it we may be seeing some mug shots of some contestants in 3 years whether it be shoplifting or battery.

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    Where will most of you see Julia in 3 years? Probably nowhere.

    But, I expect to see her get into the Christian music industry. (Well, maybe expect is the wrong word since I'm basing this off of a couple interview that mention her spirituality and the rosary beads she held for support)

    I think she would thrive as a Christian music artist. They don't care if a person isn't the best performer. Her performance skills are on par with some of the top names in that industry (and her voice is a little better). I love this type of music and would love for her to get a contract in this field.

    As for the others:

    Josh - Being a husband, father and in the military I just can't see him pursuing a music career. I would love it if he did, but his life is already so full. (Though, I definately want an album of just him and his guitar)

    Vanessa - I definately see her being in the music industry in some capacity. I'm not sure if she could be a successful pop artist, but I think she'll do something musically.

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    I'll be very surprised if Vanessa won't be entertaining be it on sitcoms, a variety show, on stage or on film. She's not VJ material, she's better than that. She's got an 'old school' entertainer quality about her as Simon repeatedly suggested in comparing her to Bette Midler. I could see her in a Disney or other 'classy' comedy more like Tootsie and less like Dumb and Dumber. You go girl!

    If Clay is AI2, he'll probably be recording and might have branched out into doing stage in the off season which isn't uncommon these days. Just look at everyone doing Rent, like *NSYNC's Joey Fatone. He could easily be a cross-over Broadway-esque pop artist like Streisand. If he's not AI2, Clay will be happy to have had this experience, married and teaching handicapped children.

    Ruben will be a successful R&B singer and filling Peabo's duet roll whether he is AI2 or not.

    Kim Locke might go to stage. Kim C. will still trying to get a break and finding her way in little things, probably TV acting, but not be the big star she's always expected and not understand why.

    Cory will be doing more of the same: brushes with the law and trying to angle himself a place on stage. He might get picked up as an studio artist (JLo, Britney, etc.) by some 'street' label if the trends of today continues. If vocal prowess returns to the forefront (something we had in the '70's) he's doomed.

    Julia might be good as a Christian artist if that's her calling. If she keeps at it and finds the confidence that she had doing "Son of a Preacher Man" I can see her becoming the star that Kim C thinks she really is.

    Carmen? *cue crickets* That is, unless Simon attempts to Britney-her. If he does, she'll be a B-level teen idol pop star maybe like Jessica Simpson. She'll vanish fairly quickly.

    If boybands make a come back I could see Charles getting an on-stage gig. He might go further behind the stage as a musician or song writer or teach music. Ricky I see as recording adult R&B like Ruben and will have outgrown his "Hercules" chant.

    After a growth period to soften her performance edges and shape her stage persona, Trenyce will be a well regarded R&B artist whether or not she's AI2. Not quite Whitney it terms of success and acclaim but maybe like Donna Summer or other 70's R&B divas.

    Josh will be an ex-Marine (a short-timer, electing not to re-up) and happy family man with more children. I think he'll realize that while he's certainly capable, he doesn't really want the life of a star. He might take a turn as a small-time Country recording artist later in life.

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    I could see Josh doing a country album...He would be such a great country star...I could picture his music video on Country Music Television...He could really play up his role as Marine/devoted husband and father...

    I can see Rickey as a Brian McKnight type...And Ruben as a Peabo Byson type...Singing duets for Disney movies, etc...lol...

    Carmen will definitely vanish away....After this show is over...or even after she's eliminated, it's gonna be "Carmen who?"

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    Whats with all that Julia and Christian music ?

    And how can somebody combine the words Christian and industry in one sentence ?
    I don`t think God appreciates it if he`s turned into big business.
    There is only one legit Christian publication and that is the Bible , everything else is a rip off.
    And those socalled Christian musicians are nothing but a bunch of talentless dweebs who would have never made it if it wasn`t for some uninspired songs with just enough big religious words to make everybody feel guilty.

    Just like Country musicians who never made it and all over sudden start to write patriotic songs about America , and the flag in the golden glow of the morning , and how the grass....
    Stop it.
    We don`t have to listen to all this crap to be patriotic.
    Like Lewis Black said , after September 11 he was watching the pre game show of a football game.
    One song after the other with lyrics about flags and being proud , and more flags.......after three hours he was sick of freedom.
    We don`t need all those songs that nobody knows to tell us how we feel.

    There are very few songs that have a true meaning , be it towards religion , toward patriotic feelings or just towards life itself.
    Everybody knows a very special song with lyrics that seem to say everything about life , something like that can`t be massproduced.
    Nobody can have a repertoire with only meaningfull songs.
    I resent pretentious wannabe`s who play the guilty trip on people because they have no talent to make it otherwise.

    And i don`t like to see Julia pushed into this corner of imposters , cause she HAS talent.

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    I can see Vanessa being an actress, like in movies and stuff. And, it's already been said, but I can see Julia on a daytime soap.

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