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Thread: Song Choice

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    I did too, although I don't particularly like that song.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I think the contestants are picking songs that THEY like and not the songs they think America would like. I remember Ryan Star mentioning something about that being her weakness. If you read their bios, most of them prefer the older songs or the classics. Actually, I've met many singers and most seem to fall back on the old. This would be okay if they spiced things up a bit. It's like that girl who Simon said authentically sounded like Doris Day. (who I adored, by the way) She made it to Hollywood, but for some un known reason didn't make it to the top 32 or even the top 48. Maybe her style wasn't PopStar enough for AI. One reason Candice Coleman made it thus far is because she took a classic, "At Last," and gave it her own flavor. I think the judges give them the old songs to see what creativity they can come up with.

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