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Thread: Group 3 Show Discussion

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    I was wondering the same thing, though Rickey was pretty good. Sometimes I wonder why I even vote when there are people out there who spend the entire two hours dialing their favorite contestant over and over and over again. I read in someone's post that Ricky must have some telephone service on his side. I wonder if this is true.

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    Originally posted by Gizmo82
    Just out of curiousity.... how do you all know that rickey bagged most of the votes? Is there a site somewhere that gives the numbers? I don't remember them saying who actually got the most votes, and who got second on the show.... ? Does someone have a friend of a friend or something? lol
    Gizmo, I think Ryan made mention of it when announcing that Rickey would be moving on to the finals. I'm not sure, though.

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