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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Link Here

    Chuck Ross: Hello everybody. Once again it's Chuck Ross here at TelevisionWeek and we're so happy to have on the line Nigel Lythgoe, who is executive producer and showrunner of "American Idol," and it's been quite a week, Nigel.

    Nigel Lythgoe: Well, we've now got the 12 and a lot of controversy as well, I think.

    Mr. Ross: I think so. I first want to talk about the show that you directed. They had to whittle down 172 contestants [with] twice as many gals as guys. And right from the beginning of that show, Jory comes out and all six girls come out and I thought, "Well, they're going to pick one or two," and boom, bam, all six girls were out and that certainly set the tone.

    Mr. Lythgoe: It did; it was murderous to watch. We sat there, and I was in truck directing, and I was just totally shocked because I thought there were at least two good ones there. But they knew that they had to get rid of a lot of girls that day, and they did.

    Mr. Ross: Just so sad. A couple of stories I just wanted to highlight, one that Simon himself thought would go all the way, which is Bailey Brown. She had forgotten her words and that seemed to be the end of it.

    Mr. Lythgoe: I know. I'm rather hoping that Bailey will come back next year and remember her words, a little bit like Nick Gonzalez did.

    Mr. Ross: Exactly; and I can't imagine her not trying to do this again. She's only 16 and clearly she's gorgeous, as Simon mentioned; she seems to have the whole package. She's got a beautiful voice…

    Mr. Lythgoe: It was interesting to note that one of the web polls said that she was number three to win the entire competition.

    Mr. Ross: And [she] never even got through. The other thing I thought was so moving from Hollywood is Matt's story. [He] had problems with his mom and a mom who was not supportive and had barely even said, "I love you" to him and all that and boy I was sure pulling for him.

    Mr. Lythgoe: That's one of those stories that just grabs you, isn't it? The producers always try and find the stories that are going to mean something to America and that was surely one of them.

    Mr. Ross: Let's jump over to the final 24 because that's what's on everybody's minds going into the subsequent weeks here. We had a number of people, I think there were six or seven, that we barely, if ever, had seen before, which I thought was pretty interesting.

    Mr. Lythgoe: Well I think that's the same every year, I think at least now you've seen all of them. I remember Kelly Clarkson saying to me, "They never really saw me," and it didn't stop her winning. But it is amazing how people do get lost and unless there's a major story there, it's very difficult to feature them. People like Matt and the story with his mom takes a lot of air time and unfortunately we lose them, and although we invest in them, they're gone.

    Mr. Ross: And you do that every year and I think we understand and it's a lot of fun. One of the stories this year was the gentleman who was out there, Sanjaya, without his sister this time, who was one of your early stories.

    Mr. Lythgoe: Well he's through.

    Mr. Ross: Exactly. I think it will be interesting and I'm sure his sister will be his number one fan. So we'll see where that goes. I loved the fact that we had two back-up singers, a man and a woman, and Melinda Doolittle, it's so interesting, because when we first saw her, she just seemed, if I can use the word, a little mousy and you thought, "Well, of course she's a back-up singer," but then you saw some of that footage from Hollywood and she can step up.

    Mr. Lythgoe: I remember when we first saw her, she wore that little cap and she looked like something out of a Dickens novel like Oliver Twist. She could hold a little bowl up and say, "Please, can I have some more?" But now she's really coming out of herself, I mean she really…hell of a voice, hell of a voice.

    Mr. Ross: And as you mentioned, [there were] some great stories we sort of started last season, which was Gina and Nick, and we're going to be interested to see where they go as well.

    Mr. Lythgoe: Indeed.

    Mr. Ross: It should be a lot of fun. One of my favorites, I have to say, already this year is Lakisha. [She has] a wonderful, wonderful story and if you remember from last year, I was a big fan of Madisa and this woman I think has got a tremendous voice, she's got an incredible delivery and right now she's one of my favorites.

    Mr. Lythgoe: And her little daughter. Well I think we've got some great characters again this year. I think Chris Sligh has got a lot of humor…I think our little beat boxer is very talented, not just in beat-boxing, but in singing as well. Sundance, I think, did not show his best in Hollywood and I think the judges forgave him a lot, in truth, and sort of remembered him from his first audition. It's a shame they didn't do that with Bailey.

    Mr. Ross: That brings up a question that some of the fans have asked me and wondered if I could ask you, which is…speaking of Sundance and some of the choices they made last night…are a little more personality driven? If they're going to give the edge to someone, maybe the personality's going to throw them over if the singing's not quite there one night.

    Mr. Lythgoe: That's absolutely a fact of life. You have to remember that this is a popularity competition just as much as it is a talent competition. An Idol has to have everything; an Idol has to have personality; an Idol has to be a star. I don't particularly think, although she's very good, Jennifer Lopez has the greatest voice of all time, but she's a star. She has star quality and that is why people adore her. And [she has] a really good voice, not a great voice. And it's the same with "American Idol." Not always our best voices win every year, it's up there with personality, and it's up there with magnetism. And I think when you're judging somebody, if they stand out in your head…you're looking at 174 people and [have] got to figure out who your 24 are. So there must be something you can latch onto, and America does that when they vote.

    Mr. Ross: One of the other things that the fans asked me to bring up, it's been mentioned in a couple of the sites, is a little excitement building that maybe we'll have an appearance with a man known for his glove, Mr. Michael Jackson. Anything you can tell us along those lines?

    Mr. Lythgoe: No. It's not true, is what I can say, just not true.

    Mr. Ross: So you're saying we just won't see him this year, or is that something that's just up in the air still?

    Mr. Lythgoe: No, we won't be seeing him.

    Mr. Ross: Well thank you for putting an end to that.

    Mr. Lythgoe: Yeah, I much prefer, rather than teasing anybody with it, that the fact is he will not be on "American Idol."

    Mr. Ross: Anything you can tell us about the contest we're doing and how that's going?

    Mr. Lythgoe: No, there's nothing else that I can sort of fill you in at the moment with, but please, please look towards a major news announcement in the next couple of weeks.

    Mr. Ross: Ah ha! Regarding "Idol" and…what would it be? Give us one little more tease.

    Mr. Lythgoe: It's the biggest thing that's happened to "Idol" in five years. But it does include "American Idol" and it does include America.

    Mr. Ross: Wow. Well, what a tease, Nigel. I don't know what to say. Maybe you'll give us a little more hint next week. I certainly appreciate it; we're going to be looking. Anything you want to tell us about the shows for next week? We got five hours, I think, next week?

    Mr. Lythgoe: Yes indeed; you've got Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday is going to be the 12 boys, Wednesday is going to be the 12 girls and then Thursday we're going to figure out which four are going to go home. Two boys and two girls will be cut. And we've got a great performance from a really good artist.

    Mr. Ross: Excellent. Well, we're so much looking forward to it. Thank you so much for doing these and we'll talk to you next week. Thank you so much.

    Mr. Lythgoe: Chuck, thank you very much.
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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Meet the Top 24

    The Hollywood rounds of "American Idol" wrapped on Wednesday night with the announcement of the Top 24 finalists -- 12 men and 12 women who will compete for the title, beginning Tuesday, Feb. 20.

    The Top 12 male singers go first; then on Wednesday, Feb. 21, the Top 12 female singers get their chance to impress judges PAULA ABDUL, RANDY JACKSON and SIMON COWELL with a song of his or her choice. The results will be announced on Thursday, Feb. 22.

    Immediately following the airing of the Tuesday and Wednesday night competitions, viewers will once again make the decision of who will stay and who will go by registering their preferences through phone calls or text messaging. The two men and two women with the lowest number of votes will be sent home.

    The 12 Semifinalist Guys:

    RUDY CARDENAS, 28 -- Currently lives in North Hollywood, CA, but grew up in Denver, CO. Cardenas was born in Venezuela and has a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Northern Colorado.

    JARED COTTER, 25 -- Grew up in Kew Gardens, NY, and currently lives in West Orange, NJ. He has a degree in business management from Five Towns College, Long Island.

    SUNDANCE HEAD, 28 -- Currently lives in Porter, TX, and is the son of Roy Head (who had a No. 1 song in 1965, "Treat Her Right"). His life has been centered on music, and he can play five instruments.

    PAUL KIM, 25 -- Currently lives in Saratoga, CA, and is working as a pool maintenance technician. He grew up with a love of soul music and enjoys gardening.

    BLAKE LEWIS, 25 -- Currently lives in Bothell, WA, and began "beat boxing" in his senior year of high school. Lewis was a member of a youth choir group that traveled to Europe.

    SANJAYA MALAKAR, 17 -- Currently lives in Federal Way, WA, and comes from a family of singers. He spent four years in Hawaii performing with the Hawaii Children's Theater.

    CHRIS RICHARDSON, 22 -- Currently lives in Chesapeake, VA, and is a supervisor at a restaurant. He was born in Belgium into a military family and performs at local clubs.

    NICK PEDRO, 25 -- Currently lives in Taunton, MA, and made it to Hollywood last season. Pedro has performed at talent shows and is an account executive.

    BRANDON ROGERS, 29 -- From North Hollywood, CA, but spent six years in Dallas. Rogers has been singing for as long as he can remember. He works as a voice coach, wedding singer and background singer. His mother is a published songwriter.

    PHIL STACEY, 29 -- Currently lives in Jacksonville, FL; however, he grew up in Cincinnati. Stacey has a degree in vocal performance and is a singer in the Navy. He is married with two children.

    CHRIS SLIGH, 28 -- Currently lives in Greenville, SC, and is the son of missionaries. Sligh spent 10 years with his family in Germany. Since attending Bob Jones University, he has traveled and performed with a band.

    AJ TABALDO, 22 -- Currently lives in Santa Maria, CA, and has been singing since the age of five. He is a supervisor for a shipping service.

    The 12 Semifinalist Gals:

    ALAINA ALEXANDER, 24 -- Currently lives in West Hollywood, CA, and has been singing all her life. Her favorite artist is Mariah Carey. She has been pursuing a career in music but almost gave up her dream until she made it to "American Idol."

    ANTONELLA BARBA, 20 -- From Point Pleasant, NJ, Barba attends Catholic University in Washington, DC, pursuing an architecture degree. She began singing in sixth grade and once toured with the Monmouth Conservatory of Music in England.

    MELINDA DOOLITTLE, 29 -- Currently lives in Brentwood, TN. Doolittle is a graduate of Belmont University in Nashville and has a bachelor's degree in Commercial Music. She is a backup singer on stage and in the studio.

    STEPHANIE EDWARDS, 19 -- Currently lives in Savannah, GA. Edwards sang at the famed Apollo Theater when she appeared on "It's Showtime at the Apollo." She has won every singing contest she has ever entered.

    GINA GLOCKSEN, 22 -- Currently lives in Naperville, IL, and works as a dental assistant. Glocksen also performs in a cover band. She tried out for "American Idol" last season and made it to the fourth day of the Hollywood round.

    LESLIE HUNT, 24 -- Currently lives in Chicago, IL. Hunt is a dog walker who is studying to become a dog trainer. She also plays the piano.

    LAKISHA JONES, 27 -- Grew up in Flint, MI, and began singing at age five. Gospel is her favorite type of music but she has trained formally in classical music.

    AMY KREBS, 22 -- Currently lives in Federal Way, WA. Krebs has been singing since she was a small child and attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. She is fluent in German and lived in Germany for three years.

    HALEY SCARNATO, 24 -- Currently lives in San Antonio, TX. Scarnato, who recently became engaged, has been performing as a freelance singer since she was 15 years old and considers Celine Dion her hero.

    JORDIN SPARKS, 17 -- Currently lives in Glendale, AZ. Sparks began singing when she was only 18 months old. She won the "Arizona Idol" contest. Her favorite band is Something Corporate.

    SABRINA SLOAN, 27 -- Currently lives in Studio City, CA. Sloan attended the Northwestern University music and theater program and has performed across the country with the touring production of Hairspray.

    NICOLE TRANQUILLO, 20 -- Currently lives in Philadelphia, PA, where she is a vocal major at the University of the Arts. Tranquillo began taking voice lessons when she was 12 years old.
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    Thanks for posting that, bb. I actually feel as though I know something about the contestants now. It's interesting the ones who have degrees in music.
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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Here's another one:

    Meet the Top 24

    · Auditioned in LA
    · From Redlands, CA
    · 24 years old
    · Lives in West Hollywood, CA
    · 2000 graduate of Redlands High school
    · Got a tattoo of a dove after she made it through to judges

    · Auditioned in LA
    · 22 years old
    · From Santa Maria, CA
    · He is a supervisor for a shipping service
    · Sang the national anthem for Showtime Boxing at Chumash Casino
    · He is of Pacific Island decent
    · Currently attends Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria
    · 2003 graduate of St Joseph High school in Santa Maria.
    · He has tried out for American Idol five times!

    · Auditioned in New York City
    · 20 Years Old
    · From Point Pleasant, NJ
    · Attends Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.
    · Pursuing a degree in architecture
    · Once toured with Monmouth Conservatory in England

    · Auditioned in Seattle, WA
    · 25 years old
    · From Bothell, WA
    · Lives in Seattle, WA
    · He owns a company called Bshorty productions
    · He is a beatbox champion
    · He was once part of a band called Kickshaw in Seattle
    · His mother and grandfather were professional singers at one point
    · He toured with the Columbia Boys Choir in 8th grade
    · 1999 Graduate of Inglemoor High school

    · Auditioned in LA
    · 28 years old
    · From Pasadena, CA
    · Was a backup singer for Anastasia
    · Toured as backup singer for Christina Aguilera for two years
    · Has shared the stage with artists like Patti LaBelle, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Earth Wind and Fire, Johnny Mathis, Black Eyed Peas, Anastacia, Angie Stone, and Usher
    · Was a jazz vocal studies major at the world-renowned University of North Texas jazz program, where he performed alongside fellow UNT jazzer, a pre-fame Norah Jones
    · Released a debut album entitled “Automatic”
    · Also works as a voice coach and wedding singer.
    · His mother is a published songwriter

    · Auditioned in NYC
    · 22 years old
    · From Chesapeake, Virginia
    · Attended Great Bridge High School
    · He was # 42 on his HS football team
    · He studied music composition at Christopher Newport University
    · He attended Tidewater Community College
    · His mother, Marilyn, was crowned Miss Great Bridge High school in 1975
    · While working on his music, Richardson also has worked at the Hooters in Chesapeake, where in 4 1/2 years he advanced to kitchen supervisor.
    · He was born in Belgium into a military family

    · Auditioned in Birmingham & Memphis
    · 28 years old
    · From Greenville, South Carolina
    · He was married in 2003 to wife Sara
    · Has two dogs LG, a miniature dachsund and Tucker, a Jack Russell Terrier
    · He is part of a band called Half Past Forever. The band has an album that drops February 20 called "Take a Chance on Something Beautiful".
    · Attended North Greenville College in Tigerland, South Carolina
    · Attends Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. Was Phi Beta Kappa
    · Attended Pensacola Christian College. Was Sigma Nu
    · He is the son of missionaries
    · Trained in classical music
    · Lived in Germany with his family for ten years

    · Auditioned in LA and Memphis. Shown during Best of the Rest show
    · 22 years old
    · From Naperville, IL
    · She is part of a band called Catfight
    · She was born and raised in Tinsley Park, IL
    · She attended Andrew High school
    · She made it to the Hollywood round in 2005
    · She is a dental assistant

    · Auditioned in Seattle, WA
    · 17 years old
    · From Glendale, AZ
    · She was named Arizona Idol in 2006
    · Sparks is the daughter of former NFL football player, Phillippi Sparks She has a younger brother named PJ (Phillippi Sparks, Jr.).
    · The daughter of an African American father and a white mother, she is multiracial. Manager: Pam
    · Sparks acted in several plays, including recently starring in a dual role as characters Deborah and Bea in Magdalene at the Plumbline Theater in Franklin, Tennessee.
    · Sparks auditioned for both American Juniors and Star Search in 2003 before appearing in America's Most Talented Kids twice in 2004 and winning in her first appearance. She was one of seven to appear in a special championship edition of the show.
    · Sparks is a national anthem soloist, performing for various sporting events such as the Phoenix Suns, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Arizona Diamondbacks. She also sung in such events as Country Thunder, a famous country music venue.
    · She has sung among such celebrities as Alice Cooper in his Christmas show in 2004 and has twice toured with singer Michael W. Smith.
    · Sparks recorded an album titled For Now in 2003, a five-song album at the age of thirteen with Matthew Ward, a legendary Christian music artist and Gary Leach, an engineer who has worked on several of LeAnn Rimes' albums. She appeared in a compilation album titled Live at Mr. Lucky's in 2004. Sparks is in the process of writing and performing new material.
    · Sparks is currently homeschooled.
    · She was a plus-size model search winner for Torrid , a chain store owned Hot Topic

    · Auditioned in NYC
    · 25 years old
    · from Kew Gardens, NY
    · Lives in West Orange, NJ
    · His great grandfather, James Reese Europe, was the first African American Jazz artist to play at Carnegie Hall.
    · He has performed on BET's "106 & Park"
    · Has a degree in business management from Five Towns College

    · Auditioned in Birmingham, AL. Show on the Best of the Rest Show
    · 27 years old
    · Grew up in Flint, MI
    · She has a three-year-old daughter named Brion.
    · She lives in Fort Mead, Maryland
    · Has been trained formally in classical music

    · 24 years old
    · From Chicago, IL
    · Lead singer in a band called Mark Twang based out of Chicago
    · She is a dog walker
    · Studying to become a dog trainer
    · She plays the piano

    · Auditioned in Memphis, TN
    · 29 years old
    · From Brentwood, TN
    · She is a backup singer
    · Graduate of Belmont University in Nashville
    · Has a bachelor’s degree in Commercial Music

    · Auditioned in NYC
    · 25 years old
    · From Taunton, MA
    · He is an Account Executive for a finance company
    · He auditioned last year and made it to Hollywood round but quit because he forgot his words
    · He has no formal vocal training

    · Auditioned in Memphis, TN
    · 28 years old
    · From Porter, Texas
    · Dad was a singer named Roy Head who had a number one song in 1965 with “Treat her Right”. The song got knocked off the charts by “Yesterday” by the Beatles.
    · Is part of a band called Headband
    · He recently married his girlfriend of seven years
    · He and wife recently had a baby boy over the holidays
    · He can play five instruments

    · Auditioned in Minneapolis
    · 27 years old
    · Lives in North Hollywood, CA
    · Raised in Orange County, CA.
    · Has a dog named Teddy
    · She is married
    · Attended Northwestern University
    · Bachelors Degrees in Musical Theater and Communication Studies
    · 1997 graduate of Mission Viejo High school.
    · Toured with “Hairspray” under her maiden name, Sabrina Scherff.

    · 19 years old
    · Lives in Savannah, GA
    · Has appeared on “It’s Showtime at the Apollo”
    · Claims to have won every singing contest she has ever entered

    PAUL KIM –
    · Auditioned in LA. Shown on the “Best of The Rest Show”
    · 25 years old
    · From Saratoga, CA.
    · He is a Pool maintenance technician in LA
    · He was signed to EMI Korea back in 2003, but unfortunately it didn't work out
    · He likes to garden
    · Was roommates with Jared Cotter during Hollywood week. Considers him his good luck charm and is asking to room with him during rest of competition.

    · Auditioned in Memphis and Seattle
    · 28 years old
    · Grew up in Denver, CO
    · Part of a band call Mpact based in LA
    · He is originally from Venezuela, South America
    · Lives in North Hollywood, CA
    · Has a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the Univ. of Northern Colorado.

    · Auditioned In Memphis, TN
    · 29 years old
    · Lives in Jacksonville, FL
    · Grew up on Cincinnati, OH
    · He is married to wife, Kendra
    · He has two daughters. Chloe and Mikalah
    · Attends Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Pursuing his Masters Degree
    · Attended Northwest High school in Wichita, Kansas
    · Attended Lee University in Cleveland, TN . Sigma nu sigma fraternity
    · He is a vocalist for the Navy

    · auditioned in San Antonio, TX
    · 24 years old
    · She has been singing with a wedding band since the age of 15
    · She recently got engaged

    · Auditioned in Seattle, WA
    · 17 years old
    · He is a student
    · From Federal Way, Wa
    · Performed with the Hawaii Children’s Theater

    · 22 years old
    · Lives in Federal Way, WA
    · Attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City
    · She is fluent in German

    · 20 Years old
    · Lives in Philadelphia, PA
    · Attends the University of the Arts
    · Is a vocal major
    · From Warnersville, PA
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    Jordin Sparks has more experience than all the other contestants combined - at least it seems that way.

    I'm not sure why her parents' ethnicity is important.

    She will go far in the competition, but won't win. I'm sure she's got a record deal in the offing.

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    Take That Simon

    All right, Seattle: Are we feeling smug now that three locals have made it into next week's semifinal round on "American Idol"?

    Judge Simon Cowell dogged us during the auditions last fall. But no one proves him wrong better than Blake Lewis of Bothell, 25, a full-time musician who goes by the name "Bshorty."

    "There's so much good music, so many good vocalists here," Lewis said in a telephone interview Friday from Los Angeles, where "Idol" films. He said people probably know of Seattle's Sub Pop Records and emo music, but that there is also hip-hop and electronic music here, and a great rock scene.

    Lewis has been a part of the local hip-hop scene, working with Common Market and Sabzi of the Blue Scholars. He performed beat box, using his voice like a percussion instrument, as an opening act for Spearhead when the band toured here. He's played at area venues like the Nectar Lounge, Chop Suey and Lo Fi and makes a point to take in two local bands each week.

    Sanjaya Malakar, 17, is a member of Seattle's Total Experience Gospel Choir, which he credits for helping hone his once-shy voice. "It's helped me to come out, to just be myself and to let it all out," said the Federal Way resident. His family is very musical, he said. Their influence, as well as the indie Seattle music scene, have had their effect on him.

    The third local semifinalist, Amy Krebs, 22, grew up in Des Moines, attended a musical-theater college in New York and recently returned to the Puget Sound area.

    "I love the fact that Seattle is a little more grunge, a little more mellow," she said. "I love how it's all about singer-songwriters, and that, I think, is something unique to Seattle."

    Krebs said the fact that three locals have advanced to the round of 24 semifinalists obviously "proves it" for Seattle, no matter what Cowell said.

    She spent part of Friday rehearsing with the "Idol" band for next week's live performances. (The men's round airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on KCPQ, the women's round on Wednesday at the same time.)

    "It's a good girls round," she said. "Every single girl is fierce. Stiff competition."

    All three competitors agreed that what viewers see on TV truly portrays their real-life selves. The only thing that's been edited out, Lewis noted, has been him singing; so far, "Idol" has only shown him beat boxing. That'll change when he performs Tuesday, he said.

    "American Idol" remains wildly popular in the eyes of millions. There is no better proof of how it can transform lives than the success of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks and Jennifer Hudson.

    The public will cast its votes in next week's live "Idol" shows by calling in. The two lowest vote-getters of each gender will be eliminated, announced in a live results show that airs Thursday.
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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Entertainment Weekly has a Top 20 power poll on where the contestants rank.....interesting......you can vote too....

    (Alaina, Hayley, Amy and AJ were the 4 that didn't even rank)....

    Link Here
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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Link Here

    Ottawa gal disillusioned with Idol

    Watching herself get kicked off American Idol in the opening moments of Tuesday night's show confirmed Jory Steinberg's suspicion there was something "sketchy" about how it all went down.

    The 25-year-old Ottawa native was the fifth singer to audition in front of the show's celebrity judges, only to be "shocked" as her flight of six was abruptly dismissed with harsh words from notoriously caustic panel member Simon Cowell.

    "None of you are any good," he admonished. "It was an absolutely terrible start to the day."

    Cowell proceeded to tell the other hopefuls waiting to audition his words should serve as a warning to step up.

    "I don't think it was about me specifically," Steinberg told Sun Media yesterday from her home in Santa Monica, Calif. "I think we were sort of sacrificial lambs for that group and we were chosen to be sacrificial lambs to show people 'this is how high the bar is going to be for Season 6, so if you don't do this and this and this, you're are going to be just like these people.' "

    Though it's been months since the November audition, Steinberg relived it uncomfortably this week. She's now certain Idol is a show that's less about talent and more about politics and ratings.

    She's also got posted on her myspace the following:

    Guys. What can I say? I am totally outraged too. All I can say is it's politics. There is sooooo much stuff that went down that they didn't show. I wish they had aired the full story. I would love to tell you all about it but American Idol made me sign away my life and I'm afraid of what they would do to me if I talk. Stay in touch. Your support is helping me through this craziness. I will post as often as possible... Jory.
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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Link Here

    Dim the spotlight, weary Denise says

    February 15, 2007
    As millions of TV fans watched "American Idol" earlier this week, many viewers - especially in Madison - were asking, "Where's Denise?"

    Former "American Idol" contestant Denise Jackson did make it to Hollywood but did not appear on the Tuesday and Wednesday night "Hollywood Week" broadcasts. It became apparent only from her absence that she did not win a spot among the 24 finalists for the hit TV series, whose sixth season is in full swing and will run through May.

    Still, getting cut from the field of "American Idol" contenders didn't match the level of drama that's dogged the Madison teen over the last three days in her own hometown.

    Jackson,16, and her manager, Rafael Ragland, 28, were featured in several local TV, newspaper and radio reports on Thursday, rebutting a television news segment on Fox47 that aired an hour after Tuesday's installment of "Idol." The report focused on a brief concert Jackson gave on Jan. 30 at Cafe Montmartre, which was billed in a press release sent to several media outlets as a $5-a-head "fundraiser" for a trip Jackson would make to Hollywood for her second round of "American Idol" auditions on Feb. 4.

    "Idol" contestants are forbidden under contract to participate in fundraisers in connection with the show, Jackson's manager said. But Jackson's contract did not forbid her from singing for pay as a private individual, he said.

    Fox 47 notified "American Idol" about the press release and used it as the basis of its Tuesday evening report, which also revealed the "Hollywood Week" taping took place more than two months before the Cafe Montmartre show.

    The report resulted in a flurry of controversy for Jackson.

    "We simply reported the facts," said Fox47 news director Al Zobel. "Now we're being vilified for reporting fact." Zobel said the station "absolutely" stands by its report.

    After paying $30 to her manager and two security guards, the teen singer took home $30 from the Cafe Montmartre show, she said.

    Based on the restaurant's press release, a story and caption under a photo of Jackson published in Sunday's Wisconsin State Journal stated incorrectly that the singer was in California for the "Hollywood Week" taping earlier this month.

    But the "Hollywood Week" taping took place in November 2006, said Fox Broadcasting publicist Alex Gillespie. "American Idol" contestants are not supposed to reveal any taping dates and must keep audition results a secret until the shows are nationally broadcast, leading to the error in the State Journal story.

    Jackson was one of more than a dozen semi-finalists selected from 10,000 singers trying out for "American Idol" in Minneapolis in September. Unlike many other contestants who made it as far as "Hollywood Week," she was not seen on this week's broadcasts except for a quick glance of the camera when she was rehearsing in a group of singers.

    Ragland said he was disappointed Jackson did not appear on this week's "Idol." "We wanted Madison to see what happened in Hollywood," he said. "We wanted the people to see how Denise Jackson was cut."

    Jackson won a great deal of "Idol" buzz in January, when she told her personal tale of an impoverished childhood in a Chicago ghetto and her beginnings as a self-described "crack baby." The La Follette High School junior performed a free show at the UW-Madison's Memorial Union in late January following her "Idol" appearance.

    The Cafe Montmartre show was put together hastily by an outside promoter, Gary Davis, and the press release was sent out by Cafe Montmartre's Bessie Cherry, who does booking for the club. Jackson and Ragland weren't aware of the show until the day it occurred and hadn't seen the press release, mention of Jackson's incorrect Hollywood departure date of Feb. 4, or any mention of the concert being a "fundraiser," Davis said.

    "Denise was not involved in the planning of this show," said Davis. "I feel bad that this whole thing took place."

    Cherry said she is uncertain who came up with the "fundraiser" term in the release. Cafe Montmartre frequently hosts fundraisers as well as many other types of events, she said.

    "I'm having a hard time understanding where the miscommunication occurred," she said. "The bottom line is that we try to support local musicians. We don't discriminate against causes. I feel horrible for Denise personally because she is a young girl and all this talk of breach of contract is really unfair."

    Ragland said he first saw the press release on the Internet following the event, and would not have let Jackson attend anything labeled a fundraiser because of Jackson's contract with "Idol."

    Jackson said Thursday that she is tired of all the publicity.

    "If there's any misunderstanding, I apologize," she said. "I had nothing to do with any fundraiser. I haven't received anything from anybody. I was called to do a show."
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Randy, Simon and Ryan are going to be on Jay Leno the 19th.......that should be an interesting show!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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