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Thread: Would YOU watch AI if Simon were not a judge?

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    Would I watch without Simon? Absolutely not. He is the only one who gives honest criticism. The others, Paula and Randy don't have anything interesting to say. It's "Dawg" from Randy, and "amazing" from Paula for every contestant.

    It will be interesting to see if Fox kills the golden goose by forcing Simon out by putting the show back on in September. Or if Simon really does stand up to them and walk away.

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    No Simon? No way. The show would be over for me. I will echo the earlier remarks which all basically point to Simon as the one voice of honesty (albeit brutal). A replacement would have to be just as blunt--but I would also be turned off by someone who might come in and try to "out-Simon" Simon. You know, by, insulting the contestants out of pure cruelty or shock factor. It just doesn't seem right without him.

    FOX should stop overmilking its cash cows lest they drain them completely dry. I also think AI2 was rather premature. They really didn't allow time for the first season to take root in the pop culture landscape, and now risk oversaturation. I love this show, but even I would get sick of it.
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    Re: Would YOU watch AI if Simon were not a judge?

    Originally posted by StevieM
    So, Simon may not being doing AI3.
    If he didn't and the show started in the fall without him, would
    you watch?
    I'll go first.
    I would not. No way.
    I'm with you dawg.

    For most of the episodes (from the beginning up until the final 12) Simon is the best thing on the show.

    Once the top 12 are selected, the actual performances are the best part, with Simon being 2nd best.

    Summary: Without Simon, the show is a dog with fleas.

    Paula is a useless judge. She compliments everyone.

    Randy is comic relief, nothing more.

    Simon is the substance.

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