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Thread: American Idol 3/10/06: Interview with Gedeon McKinney

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    American Idol 3/10/06: Interview with Gedeon McKinney

    Simon compared him to the greats of the 50's and 60's, and audiences seemed to thrill at his all-or-nothing, high energy performances. Randy loved him, Paula loved him, and Simon loved him, but sadly their feedback wasn't enough to keep this old school performer in the contest. The FORT recently attended a media interview with Gedeon, where he shared his future plans, his unique way of getting into the contest, and his potential ability to transform his stage skills into acting skills.

    Q. Even though you didnít necessarily go as far as you might have liked, do you think you might, since you had a very unique way of actually raising money in order to get to the American Idol thing, do you think you might offer your services to future Idol candidates on how to do a campaign to get you as far as this is? Going to do a sideline career? Do you think that you might be able to take those talents, as well as your singing, and offer future Idol candidates a chance to follow your lead in order to get, at least to where you are now, if not beyond?

    A. Yes. Thatís one of my main things. I like to help people, and I like to help people with decisions that Iím making. I would like to help make decisions for people. So, yes, I would like to do that. And as long as, not as long as, but as well as helping other people that is not in the competition. I would like to help other people to do things on their own in their local communities, and whatever, like that.

    Q. What were some of the things that you did in order to get to the Idol competitions?

    A. Well, my school put on a concert. They let me put on a concert, and the students paid $2.00 to get in. Just people just gave me donations and everything because I sang on the stage. They would bring money, like tips, or something like that. So that was pretty much it.

    Q. Do you have any theories onto maybe why you were voted out?

    A. McKinney I donít know why I was, but you know, all I can say is it was Godís will. I have to move on, by faith, and I have to keep going. I just have to keep going. I have to have the same amount of integrity. I have to stay focused, determined and disciplined and just move on.

    Q. When you were let go, you were very surprised. What made you think that you were going to still be through?

    A. Well, my song choice and the way I sang my song was the way that I thought I was going to still go through to the next round. But, yes, you think about people who they may send home, but you never think about yourself. I canít say who I thought about was going, but you never think about yourself. And itís a thing called, when you expect the unexpected, and I didnít expect the unexpected yesterday night.

    Q. Whatís the secret behind that glowing white smile of yours?

    A. Thatís my trademark. Itís been with me since I come out of my motherís womb. Thatís been my trademark. Thatís the thing that attracts people from miles away, from Memphis to New York City, from Memphis to Los Angeles, California, they know Gedeon by his smile.

    Q. How much power over the voters do you think the judges have, especially in your case?

    A. Well, in my case, it showed that the judgesí vote didnít really have any. They probably had 30%. The judges had 30% power over the American vote because, as you realized, Wednesday night, I got all good comments, but I guess I went home. It really didnít matter. Like they say it all the time, before the show comes on and after the show goes off, America, itís up to you.

    Q. Do you have any hopes of acting of primetime TV shows?

    A. I would love to. I would love to. I love to act. When I go back to school, Iím going to be in some school plays to get my grade. But after that, man, I would love to act. I would love to act right now. Thatís one of my biggest things. I love to act. You can look at TV and tell I love to act. I love to act; I love to sing. Anything dealing with entertaining people, making people happy, having people to go home and think about what they saw on TV, what I did on TV that amused them today. I love to do stuff like that because you never know what somebodyís feeling on about in the inside. You never know. Somebody can have a smile on their face. They may be feeling something deep within. You know what I mean? When you encourage them or say something to them, it may brighten up their day, and they may feel better. So, in that case, man, I would love to act. I would love to do anything pertaining to entertaining someone.

    Q. When you were eliminated, you still kept a big smile on your face. Were you actually covering up for how you felt inside? You didnít look upset at all.

    A. I was blessed last night. Last night, I was very blessed, and I was overwhelmed with joy. See, itís the thing. Weíve been, itís over 100,000 people auditioned for the show, and I was one of the top 16. I have nothing to worry about. You see what Iím saying? I was thankful. I was so, so, thankful, so thankfulÖ.

    Q. Even when Ryan said that you were going to be out, you didnít feel upset or hurt at all?

    A. No, I wasnít upset. See, they were expecting me to drop that smile and bring some tears, but I couldnít do it. What cry for? You should be happy. You know what I mean? Youíre being watched on television, what, three times a week? Iíve been watched on television three times a week by forty million people a night. So somebody had to see me. Thatís why, at the end of my song, I held out my hand, and that was just signifying, saying, someone, Iím here. Come and get me. Iím ready for the world. Iím ready for this.

    Q. Have you gotten any contacts at all, Gedeon, from anyoneÖinterest?

    A. Iíve been, my line has been real busy today. And so I just havenít been answering calls, so I can just check messages because, at a time like this in your life, and at a point, you know, itís like, they will want to talk to you for hours and hours and say, okay, Gedeon, everything is going to be all right. You know what I mean?

    Q. But you donít know yet whether there are any concrete offers, for instance.

    A. I donít know if there were any offers. That God willing, I hope there were some offers. I hope there are many offers coming my way. I really do hope because, like I said, the stage, entertaining, anything having to do with entertaining, making someone happy, with a camera in my face, on aÖtelevision, that is my second home. Iím here on earth to do that. Iím here on earth to help people out and make them feel better, when they feel that their jobs are getting on their nerves, or their kids, or school. Iím here, so for them to turn on the television and watch for that smile to come up on my face and to encourage people to keep going because you can do it. You know what I mean?

    Q. Is there anything you think you could have done differently, Gedeon, that might have made a difference?

    A. I have no regrets. From the time I got on that, my first impression on American Idol was a great impression. And my last impression, last night, was tremendous. I left American Idol with something to remember, an act to follow. It was something to remember. I left American Idol as if I was the winner of the show last night.

    Q. Back to your smile. Did you get self-conscious about it when Simon pointed it out from the beginning?

    A. No. It was like my face dropped because Iíve never heard anything like that. Thatís my trademark. Iíve never heard anybody just critique my smile like that. And the reason why, he was the first one, heís actually the first one ever in life to critique my smile. And I love Simon. You know why? Because he really likes my smile. Thatís why he critiqued it because he wanted to test me to see, was I was going to argue back with him, see was I going to lose my exposure, see if I was going to get out of place, get out of character. No, no, no. I mean, thereís millions of people watching me. I canít get out of character. I may lose a job now. You know what I mean? I had to be on my Pís and Qís.

    Q. Do you think that youíre one of the quirkiest contestants in American Idol history?

    A. Iím definitely original. Iím a person that America will always remember, my smile, the way I move, the way I talk, the way I walk, the way I do everything. America will remember that. The security will remember, the staff will remember. Every person will remember me.

    Q. Are you upset at all that you werenít given enough screen time in the beginning of the show? Does that actually count in how people vote for you?

    A. You know what, the way I look at it? I look at as if God gave me enough time to do whatever I did on TV for enough people in America to see, and Iím thankful for it.

    Thanks To FOX for the opportunity to speak with Gedeon.
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    Even his interview...is kinda creepy.

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Oh, I don't think its creepy at all...I think he's a good Christian kid who just wants to do good in this world. I hope something good does come out of his appearance on AI....I'd love to hear him sing again....
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    Quote Originally Posted by bbnbama View Post
    Oh, I don't think its creepy at all...I think he's a good Christian kid who just wants to do good in this world. I hope something good does come out of his appearance on AI....I'd love to hear him sing again....

    I agree with you.
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    Good for Gedeon!! I love his attitude about leaving the show and not feeling bitter. I wish him the best in his future endeavors 'cause he's a very talented young man.

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    I find it creepy, too. He didn't leave because of his voice... so that says something right there.

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    its sad he left . i think he was the best male this year and should have outlasted several others who made the top 12.

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    He is preaching again.

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    I'm not sure, but I think he loves to act.
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    Quote Originally Posted by octobergirl View Post
    I'm not sure, but I think he loves to act.
    You think so?

    From Gideon's interview:

    "I would love to. I would love to. I love to act. When I go back to school, Iím going to be in some school plays to get my grade. But after that, man, I would love to act. I would love to act right now. Thatís one of my biggest things. I love to act. You can look at TV and tell I love to act. I love to act;"

    LMAO. Couldn't resist

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