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Thread: American Idol, Top 11: A Night At The Movies

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    I forgot to add - I loved the comment by Ryan about Simon's pants being so high! I was thinking the very same thing. Simon talks about the contestants dressing too old, but yet he does the same thing. The only people I ever see wearing their pants almost up to their armpits are old men!

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    Ok....I dont understand.... how can Paula & Randy think that Corey's performance was good?? Do they need their ears flushed? Honestly.... ew.

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    Hey guys!
    I'm new to FORT but a huge AI2 fan!

    I agree with cocoa- i LOVE Trenyce! She's been amazing every single performance. She's just so powerful and captivating! I don't think she has much of a chance of actually winning, but I hope this exposure will land her a record deal (I actually think she'd be better served outside of the "pop" world).

    Re: Julia- I don't know what happened. In the initial auditions- in New York and Glendale, she was one of maybe 5 that really stood out as my favorites. She can have such a sultry voice and good stage presence! But I totally feel she's given up, and I wish she wouldn't.

    Kimberley is another one of my faves, but I don't know what happened during Heat Wave. Has anyone else noticed a Dorothy theme here? With Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Home (from the updated Wizard of Oz...). Kinda weird, but hey- she CAN be awesome.

    I like Ruben, but I don't think he's as amazing as the rest of America seems to. I actually think I'd like him more if he weren't so well-loved, because right now I'm so sick of hearing ruben ruben ruben...but he is very talented.

    Clay is great.

    Kimberly C- I don't know...something about her really turns me off...

    Carmen- Sheep comment was right on the money :o) She should be the star of her high school musical, but she's not sophisticated enough to win this competition.

    Corey- How is he in the top 10? I mean, he was ok in the Motown show, but honestly- his voice is grating and his pitch is shakey!

    Charles- I actually liked him! He wasn't one of my favorites, and he was totally the underdog as far as winning, but he's very charismatic and his voice is sweet.

    Rickey- It's weird- like during every one of his performances he has about 5 seconds in the middle of the song of totally blowing me away with an amazing voice, then the rest of the song is just kinda mediocre or kinda annoyingly high.

    Joshua- I felt exactly like Simon did when he performed Tuesday- I was like- WHOA! Since when have you been Garth Brooks? He's not my favorite, especially now that he's taking the country route.

    So there's my takes on the finalists!

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    this was your finest recap yet (I avoid the automatic congrats that many of my fellow board members throw out like the lemmings that they are)" --quoted from Chaim's post
    Hey there
    That is about the RUDEST comment I've ever read here.

    I think Lobeck's recaps are great and I usually agree with the content. And if I disagree with someone I'd like to think I do so with RESPECT. Or, if I post something STUPID
    I try and own up to it and appologize.
    Who are you to call anyone lemmings?

    This place is one of the few very nice on line places where people aren't bugging (I'll speak for myself) Age sex location and all that garbage.

    We all have a right to post whatever we want WHEN IT COMES TO RESPECTING other people here.

    I'm not the boss here - If I were I'd cancel your account.
    Your very rude.

    Now I've lowered myself to your level I guess.


    I just can't understand how someone could be so .......cold.

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    I love these recaps...especially when I have to drive to and from San Diego (5 1/2 hrs) in less than 24 hours, I set 2 vcr's to record AI2 and Survivor and OTHER PEOPLE living in my house (I don't care if they are Mr. Trantler) change the channels and I get to see NEITHER show...irritated much....why yes I am...

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    Originally posted by Wyndemere
    Ok....I dont understand.... how can Paula & Randy think that Corey's performance was good?? Do they need their ears flushed? Honestly.... ew.
    Tell me about it.
    What did this guy do to one of my favourite Phil Collins songs.

    Clay was brilliant.
    I allways wait for people to throw flowers on stage when he`s finished , his performances have something theatrical and big.

    And Carmen , her performance would win her a price at a Wal*Mart contest.
    But on Idol she is just blocking a valuable space that could be used by a real talent.

    Another thing i don`t get is the "new" country Joshua.
    He finally found his stage identety , and well.......let`s say i`m not excited.

    Ruben and Trenyce were top notch , no doubt about it.

    And...even though she can`t hang with the top performers on the show and she won`t be THE Idol , i like Julia.
    She is this smalltown America girl , probably totally overwhelmed from the things that happen around her........
    She definatly has a presence , i could picture her in TV shows.
    She gets my sympathy points.

    BTW , whoever picked her outfit for the show should be sentenced to wear it for six months , it was hideous.

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    I hope next week Carmen is voted off....I don't think I can take hearing her sing once again.

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    Re: American Idol, Top 11: A Night At The Movies

    Originally posted by lobeck
    [B] #1 He then brings out the 11 remaining finalists, and there's Ruben in his "205" jersey once again. While I would like to see Ruben in something else, I guess I should thank him, because I now know one area code outside of my own, and if I ever need to call Directory Assistance in Birmingham, Alabama, I know what number to dial.

    #2 Simon winds everything up by telling Corey, "I don't think you pulled it off at the end. In fact, it sounded painful." Thank you, Simon. You took the words right out of my mouth.

    #3 As if that was not high praise enough, Simon tells Clay, "After tonight's performance, you're the one they've got to beat." I'm thinking Simon just might be right.

    #4 You know, I couldn't care less who leaves the toilet seat up, but that's just me.

    #5 Well, of course you're going to like her, Simon. She was your wildcard choice after all.
    #1 ~ I was dying of laughter for 10 straight minutes after reading that.

    #2 ~ Same here. Simon definitely summed that one up for me - how can people actually enjoy that performance?

    #3 ~ I'm thinkin he 'just might be right' too.

    #4 ~ Oh, I'm personally DYING to know who leaves the toilet seat up...I'd also love to know how they take their tea in the morning and what kind of toothpaste they use. :rolleyes:

    #5 ~ That makes me kind of mad. Simon always praises Carmen even if she has an awful performance because if he criticizes her, he's critizing his own judgment of choosing her as his Wild Card pick.

    Lobeck, I'm new to this message board but your recap of the show was wonderful and I absolutely love your commentary!

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    Originally posted by rainsky
    I hope next week Carmen is voted off....I don't think I can take hearing her sing once again.
    She seems like a sweet person but honestly, I don't think I can take it either.

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    Welcome to the board, CaliQueen!

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