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Thread: A.I. Media Articles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellen;2225183;
    Me neither -- she's just a Pickler redux.
    (couldn't stand Pickler)
    It's subjective I guess. I hated Pickler, but for some reason I thought this new girl was pretty charming.

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Team Nichole IMO she should have been put through but hopefully we'll see her back again next year!

    Local ‘American Idol’ contestant interviews on ‘Larry King Live’

    By Leilani Roberts Ott
    Phoenix Staff Writer

    It’s been a whirlwind week for Hilldale High School senior Nichole Gatzman who tried out for “American Idol.” Her tryout in Birmingham, Ala., aired on FOX Tuesday night.

    The highlight of her week was her interview on “Larry King Live” on CNN at 8 p.m. Thursday. Everyone wants to know how she felt when judges Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell did not push her through to Hollywood for the next round of competition.

    Gatzman, daughter of Harold and Andrea Gatzman, said the week’s been “really exciting and stressful too.”

    “Having America thinking I was good and wondering why I didn’t make it . . . I’m thankful people are calling and getting on the boards,” Gatzman said. “It’s getting my name out there. ‘Larry King Live’ was so different, so much fun. I could get used to this.”

    Gatzman, 17, told her story first to the Muskogee Phoenix about her experience at trying out for “Idol” the day before the show aired. The next day following the airing, Andrea Gatzman, said her daughter could have spent the day on the phone doing radio interviews, but she had to go to school. Through the week, she has given five interviews for radio stations across the United States, and one with FOX 23 in Tulsa for an evening news broadcast.

    For the King show, a car was sent to pick up the Gatzman family at 6 p.m. and take them to Tulsa where a live feed was set up at a studio. A staff there did her hair and makeup, and hooked her up at 7:50 p.m. for the interview. She could hear his questions through an earpiece and see him on a monitor with former “Idol” winner Ruben Studdard and finalists Kellie Picker, Ace Young and Latoya London.

    King replayed Gatzman’s audition with Cowell saying, “You’re very old fashioned, and you sing through your nose. And it’s a shame;” and Jackson saying, “Well, you’re young. I just think that you’ve got a lot more work to do if you really, really, really want this.”

    King asked her about her working with Sherry Towns, the same voice coach as the new Miss America Lauren Nelson, and about the show creating the impression that her mother didn’t think she could sing.

    Andrea Gatzman was glad her daughter got a chance to clear that up. It was when Nichole was only 6 that her mother didn’t know she could sing and did for a pageant. Since then, Mom is Nichole’s No. 1 fan.

    King asked if her dreams of being a singer or a show business person had faltered because of her “Idol” experience?

    “No. They’ll have to have 200 million judges in front of me tell me no before I’ll stop,” she told King.

    “You’ve got that gumption, Nichole. You’re going to make it,” King said.

    She said she does plan to try out for “Idol” next year and will be better prepared.

    For now, she’s singing every chance she gets and enjoying people asking for her autograph.

    “I’m more excited than they are,” she said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom;2226022;
    It's subjective I guess. I hated Pickler, but for some reason I thought this new girl was pretty charming.
    I love Pickler and so far like this girl.
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    I'm glad she wants to come back next year.
    Last edited by fluff; 02-03-2007 at 09:52 PM.
    "So, what is fame? It's lightening that strikes some people. It's lightening that some people seek." Jewel

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Quote Originally Posted by bbnbama;2221704;

    Not much new information but it does corroborate with her story! And no, I didn't go out searching for her backstory...someone else did and I'm just passing it along...!

    Link Here

    Police: Man shoots wife, himself
    Miranda Baines
    Staff Writer
    Sunday, February 26, 2006

    A Reidsville man shot his wife, then turned the gun on himself early Saturday morning, according to police.
    A press release from the Reidsville Police Department states that officers responded to a domestic disturbance about 1:30 a.m. Saturday at 2226 S. Scales St., after a concerned caller requested police check on a woman who lives there.

    The release states that North Carolina Highway Patrolman R.W. Hamilton, who was the first to arrive on scene, observed a muzzle flash from several shots fired inside the home as he pulled into the driveway.

    Shortly thereafter, several Reidsville officers arrived on the scene and Beverly Emory Ward, of the residence, told them her husband had shot her.

    According to the release, Ward's husband, James Woodrow Ward, was found inside the house with gunshot wounds. After being treated on the scene by EMS, both were transported to area hospitals.

    At press time, James Ward was in critical condition, according to a Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center spokesperson. Beverly Ward's condition was not available at press time.

    Reidsville Police Capt. Guilio Dattero said no charges have been filed at this point, but police believe James Ward shot his wife and then shot himself.

    Dattero added police plan to continue the investigation once Ward and his wife are in stable condition.

    Police urge anyone who has further information regarding this investigation to contact Detective James Anderson at 347-2341 or Crimestoppers at 349-9683.
    I hate to quote myself but I found another article that is from the stepmom so it gives another perspective to the whole story!

    Link Here

    Beverly Emory Ward has trouble remembering much of the night of Feb. 25, 2006.

    She's not sure who called police. She's not sure what made her husband, James Woodrow Ward, so angry. And she's not sure why he shot her three times.

    Some things from that night aren't so hazy.

    "I remember seeing blue lights," she said Thursday from her home in Alamance County. "I remember looking back at my husband, and I remember him looking at me like I was somebody he didn't know. I remember him saying, 'God forgive me for what I'm about to do.' I remember him pointing the gun at me, and I remember him shooting me three times."

    According to police reports, officers were sent to the Ward home on South Scales Street in Reidsville to check on an argument between the couple. When police arrived, a Highway Patrol officer was already on the scene. A story originally printed in The Reidsville Review on Feb. 26, 2006 says Trooper R.W. Hamilton was the first to arrive.

    Hamilton saw the muzzle flash of several shots fired in the home as he pulled into the driveway. More officers were called as Beverly, who was shot in the back and left arm, ran from the home. Her husband, James Ward, was found near the front door of the home. Hamilton heard James call for help and admit to shooting himself. A 9 mm handgun was recovered from the home.

    If the names and story sounds familiar, it might be because it was only a year ago. Or it might be because it was retold in abbreviated form to more than 30 million viewers of Tuesday night's Fox reality TV show "American Idol."

    On the show, which was prerecorded late last year in Birmingham, Ala., Jamie Lynn Ward, 17, a Reidsville native, made it past an audition in front of celebrity judges Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell and received a "golden ticket" to Hollywood.

    But before she passed the audition, she told how she took care of her father, who was paralyzed after shooting her stepmother, then himself.

    "He shot hisself," she told the judges, pointing to her neck. "His wife was cheating on him, which was my stepmomma, and he caught her in the act. It wasn't the first time, so he shot her and he shot himself. And now I live with my grandmomma to help take care of him."

    Beverly Ward, the stepmother, said she had told relatives to watch the show, unaware of what was going to be said. When Jamie's audition aired, her phone started ringing. Relatives called to ask if she knew of Jamie's comments beforehand.

    "Emotionally, it just about destroyed me," Beverly said. "She was on 'American Idol.' She should have been talking about herself and not dragging this back up."

    And besides, Beverly said, Jamie's story isn't accurate. Beverly said she wasn't cheating on James, and she wasn't caught in the act. "There wasn't anyone else in the house," she said.

    Beverly Ward remembers that the argument that led to the shooting started after the recently married couple, they had been together for several years but married for only seven months, came home from dinner.

    "He had been drinking and had taken a Valium," Beverly said. She says he then questioned her about paying the telephone bill and an e-mail she had received from a female friend.

    "When he wasn't drinking, he was very kind," Beverly said. "Ordinarily, he's a kind and generous person, but sometimes when he started drinking, he would think things that really wasn't so." A string of bad luck had also left James anxious. "My car broke down," Beverly said. "My refrigerator and washing machine broke. They had cut my hours back at my job. I think my husband was just a little stressed out about things."

    No charges were ever filed in the shooting. Capt. Guilio Dattero of the Reidsville Police Department said that Beverly did not want to press charges. "The department prepared an investigation anyway, but she never waivered," he said Thursday. "Certainly, you can't compel a victim to testify."

    Beverly said she didn't press charges because she didn't think the person who shot her was the same person she had married. "That was just not my husband," she said. "That was just something I would have never expected him to do. If he hadn't been drinking, and hadn't taken that Valium, it wouldn't have happened."

    Beverly said she didn't talk to James, who was paralyzed from the shooting, for six months after the incident, but she eventually worried about him and wrote him a letter. During that time, the formerly independent woman found herself staying at homeless shelters to stay near her doctors. She said she needed to reconnect with her husband. "I felt like I needed to know what he was thinking," she said. James called her and the two began talking again.

    "He apologized," she said. "I really felt like my husband was sorry for what he had done."

    Beverly understands that people might think it strange that a victim of domestic violence would return to the person who attacked her. "I know it does sound kinda weird," she said. "But I can't hate him for what he done. I might not understand why he did it, but I love my husband."

    Since the first reconnection in June 2006, Beverly Ward has been helping to take care of James ? bathing him and changing his clothes. But despite what Jamie told the Reidsville Review on Thursday, Beverly Ward said she has no plans to move back in with James. "My husband and I are not living together," Beverly said. "We haven't made any definite plans because I'm still in therapy, trying to get my medications right."

    Because of the shooting, Beverly lost the use of her left arm and has endured several surgeries.

    Requests to speak to James Ward about the shooting were declined. Through Sue Ward, Jamie's grandmother and James' mother, James said that he didn't want to relive that night last February. "He has a lot to deal with," Sue said. "If James doesn't want to talk, I can't make him."

    Sue did say that she's grateful for the help that Beverly has given the family, but admitted that until Thursday, Beverly and James hadn't spoken for almost a week. "James hadn't tried to call her because he didn't know what to say," Sue said.

    The family wasn't made aware of Jamie's comments on American Idol until they aired, Sue said. "I don't know what possessed (Jamie) to say that," she said. "I don't know if it was her nerves or if they just pressed her for her story."

    Since Tuesday's show, Sue said she's been wary of speaking to the press because of the way words are edited and taken out of context. "It seems like everything you say is just twisted around," she said.

    She also doesn't like the way the story is focusing on James instead of Jamie. "I don't want publicity for Jamie because of James," she said, adding that she hopes Jamie's singing talents, not her background story, will make her successful.

    This week the publicity, the phone calls, the questions, "has really gotten ahold of us," Sue said.

    It's been tough for Beverly, too, as she's forced to relive a nightmare she'd just as soon forget. "It just seems like the more I try, the more I get hurt," she said. "I don't think anything will ever get back to normal."
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Kat Debuts at # 2

    Feb 7 2007 11:59 AM EST

    Norah Jones Breaks McPheever, Beats 'Idol' Runner-Up To #1
    Madonna, Lily Allen also generate impressive first-week sales.
    By Chris Harris

    If you're suffering from a scorching case of McPheever, it might interest you to know that there's actually an antidote for the condition: 405,000 cc's of Norah Jones.

    "American Idol" fifth-season runner-up Katharine McPhee had a genuine shot at Billboard's peak position, with her eponymous debut album hitting record-store shelves last week. But ultimately, McPhee couldn't quite contend with the likes of Jones. The singer/songwriter's third studio LP, Not Too Late, ran away with the title belt, opening at #1 with more than 405,000 sales, according to the latest SoundScan figures.

    McPhee's LP finished a distant second on Billboard's albums sales chart, selling close to 116,000 units — a respectable total, but not nearly enough to top the chart this time around. Comparatively, Jones' inaugural offering, 2002's Come Away With Me, bowed at #139 with 9,700 copies sold; it wasn't until 46 weeks later that the album would hit #1, shifting 108,000 copies. Two years later, Jones' Feels Like Home debuted at #1, selling an imposing 1,022,000 copies.

    Interestingly enough, Daughtry — the self-titled debut from fellow "Idol" finalist Chris Daughtry's rock collective — follows McPhee at #3, with 77,000 scans. Meanwhile Taylor Hicks, the self-titled debut from the man who surpassed them both for the "American Idol" title last year, slips further out of the chart's top 50. That disc finished this week at #76 after selling just 12,000 copies during its eighth week of release — and 800,000 copies fewer than Daughtry overall. Strange how that works out, isn't it?

    Just one other album opened in the latest chart's top 10, finishing at #4 with sales reported at 71,000: A New Journey, from the six female Irish artists who make up Celtic Woman. Last week's #1, Pretty Ricky's Late Night Special, drops 53 percent and four spots to #5 with 62,000 week-two scans. Akon's Konvicted follows at #6 with more than 56,000 copies sold, while the soundtrack to "Dreamgirls" — featuring musical contributions from the film's stars, Beyonc้, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy — slips one spot to #7, selling another 56,000 units its ninth week in stores.

    The Shins' Wincing the Night Away drops six spots on the chart to #8 this week, with more than 53,000 sales — just in front of Robin Thicke's The Evolution of Robin Thicke, which finishes ninth with nearly 52,000 scans. Rounding out the top 10 is the 2007 Grammy Nominees compilation, which boasts 23 tracks from this year's award contenders, including Gnarls Barkley, John Mayer, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Justin Timberlake and James Blunt; the album sold close to 48,000 copies, robbing Harry Connick, Jr.'s Oh, My Nola of a top-10 opening. Instead, Nola debuts at #11, with 44,000 scans.

    In all, 23 new releases managed to crack Billboard's top 200, including Madonna's live LP, The Confessions Tour, which comes in at #15 after selling more than 40,000 units. Lily Allen's Alright, Still follows at #20 with sales of more than 34,000. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's Some Loud Thunder opens at #47 with close to 19,000 scans, while Paolo Nutini's These Streets bows at #48 with 18,000 sold. The Alkaline Trio return at #64 with their latest, Remains, selling more than 13,000 copies. And Dave Koz's At the Movies finishes at #86 on the chart, moving 11,000 units.

    Endless Highway: The Music of The Band, a collection of Band covers by artists including Guster, My Morning Jacket, Jack Johnson and Death Cab For Cutie, comes in at #129 with 7,000 copies snatched up. Goin' South Platinum Edition, a compilation featuring Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Marshall Tucker Band, the Fabulous Thunderbirds and Molly Hatchet, opens at #145 with 6,200 scans. Young Love's Too Young To Fight It opens up at #169 with 5,300 copies sold, while Sean Price's Jesus Price Supastar finishes at #196 with sales of 4,700. And closing out the chart at #200 is Skinny Puppy's Mythmaker, which sold 4,600 copies.

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    "Idol" Hopeful Nixed from H'wood for Pot Rap?
    Posted Feb 7th 2007 11:30AM by TMZ Staff
    Filed under: American Idol

    Akron Watson, an "American Idol" contestant from Dallas and one of the feel-good stories of the new season, has been disinvited from the Hollywood round of the show, possibly after producers discovered a pot bust on his record.

    Watson, whose San Antonio audition aired on last night's "Idol," was arrested in April 2003 for misdemeanor possession of marijuana, according to court records obtained and posted by PegasusNews.com. He was headed to Hollywood after impressing the judges with his singing, and his story. But Watson tells Pegasus News that two days before he was scheduled to leave for Hollywood, he received a call saying that he would not be competing anymore "for unknown reasons." "Idol" producers did not comment on their withdrawn invitation.

    Meanwhile, another contestant from San Antonio, facemaker Ashlyn Carr, was reportedly arrested in August for pouring sugar into the gas tank of her ex-boyfriend's car while a student at Sam Houston State University, according to a report in The Houstonian Online.

    When confronted by police, says the Houstonian, Carr confessed to the crime.


    Click above link for mug shots.

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    Courtney Love To Judge Nirvana Night

    Nirvana Night? Why would there be a Nirvana Night? I don't get it.
    That's rather weak.


    Courtney Love To Judge Nirvana Night On American Idol
    By Staff
    Feb 8, 2007

    The confusion surrounding Courtney Love's alleged approach to appear on Tv talent show American Idol has been cleared up - by a program insider.
    Love posted a message on her website recently claiming she had been approached by the show's producers as a possible replacement for judge Paula Abdul.

    American Idol boss Nigel Lythgoe was quick to respond, stating there were no plans to get rid of Abdul, despite ongoing controversies surrounding the Straight Up singer.

    But now a show source has come forward, explaining Love was approached to be a guest judge on the show for a tribute to her late husband Kurt Cobain's band Nirvana.

    The insider reveals, "Since Courtney Love owns the rights to Cobain's songs, they (producers) figured that the best way to get her permission was to invite her on the show."

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    Texas 'Idol' Contestants Rack Up Police Records
    SAN ANTONIO (February 7, 20007) -- One of the San Antonio singers who earned a ticket to Hollywood on "American Idol" has had his invitation taken back.

    A Dallas website called PegasusNews.com says an 'Idol' representative told Akron Watson he would not advance to the next round after all. The rep told the website that the show would not give a reason why Akron was eliminated.

    Akron says the decision was made after he taped a feature for Idol talking about the obstacles he'd overcome, including pleading guilty to possession of a small amount of pot.

    Additionally, the girl Paula and Randy gave a second chance to before sending her on to Hollywood has an arrest on her record.

    The Houstonian Online reports that Ashlyn Carr got even with an ex-boyfriend last year by pouring sugar in his gas tank at Sam Houston State University. University police say Carr confessed and was arrested on a criminal mischief charge.

    Carr got a second chance after Simon liked her, but Paula and Randy didn't. They let her sing another song and that won over Paula and Randy.

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    Courtney Love & Nirvana Night? Lord have mercy. Are we about to jump the shark?

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