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Thread: Bette Midler on Vanessa Olivarez

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    Bette Midler -talk about a voice!!

    I thought that comparison what quite the compliment.

    Although I'm not so sure Simon meant the voice.

    I think Vanessa will do well. I like her and would have rather Julia had gotten the boot and Vanessa would have been around a little longer.
    And she's way better than Corey.

    I also think she's better than Josh

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    That rocks that Bette Midler is a Vanessa fan!

    Originally posted by dvm

    When she was being interviewed by Carson Daly yesterday on TRL, she said that she suspected her elimination was partly due to that script to Ryan Seacrest the crack-smoking producers had her read. From that little display, she lost the 10-16 year old vote.
    I totally think that dumbass script hurt her badly. It made her look mean, and that's the opposite of what she is (which means it turns off the types of people who liked her).

    She was my wife's favorite on the show, too.

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