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Thread: Simon's Bashing of the Producers

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    Sorry, I liked the "cheese fest". Where else would you see Clay with that blonde perm? Anyway, I always like background stories that give a glimpse into the "private" person's life-IMHO.:rolleyes:

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    i don't like the producer bashing. i think if simon, who i like, has a problem with the producers that he should address the problem outside of the show. i think it's in poor taste to go on about the bad producers on the air when they are the ones providing simon with this job. i just think it's poor form to air one's laundry in a completely inappropriate way. this show should spend more time focusing on the contestants than on the problems between producer and cast.

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    Originally posted by spegs
    It will be interesting if they continue to manipulate the show to keep an even number of males and females...if that is the case, then look for a guy to go next week. *Please, please let it be Corey so I will never have to hear him sing again*
    Surprise surprise, a guy did in fact get the boot.

    Don't get me wrong, Charles sucked, but Julia was a lot worse. Further, considering she clearly doesn't have many fans (she was in the bottom 3 last week too), I find it hard to believe she beat out Charles.

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