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Thread: Results Show 3/19/03 **Spoilers**

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    How in the world has Carmen been avoiding being in the bottom 3?!?!? : It is blowing my mind b/c she SUCKS!!!! And I really thought Julia was a goner. I can't believe it was Charles! No, I didn't think he was all that great this week, but dayum! He was definitely better than Julia, Corey, & Carmen!

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    I think all the girls, except for the chick that sung whitney houston last night, couldn't sing...they were average. Ruben...now that boy can sing!! Now that Charles is off I aint watching american idol anymore because he was the best candidate....he could dance, sing, charm, crowd pleaser, and he had the look! I do hope Ruben wins, but I think Charles was the best choice. I think Charles will go on to better things, and (if peoples in their right mind) anyone would jump to give him a record deal. I LOVE YOU CHARLES GRIGSBY! YOU"LL MAKE IT BABY!

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    Hello, everyone! This is my first post to this group, and I've found most of your comments very insightful and close to my own views. I predicted that Corey, Charles, and Julia would be the bottom three and that Carmen would be next in line, but was a little surprised that it was Charles that got voted off the American Idol island rather than Julia. I didn't like his performance or choice of song, but thought he was much better than Corey. Charles was a little boring and hasn't done well the past couple of times, but Corey has been almost painful to listen to since he discovered he has an upper register. I give him credit for turning things around after the ill-advised night of partying that almost ended his American Idol adventure a few weeks back, though. He's my pick to get the axe next time, though disco may actually suit him better than some of the others. I think he survived this time solely on his looks and his appeal to young (and maybe not so young) girls. I was glad to see Julia survive, even though she should have been shown the exit before Vanessa, based on her poor performance and even poorer response to Simon's 'don't take a bow' comment. It was clear to me he was saying this tongue in cheek because of the top she was wearing, not as a comment on her singing. Playing the 'Justin card' (what did you guys think!) to get audience approval was also beneath her. I hope she learned from this. As many have said, I think it was Vanessa's scripted comments to Ryan that cost her votes and kept her from continuing in the competition. I thought Julia did better this time, even though the second half of her performance was weak. The girl clearly has some confidence problems and doesn't know how to move properly on stage, but she has a talented voice and a good look and I give her credit for hanging in there. I've been in front of audiences both large and small on hundreds of occasions doing everything from music to juggling to balloon art to motivational-type speaking, and I can tell you that it's never easy. I guarantee you that no matter how smooth Clay is starting to look on stage, he's sweating bullets inside during the performance. He's just gained more confident than Julia and learned to keep his butterflies in check while on stage. I admire Julia for putting herself on the line like that, though, in spite of her obvious fear, and predict that if she survives another week or two her confidence with start growing and we'll see a more relaxed and talented peformer. Kimberly C. really doesn't do much for me, and I agree with Eden that she is a camera hog. I found it not only reprehensible, but almost beyond belief that she would race over and try to grab part of poor Charles' last time in the spotlight. The girl has talent, though I agree with Simon that you could hear a performance just as good at any theme park across America. Her voice is clearly strong, but not unusual enough to evoke my interest and she appears so shallow as a person that I have no interest in watching her perform. I will say, though, that she has good stage presence--no doubt resulting from the experience she's gained from other competitions and from years of being in the limelight. Carmen is actually starting to grown on me. If she could only get control of that vibrato! At times it works for her, and at other times it makes her seem amateurish. At any moment I'm afraid she's going to break out into a yodel. As someone mentioned before, why aren't the voice coaches pointing out some of the flaws a few of these singers have? It's as though they have been shielded from any constructive criticism--except for that given by Simon (like him or not) who seems remarkably accurate in most cases. Paula is nice, but her comments don't seem very insightful or helpful, and Randy is much the same way, though not as nice. They both seem swayed by how the audience reacts, what the judge before them said, or how physically attractive the singer is (especially Paula in regard to Corey) rather than judging the talent on it's own merit. Simon is not afraid to go completely against the grain and is usually right. He could certainly get the message across in a nicer way, but he's pretty accurate. Singers who wish to make it big also need to get used to non-sugar coated criticisms, and Simon is at least preparing them for this. Hopefully the singers, or some of 'their people' will keep up with these message boards and take some of our comments to heart. Anyway, I like watching Carmen grow more confident each week, and you have to give her credit for putting herself on the line like that, especially at age 17. She doesn't seem intimidated by the other singers, though she probably knows her days in the competition are numbered. She shows a lot of guts and I hopes she makes it though another couple of rounds at least. A little aside: people ofter wonder why Simon picks on people like Vanessa about their weight yet not on someone like Ruben, who is far more over weight. Here's my take: Vanessa really *could* stand to lose a few pounds because of the image thing, but it's well within her reach to do so; Ruben is *so* large that losing a few pounds really wouldn't make a difference. He's a *big* man, and it just isn't going to happen. I think that's why Simon hasn't brought this up with him. Also, he carrys his weight very well, has such a smooth, effortless style, and seems so comfortable with his body that it just doesn't seem to be a big problem. I have no idea why Simon brought up the weight thing with Josh, though I must say he seemed to outdo Josh in the push-up competition! I liked Josh's country interpretation of the Aerosmith song, but I think his choice to 'go country' from here on out is going to hurt him dearly, especially with Nashville Star having it's own competions going on at the same time. Rickey did a pretty good job last night, but he's starting to seem like a one-trick pony to me. I don't think he has the versatility to last many more rounds. And when Simon's main comment to you is that you are nicer than most of the people in the music industry, that's a pretty safe bet that Simon doesn't think your talent is strong enough to carry you much further. Kimberley L. is not a favorite of mine, and was not very gracious toward the final 2 last week when she she was given the safe card. She could have shown a little more comassion toward the remaining 2 before she did her victory cheer. But I think she redeemed herself this week and earned the right to hang around for a bit longer. Trenyce sang very well and will likely make it to the final 3 or 4 at this rate. I liked her dress last night, just not on her. Someone should have told her that if you accentuate your cleavage so dramatically, you should actually have something flattering to show. She didn't. This just wasn't a good area to draw attention to for her. Any of the other young women would have looked much better in that outfit (with the possible exception of Kim L.). Clay is an amazing talent, and after his Wild Card performance, I was definitely in his corner. It's been great watching him grow as a performer. He really *is* a nice guy and you can be sure that if he ever gets voted off, he will be completely gracious about it. I predict he will win the competition, though, barring some poor performance in the coming weeks. At this point I would rank the final ten singers in this order:
    1. Clay
    2. Ruben
    3. Trenyce
    4. Josh
    5. Kim L.
    6. Kim C.
    7. Rickey
    8. Carmen
    9. Julia
    10. Corey
    This is not exactly how I would *like* to see the contest go, just the way I think it will. Good luck to everyone. I look forward to your comments and insights!
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    I would love Ruben to win

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    i'm on the west coast, and so right after they went to commerical, all the war info started broadcasting. meanwhile, all i know is that julia is the only one definately in the bottom three. and now i come on here and discover that charles was eliminated??? where did that come from?? julia should have been gone last week, and instead she remains for yet another week? thats too long if you ask me. charles was so cute

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    the bottom three were my picks as well, but i expected it to be julia that got the boot. and if julia didn't go, i thought FOR SURE it would be corey. but no. noooooooo. charlie doesn't get the votes. dayum devoted julia and corey fans... i agree with you, gizmo. he didn't deserve to stay, but corey was offensive to my ears and julia is so distracting when she sings by her mere presence that i can't even remember how she sounded by the end of her performance.

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    I missed the end too - can't believe it was Charles! Not that he was that great, but Julia was terrible, and Corey was sub-Julia. How could Paula have been surprised to see Corey in the bottom three??? I think he's freakin' creepy - not to mention he can't carry a tune in a bucket. Carmen I agreed with - not the best, but she's been consistently better. The final three were chosen correctly - but we should have seen Corey or Julia go before Charles. Just wait, though - I predict next week we'll see Corey, Julia, and Carmen in the bottom three again (unless something horrible - like a freak case of laryngitis hits the other seven contestants).

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    I thought Julia would be booted out tonight, but instead it was Charles. He wasn't that good either, imo, but I thought Julia should've gone before him.

    And what was up with Kim C's hair? She had curl overload, and was she going for the Oliva Newton John "Let's get Physical" look?. Ugh...she looked dreadful, tonight!

    BTW, Welcome to all the new posters!

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    Results Show from 3/19

    What did you all think about the hour-long results show last night?

    -- Were you all as impressed as I was for how supportive Corey was for Charles Grigsby?

    -- Was everyone as shocked as I am about Julia doging yet another bullet?

    -- Was Kim C. more annoying last night than usual (esp. when she ran out on stage and danced like that girl from the MJ video "The Way You Make Me Feel")-- don't even get me started on her hair and how she managed to make her self look like Miss Piggy!

    --AND the group songs... (for me a guilty pleasure to watch and listen to during the "Footloose" performance, but unbearable to watch and listen to DD's "Time of My Life")

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    I didn't see all of the show.
    I just flipped back and forth during the breaks in Survivor.
    It'll be interesting to see the ratings for the two shows.

    I thought Kim's hair looked awful. I really liked her spiky do the night before, thought it suited her.
    She's experimenting with her look though and I'm all in favour of that.
    Her rushing the stage at the end was annoying though.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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