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Thread: American Idol, Top 11: A Night At The Movies

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    GREAT recap! And to think, last week I was sure DVM dramatically voiced things on Wednesdays only. They're full of surprises on this show, dontcha think??

    My vote is for Julia to get the boot, because she doesn't even look like she wants to be there. Corey, Carmen and Charles weren't great, either, but at least they seem nice!

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    Lobeck, you're recaps are so right on. When you mentioned the towel and NY Audition #3008 (Hi There) compared Carmen's voice to sheep, it almost made me LOL and I'm at work!

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    Great job, Lobeck! What you said about each of the contestants is pretty much what I thought about them, too.

    However, I did put Julia in the bottom 3, and predicted she would be booted out.

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    this was your finest recap yet (I avoid the automatic congrats that many of my fellow board members throw out like the lemmings that they are)

    My one question is about the entire process of voting...it is very misleading and does not actually accomplish its stated goal of having a true ranking order. I truly belive it should be changed to have people vote in for the singer they WANT eliminated. Ryan could then simply pull out the three with the most votes and then finally announce the person with the most and he/she is booted. Case in point is last week. Based on the vote, Vannessa was the 12th place performance. But do you truly think she would have been voted out in my scenerio? No way, and what scenario truly rids the show of the weakest performer? I cannot believe AI does not realize this.


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    we don't like to be called lemmings.

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    Nice job!

    My bottom three: Julia, Kim C. & Carmen

    Top three: Ruben, Trenyce & Clay

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    This Is Reality
    If you recall from last season, Nikki wasn't that great and she made it to the final 2 out of sympathy votes! It cost an early exit for Tamyra. Look what happened to get Jim in the top 10..and AJ!
    I think Julia should just quit. Her looks after she performs and during makes me depressed....lol!

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    Well, I thought this was a great recap Lobes.

    If that makes me a lemming so be it.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Despite suffering from ADD when the re-caps go on forever, I totally loved yours. It was so spot-on!

    Your wry observations and astute commentary knocked me out.
    Good job, good job, you brought it all with you, dawg!

    Here are just a few comments of my own.

    Re: Carmen "The Yodeling Mormon" Rasmusen -- I don't know if the performers have any input at all into their appearance. Paula seemed to think so when she chided Carmen for using too much make-up. I would have chided Carmen's stylist for putting her into a petticoat/skirt out of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" with some weird thing tied around her waist over a beige tee-shirt from Wal-Mart. The outfit did nothing for her except accentuate her "buttockal region" which made her appear out of proportion and in need of a backbrace.

    I think Simon likes her because she has a "Cher-like" quality in her voice. However, not being a huge Cher fan, I am not in Carmen's corner.

    My Most Improved Award goes to Kimberley Locke and Ricky Smith.

    My Least Improved Award goes to Charles Grigsby and Corey Clark. Charles at least seems like a nice guy, whereas Corey has this 'tude problem I just can't get over. He is so full of himself. Personally, I don't think it's so attractive to look like Snoop Dogg's love child.

    Julia, Julia, Julia - you just haven't got it together, girl. You let your self-consciousness show way too much. You don't move right, you have a nice voice but haven't mastered it yet.

    Kimberley Caldwell - ugh! I'm sorry...I just don't like you!

    Then we have Trenyce - very good but the dress was just too much for her or she had too little for the dress.

    Joshua looked strained but sounded ok. Not my favorite.

    I saved the BEST for LAST -- Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken. I just love their voices. Last week Clay was my favorite, but Ruben was just sooooooo good this week that he's right up there with dreamy-eyed Clay.

    Stay tuned.

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    One week we're Sycophants, now we're lemmings.... hmmmm..

    Lo, I hope your not upset with me when I follow the lemmings over the cliff and say GREAT RECAP BUDDY!!!

    You have these guys nailed... contestants, judges, Ryan.....
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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