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Thread: Paris Bennett - Season 5

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    Paris Bennett - Season 5

    Age: 17

    Hometown: Fayettesville, GA

    Audition City: Greensboro

    Favorite Female Artist:

    Favorite Male Artist:

    When did you first start to sing?

    4 years old.

    Do you have any formal singing training?

    Trained by my mother Jamecice Bennett and Grandmother Ann Nesby

    What other talents do you have?

    Dancing, Acting

    If you don't make it on AMERICAN IDOL, what will you do?

    Continue to work on my career.

    What are your personal goals in life?

    To be the best role model for my baby brothers, never stop at being good but strive for greatness, be prosperous.

    What album would your friends be surprised you own?

    Maroon 5, Dixie Chicks, Coldplay, Billie Holiday.

    Who is your AMERICAN IDOL?

    Fantasia - because she is a survivor!

    Do you have any rituals or things you do each time you perform?

    Pray and ask God to be my words and to let Him use me!

    Most embarassing moments?

    When I was younger in Minnesota and I slipped and fell on the ice outside.

    What has been your proudest moment in life so far?

    Becoming one of the 24 in this competition.

    If you couldn't sing, which talent would you most like to have?

    Ballet, I can do modern and Hip Hop and African.

    What is your definition of an AMERICAN IDOL?

    A person who not only sings but shares the meaning of life thruogh the songs.

    Who is your favorite judge and why?

    Randy - because he knows music and he's honest.

    What would people be surprised to learn about you?

    That I'm bilingual and I love Sponge Bob.

    How has this changed your life?

    It's made me more independent and more of a leader to my peers.

    Do you have any lucky charms?

    My princess crown and my Spong Bob.

    Who are your heroes in life?

    My brothers Shakur and James and Dustin.

    What's been your toughest obstacle in life?

    Getting to know myself for who I am.

    Do you think the audition process was fair?


    If you win, who will you thank first?


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    At the risk of irritating the Paris fans I have to say that they showed two of her performances in Hollywood & they were both brutal. She is going to have to step it up or she won't be around long.

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    I think her famous mother and grandmother are going to hurt her. I already have a predjudice against her because of this. I can't even articulate quite why other than thinking she has a chance to get a break elsewhere. She is adorable and skilled but not one I am rooting for at this stage of the game, anyway.

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    Yeah, the famous background doesn't sit well with me. And for some reason, maybe the squeaky speaking voice or quietness, she does not see confident. Probably because she is so young. She is talented, but I am not sold.
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    She has a lot of talent, and I think she's almost a shoo-in to make the final 12, but I'm not sure whether she can take full advantage of her talent. When she's on, she's terrific. When she's not on, well... she can be bad. (Group performance, anyone?)

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    Ms JCM


    I think Paris has a lot of talent and I hope she does well. I believe she was THAT bad during the group audition. Was she as good as she was in the first audition? Not by far, but she was still one of the better singers. I also don't think its fair that she's not given a fair shake because of her family having a music background. She couldn't help that. Nonetheless, I hope she does well.

    *sidenote--I'm not feeling the new "look".

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    She'll make it into the Top 12 without any problem. But, once she gets to that stage, I think she could be a surprisingly early boot.

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    Lock for the Top 12. Has incredible talent. Like Taylor Hicks, I don't know if she is going to be able to handle the genre changes.

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    Adorable. Not the best voice I've ever heard, but she should still go pretty far. I personally have a problem with people named Paris, though.

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    her voice is really squeaky and irritating...almost like she's whinning...get it together sweetie..and her look is too young..the pig tails and ponytails gotta go..she needs a more modern or contemporary look for a young ladynot a little girl....

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