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Thread: A.I. Media Articles

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    Re: A.I. Media Articles

    Sales data for the week.

    Idols slide on album chart but sales up - Idol Chatter - USATODAY.com

    Idols slide on album chart but sales up

    Before I jump into this sea of numbers, I wanted to mention that when I said last night that I would tally your rankings today, I forgot that we won't get results until Thursday night because of Idol Gives Back tonight, so there's no need to close off the polls till tomorrow. So if you wish to send in your rankings for Tuesday night's performances, you have an additional window of around 24 hours.

    OK, to sales. Eleven debuts in the top 30 forced all the charting Idols downward, but their sales were all up over last week, according to Nielsen SoundScan.
    Jordin drops 25-31 on the chart, but sells 19,000, up 11%, for a total of 631,000.

    Daughtry falls 27-36, but sells a bit more than 17,000, up 2%, for a total of 3.94 million.

    Carrie's Carnival Ride slips 37-38, selling 16,000 (up 4%) for a total of 1.99 million -- next week, 2 million for sure. Her Some Hearts drops 60-66 but sells in the mid-10,000s, up 5%, for a total of 6.36 million.

    Finally, Kellie hangs on at No. 190, down from 172, selling just under 4,000, a 5% boost, for a total of 742,000.

    Power of Idol: Dolly Parton's new album, Backwoods Barbie, jumps 112-71 after her mentor week and performance. It sold 10,000, up 57%, for a total of 77,000.

    Off-chart Idols follow.

    There's a new and unexpected sales leader among the off-chart Idols -- it's none other than Bo. After his appearance on the show last week, in which many viewers learned the chilling extent of his medical woes and got a look at his son, he sold 2,900, up from 400. Total for his second album now jumps to 46,000.

    Bucky, who also appeared on the Idol segment, got a smaller boost -- 1,600, up from 1,200, for a total of 335,000.

    (Phil was also on but his album doesn't come out until April 29.)

    Kelly's Breakaway sold 2,500, up from 2,400, and rounds up to 5.98 million now. My December stays at 1,000 for a total of 760,000.

    Blake sold 1,900, down from 2,000, for a total of 286,000.

    We'll track Randy's album for a while; it sold 1,900, down from 2,600, for a total of 24,000.

    Elliott stayed at 1,000, totaling 503,000.

    Mandisa climbed back up to 600, from 500, for a total of 76,000.

    Fantasia sold 500, up from 400, to total 511,000.

    Kimberley was down to 400 from her Idol-assisted 900, but that's still a ways away from the 100 Club. Total is 20,000.

    Katharine stays at 300 for a total of 370,000.

    Clay stays at 200 for a total of 524,000.

    Three members of the 100 Club, all of whom were there last week as well. Taylor's total is 701,000; Ruben's is 237,000; Constantine's is 25,000.

    Paris didn't make the cut for the second straight week, amassing a sales total too low for me to report. Total stays at 21,000.

    And the digital download totals:

    Dolly gets an Idol download boost

    Welcome to this week's exploration of Nielsen SoundScan's digital songs top 200, on which eight Idol tracks reside ... plus several other Idol-by-association or Idol-influenced tracks. First we'll look at the Idols themselves.

    Jordin's No Air falls out of the top 5, edged by Usher's Love in This Club, but hanging in there at No. 6. It sold 114,000, down 17% from last week (in a down week overall for downloads), but it soars over the 1 million mark (1.09 million, to be semi-exact). Tattoo slips 39-40 on the chart, selling 26,000, off 21%, for a total of 1.50 million.

    Carrie's All-American Girl drops 38-42, selling 26,000, down 22%, for a total of 402,000. Before He Cheats is up 133-128, but drops 10% in sales to 10,000, totaling 2.26 million.

    Daughtry's chart contingent is reduced to three this week (It's Not Over is indeed over, for now, anyway). Feels Like Tonight inches up 51-50, but drops 15% in sales to 21,000 for a total of 296,000. Home is down 145-149, also dropping 15%, to 9,000, with a total of 1.42 million. Over You falls 170-186, plunging 18% to 8,000 for a total of 961,000.

    And Josh's We Weren't Crazy makes its debut at No. 65 with 19,000 sold.

    Associated chart tracks follow.

    Leona Lewis' association with Idol is tenuous at best, but in any case, Bleeding Love climbs 3-2 on the chart, selling 201,000 (up 7%) for a total of 925,000, and is a whomping big hit.

    Ferras' Hollywood's Not America, briefly used as a send-off song before Ruben's Celebrate Me Home took over that slot, leaps 76-54 (powered by radio airplay) and sells 20,000, up 5%, for a total of 93,000.

    Paula's Dance Like There's No Tomorrow (there's no truth to the rumor that she's readying a spoken-word mix called Talk Like There's No Tomorrow) drops 67-87 on the basis of a 31% sales plunge to 14,000. It has sold more than a quarter-million, though (251,000), which is not a bad little comeback.

    Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah is still in the top 100, falling 88-92 and selling 14,000, a 26% drop. Total is 690,000.

    Whitney Houston's version of Dolly Parton's I Will Always Love You hits the chart at No. 113, selling 11,000 downloads to fans who somehow don't already have it in some form. Dolly's own version of Jolene enters the chart at 139 with 9,000 sold. (As always, iTunes sales figures for the exclusive Idol versions are not released.)

    Michael Jackson's version of Billie Jean stays on the chart, 103-126, selling 10,000 (down 29%) for a total of 573,000, but Chris Cornell's version, the one adapted by David Cook, falls off the chart this week.

    Queen's We Will Rock You stays on, sliding 111-133 and selling in the mid-9,000s, a 25% drop, for a total of 1.04 million. It's sort of a chart perennial, so it may be selling independent of any Michael Johns influence.

    Finally, as if in anticipation of Jason's performance, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of Over the Rainbow (anyone who adds a "Somewhere" to the title is incorrect) re-enters the chart at No. 187, selling 8,000. It has already sold 1.07 million, a total which should increase next week.

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    Re: A.I. Media Articles

    Here is an interesting article on this weeks theme:

    You've got to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince!

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    Re: A.I. Media Articles

    Here are the stats for the previous week.

    Bad sales week, 'IGB' good news for Idols - Idol Chatter - USATODAY.com

    Bad sales week, 'IGB' good news for Idols

    The big news is on the digital songs chart, which will be the next post, but first, here's the standard album sales post many of you enjoy following and other blogs like to quote (with credit, so that's cool).

    The number of Idol albums on the chart dropped to four this week, but they all registered sales gains in a week when sales overall were down 8%. Credit Idol Gives Back and Idol in general for that.

    Daughtry, a star on IGB, shot up from No. 36 to No. 16 on the Billboard album chart, selling 25,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan. That's a 44% increase, and brings the band's total to 3.97 million.

    Jordin, who performed on Thursday's show, vaulted 31-17 with a 27% gain in sales, up to 24,000, for a total of 655,000.

    Carrie's Carnival Ride climbed 38-33 in the week of her IGB performance, although the song she sang was not from the album. It gained 8% to 17,000 for a total of 2.01 million, which puts her over the 2 million mark. Some Hearts, meanwhile, jumped 66-54 with a 2.3% sales gain to 11,000, for a total of 6.37 million.

    Off-chart Idols follow.

    Kellie fell off the chart from 190 next week, but expect a possible reappearance next week after she won three CMT video awards. She sold 3,000, down from 3,900, for a total of 745,000.

    Kelly's Breakaway sold 2,400, down from 2,500; total 5.98 million. My December sold 1,000, same as last week, for a total of 761,000.

    Blake sold 1,800, down from 1,900; total 288,000.

    Randy sold 1,500, down from 1,900; total 25,000.

    Bucky sold 1,500, down from 1,600; total 336,000.

    Bo sold 1,400, down from 2,900 last week (after his Idol appearance), but far above the usual 500 he had been selling regularly. Total: 47,000.

    Elliott sold 1,000, same as last week; total 504,000.

    Mandisa sold 600, same as last week; total 77,000.

    Fantasia sold 500, same as last week; total 510,000.

    Clay sold 300, up from 200; total 525,000.

    Katharine sold 300, same as last week; total 370,000.

    KImberley sold 300, down from 400; total 20,000.

    Members of the 100 club this week are the same as last week: Taylor (701,000 total), Ruben (237,000) and Constantine (25,000). Paris is still under the amount I'm permitted to disclose.

    And the download figures are here:

    'Idol', 'IGB' dominate download chart

    It was a textbook week to illustrate the power of Idol on impulse music purchases. Idol-related downloads were all over the digital songs chart, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Let's see if I can run 'em all down.

    First, let's start with Idol Gives Back's influence. Daughtry's What About Now enters the chart at No. 8 with 86,000 downloads. Miley Cyrus' See You Again, which she performed, was already a huge hit (1.29 million), but climbs 10-9 with a 22% sales increase to 85,000. Carrie's George Michael cover, Praying for Time, comes on at 10 with 66,000.

    But that's not all. The group-sing (the first one, that is) of Shout to the Lord generated 56,000 sales and a No. 15 debut. Annie Lennox's Many Rivers to Cross debuts at 39 with 29,000. Before He Cheats (the recorded Carrie version, thankfully, not the Teri Hatcher) vaults 128-83 with a 54% increase to 15,000, for a total of 2.27 million.

    Fergie's Finally comes on at 85 with 15,000.
    The Idol group sing of Don't Stop the Music debuts at 93 with 14,000.
    The Seasons of Love group sing enters at 105 with 12,000.
    Miley Cyrus' Good and Broken comes in at 110 with 12,000.
    Snoop Dogg's Can't Say Goodbye enters at 151 with 9,000.
    Heart & Fergie's cartwheeling Barracuda is new at 163 with just under 9,000.
    And Heart's Nothin' at All, which I don't recall them performing, enters at 177 with just over 8,000.

    Not only that, but Daughtry got big boosts all the way around with other tracks. Feels Like Tonight jumped 50-43, up 23% to 26,000; total 323,000. Home leaps 149-90, up 61% to 14,000; total 1.43 million. It's Not Over returns to the chart at 119 with 11,000 and a total of 1.736 million. And Over You rolls 186-141, up 20% to the mid-9,000s; total 970,000.

    Following, effects of the Tuesday performances and more.

    If all the preceding weren't enough, the "inspirational" songs chosen by the Idols had one of the strongest overall effects on the chart yet. The big one, not surprisingly, was Jason's cover of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's Over the Rainbow, which spawned an astonishing jump of 187-11 and a 698% sales increase to 62,000 -- this for a song that has sold 1.13 million in total. It's almost Hallelujah (which is still on the chart, although dropping 92-137 thanks to a 29% decline in sales to the mid-9,000s) all over again.

    David A.'s version of Angels gave the song some major new traction, as Robbie Williams' original debuts at 89 with 14,000.

    Kristy Lee's Anyway prompted Martina McBride's return to the chart at 101 with 13,000.

    And Michael's exit song, Dream On, gave Aerosmith a new lease on life at 102 with just under 13,000.

    > Other Idols (and Idol-related songs) on the chart:

    With all that, the top Idol song is still Jordin's No Air, which she performed last week and sold 34% more copies (154,000) for a chart jump of 6-4. Its total is now 1.24 million. (Tattoo also had a boost, 16% to 30,000, but with all the debuts ahead of it, its chart move was just 40-38. Total is 1.53 million.)

    Carrie's All-American Girl drops 42-49 with a 4% decline in sales to 25,000 and a total of 427,000. Her Last Name debuts at 158 with 9,000.

    Josh's We Weren't Crazy drops 65-84 in its second week, down 18% to 15,000 for a total of 34,000.

    The top Idol-related song on the chart is also the top song on the chart, Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love, which regains the position after interruptions from Mariah Carey and Madonna. It sold 223,000, up 11%, for a total of 1.15 million, no doubt aided by the release of her No. 1 album, which sold 205,000. She also placed three more tracks on the chart: Better in Time enters at 24 with 40,000, Yesterday is 86 with 15,000, and I Will Be is No. 100 with 13,000.

    Finally, Paula's Dance Like There's No Tomorrow drops 87-108, down 18% to 12,000 for a total of 263,000 that should help her feed her chihuahuas.

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    Re: A.I. Media Articles

    Wonder how this will affect AI???

    Link Here

    Longtime Executive Steps Aside at Sony BMG

    In a shake-up that reflects the new realities of the music business, the renowned hitmaker Clive Davis is making way for a younger executive known for having an ear toward the pop charts but also an eye on controlling costs.

    On Thursday, Sony BMG Music Entertainment said that Mr. Davis would give up his corporate role as head of its BMG division and control of its RCA Label Group for a new creative post.

    Barry Weiss, the chief of the company’s Zomba Label Group, will become chairman and chief executive of the BMG Label Group, overseeing RCA and Zomba, and an array of artists like Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, OutKast and Kelly Clarkson.

    The announcement surprised many in the music industry, as Mr. Davis, who has survived several executive suite setbacks only to rise again in a career that spans five decades, seemed to be playing a hot hand. This week’s No. 1 album is the debut from Leona Lewis, the latest in a long string of divas that Mr. Davis, 76, has signed and shaped.

    The latest album from Ms. Keys, who Mr. Davis mentors, has sold 3.4 million copies since its release last year, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and his division operated at a profit.

    But the pop hits that Mr. Davis is known for delivering typically require the kind of expensive videos and marketing campaigns that labels are reluctant to finance at a time when music sales have been sliding. Sony BMG’s decision to promote Mr. Weiss underscores the idea that hits alone cannot save the industry.

    Mr. Weiss, 49, who also personally oversees many of his artists’ creative decisions, has enjoyed his share of chart success with acts like Chris Brown and T-Pain. But he also has a reputation for tightly managing expenses, and being savvier about the digital revolution. T-Pain’s hits, for example, have had considerable success as ring tones, the kind of high-margin, low-glamour products that are becoming more important to labels’ bottom lines.

    Besides a generational change, the reorganization signals yet another management shift at Sony BMG, a joint venture of Sony and Bertelsmann that has suffered several bouts of management discord since its founding in 2004.

    As part of the move, the chief operating officer, Tim Bowen, is leaving the company, as is Mr. Davis’ chief lieutenant, Charles Goldstuck. Richard Sanders, now president for global market, with become head of international.

    Mr. Davis, who started at Columbia Records in the 1960s, became an industry legend for his “ears,” his ability to hear a hit, match singers with songwriters and create the kind of best sellers that major labels rely on. Like other executives of his generation, he also became something of a rock star in his own right.

    Mr. Davis will continue to work with some acts and report directly to the Sony BMG chief executive, Rolf Schmidt-Holz.

    Many of Mr. Davis’s recent successes came from “American Idol,” which places certain artists with various divisions of BMG.

    BMG tried to move Mr. Davis aside once before, in 2000, ostensibly because of a mandatory retirement policy. Antonio Reid succeeded him at Arista, the label Mr. Davis founded in 1975. But after vocal protests from artists and executives — and a considerable amount of media coverage — BMG executives made a deal to commit $150 million to start J Records as a joint venture with Mr. Davis. (BMG bought the remaining half of J in 2002.)

    Although Mr. Davis’s employment contract was not up until next year, this will give the company a succession plan.

    “The business is under tremendous pressure, and it’s very tough to maintain profits as they were in preceding years,” said Danny Goldberg, a former record company president who now runs the management firm Gold Village Entertainment. “So it’s clarifying that they would turn to Barry Weiss, who is on the one hand responsible for signing talent and on the other hand has shown a discipline about cost-cutting.”

    Mr. Weiss will now have to apply his touch across a far larger organization. “The goal is to maintain separate label identities, but maybe we can bring some of our business-minded, entrepreneurial approach to the other side,” Mr. Weiss said, referring to Mr. Davis’s RCA division, “and maybe there are some lessons from their side that I can bring to our side.”

    Although Mr. Davis came to be known as the consummate record man, he began his career as a lawyer, and his first job in the music business was in Columbia’s legal department. In 1967, he became president of the label, which he steered toward the then-emerging rock sound by signing artists like Janis Joplin, Laura Nyro and Chicago.

    In 1975, after being fired from Columbia amid allegations, unproved, that he used company funds to pay for his son’s bar mitzvah, Mr. Davis founded Arista. At that label, which was eventually acquired by the German company Bertelsmann as part of BMG, he signed Whitney Houston and started joint ventures with urban labels like Mr. Reid’s LaFace Records and Sean Combs’s Bad Boy Records.
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    'Idol' singers who sing first may not last

    'Idol' singers who sing first may not last
    'Idol' singers who sing first may not last - USATODAY.com

    Shocking exit: Michael Johns was the first to sing on the performance night preceding his elimination.


    Leadoff singers on American Idol are eliminated at a higher rate than if they were random:

    Order: 1
    Expected exits: 12.9
    Actual eliminations: 20

    Order: 2
    Expected exits: 12.9
    Actual eliminations: 12

    Order: 3
    Expected exits: 9.9
    Actual eliminations: 9

    Order: 4
    Expected exits: 7.9
    Actual eliminations: 8

    Order: 5
    Expected exits: 6.4
    Actual eliminations: 6

    Order: 6
    Expected exits: 5.4
    Actual eliminations: 5

    Order: 7
    Expected exits: 4.3
    Actual eliminations: 1

    Order: 8
    Expected exits: 3.3
    Actual eliminations: 4

    Order: 9
    Expected exits: 2.4
    Actual eliminations: 3

    Order: 10
    Expected exits: 1.8
    Actual eliminations: 1

    Order: 11
    Expected exits: 1.0
    Actual eliminations: 0

    Order: 12
    Expected exits: 0.5
    Actual eliminations: 0

    Source: WhatNotToSing.com analysis, based on 69 finals episodes, weighted by number of contestants in each episode

    Yahoo! Buzz Digg Newsvine Reddit FacebookWhat's this?By Bill Keveney, USA TODAY
    First may be the worst for American Idol singers.
    The leadoff performer on an Idol finals night stands a disproportionately greater chance of being eliminated than those who follow, according to an analysis of Idol's seven seasons.

    'IDOL' CHATTER: What do you think of this season's singers?

    In 69 finals episodes, 20 singers in the No. 1 spot have been voted off, seven more than would be expected based on statistical probability, says Nick Straguzzi, co-founder of WhatNotToSing.com, which collects and analyzes Idol data. In four out of six weeks this season, the first finalist has been in the bottom three, twice being eliminated. "The No. 1 slot is by far the most dangerous for finalists," Straguzzi says.

    Eliminations at the other slots came closer to what could be expected at random, except for lucky 7, a spot from which only one has been bounced. And no one in the 11th or 12th spot in a finals week has been eliminated; only one (Kristy Lee Cook) has been in the bottom three.

    FIND MORE STORIES IN: Idol | Ruben Studdard | Ken Warwick | Michael Johns
    Producers decide the singing order except for the finale, which is a singer's choice after a coin flip. (Only one finale leadoff singer, Ruben Studdard, has won Idol.) They vary the order each week to be fair, but also try to arrange singers and their songs to make the most entertaining show, executive producer Ken Warwick says.

    "It's worked out with two things in mind: where the kid (performed) last week, and if it's a slow, 'dirgey' ballad, I try not to open with that," he says.

    Speculation about the danger of the leadoff spot, including fan chatter about a first-performer jinx, grew after the surprise elimination of Michael Johns, 29, who led off two weeks ago. Possible reasons (especially in weeks singers perform once):

    •Fewer viewers at the start. Idol's ratings grow throughout each show, with more viewers — and potential voters — watching singers at the end than at the beginning. On April 8, Idol went from 22.8 million viewers in the first half-hour to 26.4 million in the second, a 16% increase.

    •Judging standards. Viewers compare each singer to the one who preceded him, which helps if you follow a bad performance, says Olivia Fox Cabane of Spitfire Consulting. "The problem when you are first is people are comparing you to whatever abstract standards they were hearing before you, i.e., professional singers or whoever they heard on the radio that day," she says.

    •The singing-voting gap. Many Idol watchers believe performances later in the show have a stronger hold on viewers than those earlier in the show.

    Warwick acknowledges such factors create "a little bit" of a disadvantage. The order "is done as fairly as it could possibly be, but someone has to go first."
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    Is 'American Idol' rigged for gender balance?

    You've got to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince!

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    Re: A.I. Media Articles

    Here are the sales totals for the week.

    Idol Chatter: American Idol News, Rumors & Information – USATODAY.com

    This week's sales for Idols (including Josh!)

    Not a particularly inspiring week for the Idols on the Billboard album chart.

    Daughtry does return to the top 15, up from No. 16, but is down 8% in sales to 23,000. His total is 3.99 million, so a milestone will be achieved next week.

    Jordin is exactly 10 units behind him (also rounding off to 23,000), moving 17-16 on the chart, but declining 7% in sales. Her total is 678,000.

    Carrie's Carnival Ride also inches up, 33-32, but drops 3% in sales to 17,000 for a total of 2.03 million. Her Some Hearts is down 54-69, selling 10,000 (down 9%) for a total of 6.38 million.

    Finally, Josh's We Weren't Crazy falls 95-146, selling in the mid-4,000s, down 37%, for a total of 30,000 in three weeks.

    Idols off the chart follow.

    Could Billboard be in on the conspiracy? Kellie sold 3,300, less than a hundred below the No. 200 album this week, just missing a return to the chart. She's up from 3,000 the previous week, and her total is 748,000.

    Kelly's Breakaway sold 2,200, down from 2,400, for a total of 5.98 million. My December sold 900, down from 1,000, for a total of 762,000.

    Bucky sold 1,500, holding steady, for a total of 338,000.

    Blake also sold 1,500, down from 1,800, total 289,000.

    Elliott got a 40% or so boost from appearing on Idol last week, jumping from 1,000 to 1,400 for a total of 505,000.

    Randy sold 1,400, down from 1,500, for a total of 27,000.

    Bo sold 1,000, down from 1,400 but still well above what he had been selling before his Idol appearance a few weeks ago. Total is 48,000.

    Mandisa sold 600, same as last week, for a total of 77,000.

    Kimberley, sparked by her 5th Grader near-triumph, sold 400, up from 300, but is still at 20,000.

    Fantasia sold 400, down from 500, total 512,000.

    Katharine slid to 200 from 300, total 370,000.

    Clay did the same, total 525,000.

    All three members of last week's 100-sales club return with the same number. Taylor's total is 701,000, Ruben's is 237,000 and Constantine's is 25,000.

    Paris just failed to make the cut; total still 21,000.

    And just for a bit of current (currant?) spice, David Cook's Analog Heart sold 900, compared to 300 the previous week, for a total of 1,200, all generated from Amazon.com, which no longer offers it for sale. Before last week, its top SoundScan number for any given week was 5 (five).

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    Re: A.I. Media Articles

    Another one jumping on the "Paula-gate" controversy...

    Link Here

    Country artist and upcoming "Nashville Star" judge John Rich laid into "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul for her lack of attentiveness during a recent episode.

    "'American Idol' infuriates me as an artist," Rich, of the multiplatinum country duo Big & Rich, said at an NBC press event in Pasadena, California. "They're being fake about it. When you can't make a cognizant comment about someone's performance and you're commenting on something that happened the day before, why don't you just walk up onstage and slap them right across the face while you're at it? As an artist, I would just flip them the bird and walk off the stage. ... She wasn't even paying attention to what was going on."

    The gaffe by Abdul, who critiqued a contestant's performance that she saw only in rehearsal and which did not air, has been the biggest "Idol" controversy this season. But the incident seemingly has had little impact on the show's ratings -- which have been down 10 percent overall this season, though recent episodes have hit five-year lows.

    "The reason their ratings are going into the toilet right now is because the American public cannot stand when it comes to reality," Rich said. "You can tell when somebody's comment was scripted. You can tell when they told an artist, 'Wear this, and sing that, and do that.' That's not the way it's going to work on this show," he said of "Nashville Star."

    Rich was on a panel promoting the NBC show during the network's summer programming event for the press. He is a judge and mentor on the upcoming sixth season of the show, which has moved from USA Network to NBC this year.

    "We have to respect the fans' ears and eyes and give them something that's for real," he added. "Don't try to con them. And I think that's why 'American Idol,' in my opinion, is just dive-bombing. I can't stand watching it. I wouldn't want to be on that show now if you gave me a $100 bill."

    In response to Rich's comments, Fox released a statement: "John Rich's ungentlemanly and opportunistic comments are particularly disturbing considering the fact he attended a taping of 'American Idol' last April, told producers, judges and performers he enjoyed himself and also did an interview with a crew from 'American Idol Extra' where he was extremely complimentary toward the show."
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    Re: A.I. Media Articles

    As an artist, I would just flip them the bird and walk off the stage. ... She wasn't even paying attention to what was going on.

    I totally agree with John Rich. How nice of Fox to totally ignore the points he's making and bring up an old interview where he praised the show before all this pre-scripted nonsense came to light. He was being interviewed by American Idol Extra. Of course he'd say nice things to them.

    I'm just going to press the mute button whenever it's Paula's turn to "judge". Can't stand her anymore. She had a script ready, forgot herself and read it out at the wrong time.

    I would've cheered if Jason "flipped her the bird" and walked offstage. I would have voted just for that, too.

    Thanks for the article, bbnbama

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    Re: A.I. Media Articles

    The Idols went to see 'The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil' show.
    Nice pictures of all 4 of them. They really are experiencing so much! If you click on any picture, it blows it up, and then you could click thru the slide show.

    I do not know if I could post the link.

    Search: "Getty Images Entertainment"
    Then when you get to Getty Images, search:
    "American Idol Contestants Visit LOVE "
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