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Thread: Blake Lewis - Season 6

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    Chakos::Linkletter::Epley breezez_air's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Travisio;2254716;
    I must be the only person who does not like him. His beatboxing will get old and annoying and his singing is not good enough to back up for it.
    I really couldnt stand him until he sung that Keane song. Completely changed my opinion of him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by breezez_air;2255156;
    I really couldnt stand him until he sung that Keane song. Completely changed my opinion of him.
    I love keane, I thought he was brilliant to choose one of their songs. I am glad he tempered the beat boxing. It just would not work for every song. He's proving to be an intelligent competitor. Perhaps more so than Chris Sligh, who fell flat with the Il Divo/Teletubbies joke.

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    Julian Pyke
    I think this guy, like I said before, has a WONDERFUL voice. I hope he makes it far so he can at least make a record with the growing popularity he gets!

    I don't think he got enough attention towards his voice because his song wasn't "up beat."
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    Quote Originally Posted by A11Y7;2254636;
    He is the only guy with true talent that actually shows it. He was the good guy this week, in my opinion. None of the other guys was up to par with Blake. Not even close.
    I think I'd have to agree with you. There are a few other guys who are "okay" but Blake is the only one who's really "good" this season.

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    I totally Love blake because he a good singer.

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    I love Blake too! I watched him doing the Keane song on YouTube about five times during lunch today, and now I can't get it out of my head! I had never heard the song before. And I watched the Columbia City Theater performance, too, and it was so cool! I've totally been pulled onto the Blake bandwagon!

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    I'm also loving Blake. I've seen a couple of videos of him that really showcase his singing and he's got a really good voice but most of all it has a different quality and sound that I really enjoy. Even though I'm not really a beatboxing fan, he seems to be good at it. He has the looks, personality, and a different sound and I could see him going a long way in the competition.

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    Julian Pyke
    This guy is AMAZING! Search Youtube for his performances he has done... its not songs but more like just a... I don't know how to say it but a "go with the flow..." he is amazing!

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    I have $10 riding that he will beat-box tonight.

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    Julian Pyke
    I hope not! He should listen to Simon and not beatbox for a while... Stupid Randy says he wants him beatboxing every night... sigh...

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