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Thread: LaKisha Jones - Season 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by APwatchesTV;2289627;
    I don't know if anybody has noticed it, but did you notice lately when lakisha performs, the way she sings changes as well? When she sang "I have nothing", her tone was so reminiscent to Whitney Houston, and when she sang "God Bless the Child" it seemed like a totally different voice. No doubt Lakisha is a good singer, but when are we going to hear Lakisha's real voice, not Lakisha singing like "XYZ Famous Singer"?
    I noticed tonight that she sounded like Shirley Bassey. She may take on the timber of the original artist.

    It must be very difficult to dress her figure in youthful hip clothing but they really have to try. Signing every week in a floor length gown is not going to help her.

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    That was a total 60s torch singer outfit! Even the hair was very 60s.

    I wasn't crazy about the song--a little too old-fashioned. At this point, I would like to see her always pick a song that could potentially be a hit single today (no matter what the era or theme), but I don't think Diamonds are Forever would ever do that today.

    I voted for her for over an hour. She's my favorite. I was a little worried that I got through every time except for two or three busy signals. I'm sure she isn't going home, but I don't want to take anything for granted.

    I was an Elliot fan last year, but I learned a lesson from the Chris Daughtry debacle.
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    I guess that no matter what the genre she is going to find a previous R&B vocalists performance & emulate them. She was so out of touch & outdated last night that even the $1 million in diamonds couldn't help. She can sing, but good lord she needs to youthfulize herself.

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    Lakisha vs. Melinda

    I prefer Lakisha over Melinda. I thought it was rediculous that Simon said
    Lakisha seemed likes Lakisha in 50 years but didn't say that to Melinda. Melinda seemed even older. I wish they would stop pimping Melinda it is getting on my nerves.

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    For me the biggest disappointment of the night.
    Worst possible choice of song and outfit.

    She looked great in those scenes together with Lulu , the hat and all.

    And then on stage she picks this giant song that lets her look little ,
    along with the pompous outfit.

    It was all wrong , and she should have listened to Lulu.

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    Personally, I thought she could have done better with that song. She has that big old beautiful voice and to me, her performance was lacking something
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    I feel Lakisha is stagnant, like some said was a possibiity.
    I see Jordan and Melinda getting better with every performance.
    Lakisha is still good/terrific - but not getting any better - which to me is starting to lack.
    I found last nights performance boring, to say the least - while the other 2 still blow me away each time.

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    I think she should have taken Lulu's advice and sung "You're My World".
    Although I don't think it'll cost her a place in the top ten, I think she made a poor song choice last night.

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    Very poor song choice last night. She has a beautiful voice, and it would have shone even brighter, had she chosen a better song.
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    I guess it was just me, but I thought Lakisha did quite well with the song, even though Jordin was better I put Lakisha #2, for me melinda's songs are almost too simple......

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