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Thread: Voting - Manipulation/Questions/Comments

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    Ok, if you're gonna factor 'em all in:
    1.) Kim C
    2.) Ruben
    3.) Vanessa
    4.) Kim L
    5.) Julia
    6.) Corey
    7.) Rickey
    8.) Charles
    9.) Clay
    10.) Josh
    11.) Trenyce
    12.) Carmen

    I agree that Clay or Ruben will probably win, but I don't like Clay, so I hope it's Ruben. I thought Kim C had a better shot back when she first auditioned with Superstition and really thought she could win with Come to My Window but she's gone downhill up until she did that Travis Tritt song, which I thought was really good, but got her in the bottom 3. Kimberly Locke has a good chance also. She has an awesome voice and is really outgoing and witty. Josh, no. Just no. Look at my last post, because . . . no. Corey really did good last week and has a pretty good personality, but he won't win. Rickey, same thing. Good voice, nice guy, not as good as some of the others. Carmen/Goat Woman . . . If I never hear sing again (which I will Tuesday, but hypothetically here) it'll be too soon. JUST GO HOME! And then we come to Trenyce, everyone's new Tamyra (w/e). She has an okay voice, but like Carmen, hard to look at while singing, but always hard to look at is better. She has big eyes, a big nose, big lips, can you see where I'm headed with this? And personality, no. So, to wrap it up, she can sing ok, she's hard to look, and has no personality which makes her boring to watch. If I had to pick a Final 4, it would be Ruben, Clay, and Kimberly (x2). I really think Clay , Ruben, and Kim L will make it there, and I wouldn't count Kim C out of the Final 4, but maybe that's as far as she'll go. Thats things from my point of view.
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    Can anyone actually confirm that the vote tallying this year counts your votes if you vote more than once?

    If I were writing the software to tally the votes, I would allow one vote per phone number. Any other votes from that phone number would not count to the official vote.

    Has anyone actually confirmed that they do count the extra votes?

    Just curious...

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    Well when they had 14 million viewers, they had 13 million votes. Surely, not everyone voted.
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    True, the numbers might seem that way. But people have admitted to using multiple phone lines to vote. Cell phones, more than one home listing, etc...

    Just curious because I didn't find anything on the AI website indicating yes or no that multiple votes were counted (other than the controversy from last year regarding dialers).

    I would just hate to think of people wasting their time voting 30 times when only one vote is being counted

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    I didn't read all of these posts, because it is three pages long and I am WAY too lazy for that, but did read the original one, so if this has already been said... well... ignore it I agree that having the same fan base is a REAL problem, last year I thought that is why Tamyra got hte boot..... EVERYONE that I know either loved Tamyra, or Kelly.... I think that when Tamyra had a weak performance, people that loved her and kelly, simply voted for kelly... whereas the people who loved Nicki.. still voted for nicki...
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    Amandra Lynn
    Gizmo i agree with everything you just said

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