i'd have to say i only saw about 1/5 of the finalists as being 'American Idols'. Everyone else had either a bad attitude, cruel fashion sense, or just plain could not hit a note right. Juanita pretty much summed everything up last night, when she insulted the judges, which only made her look like more of an idiot. And considering her lip-liner was not accompanied by some lipstick, she's done in my mind. So far i'd say the best ones have been Ruben Stubbard, Kimberly Caldwell (even though she got beat by Julia DeMato : ), and Kimberly Locke. Charlie Grigsby was O.K., and Joshua Gracin (the marine) was awesome, excet for those long notes. What the heck is goin on with Corey Clark?? He SUCKED last night, but Paula was bowing down. Might i say, i suspect an affair..Vanessa Olivarez (pink hair) was O.K., but her personality is what got her in the top 10. She's very positive and i think that's a good quality. Oh, and the 'rock star', i have no comments on that one