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Thread: American Idol 3/10/06: Interview with Gedeon McKinney

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    Quote Originally Posted by crateriko View Post
    I find it creepy, too. He didn't leave because of his voice... so that says something right there.
    My sentiments exactly! All his little video clips before the performances just creeped me out. Especially his last one when TA-DA, he pulls out a painting of the world! LOL

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    Thanks for that interview, Shazzer.

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    I like this kid ... he's gone through hell in the last few months and still finds the silver lining.

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    I like this kid. Some says he seems creepy but I don't get that. I get a well rounded kid with strong Christian values. Which is rare in this society. I wish him well because he is such a strong singer. I am going to miss not only the singing but that beautiful smile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbnbama View Post
    Oh, I don't think its creepy at all...I think he's a good Christian kid who just wants to do good in this world. I hope something good does come out of his appearance on AI....I'd love to hear him sing again....
    I totally agree with you, and I was very disappointed to see him go.

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    I liked his singing. I hate that he did not get to sing Stevie Wonder. He would have definitely done better than half of the remaining contestants did.

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    A very nice interview from Gedeon. Wish he were still in the competition.
    Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will. - Mahatma Ghandi

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    Me too (wish he was still in it). His voice was so smooth, and he had performance skills that most of the others don't.

    I feel that he didn't get the votes because people sensed his religious faith. On average, strong Christians aren't perceived as "cool" and if somebody isn't "cool" (i.e. sexy, rebellious, ridiculous), people will overlook them in favor of someone sexier, more mouthy, or more funny.

    Gedeon was unfortunately an outstanding singer packaged w/ a perhaps dull and perhaps preachy personality. I happened to love him and don't really understand why other people weren't astounded with his skills. I guess it falls under the umbrella of "Life isn't fair". I know of no other reason.

    I hope against hope that he gets some kind of recording offer out of this. Because his voice and performance ability merits it. I hope he's able to make a living out of this thing that he loves. I feel bad that his Dad just died. I hope things will pick up for him. He wasn't given any favors by the editors, the way some of the other contestants are.

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    Thanks for the interview, Shazzy! I really like Gedeon, but this interview may be what turns people off. His strength is in singing, rather than speaking.

    Fireflyer, I agree with everything you said.

    I wish nothing but success to him and hope life is much kinder to him in the future.

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    This kid is a natural talent (lot's of creative types are 'unique'). I wish him all the best and I hope it's not the last we get to see of him and his beautiful smile.

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