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Thread: Kevin Covais - Season 5

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    Re: Kevin Covais - Season 5

    I was surprised to see the following story on People's website this afternoon. Maybe I wouldn't have been if I had already seen the post before this one.

    After unsuccessfully flirting with thrillers (I Know Who Killed Me) and dramas (Georgia Rule), Lindsay Lohan is going for giggles in her new film Labor Pains.

    Check out the trailer for the upcoming comedy, which stars Lohan as a publishing house employee who escapes getting fired by pretending to be pregnant.

    While shooting, costar Cheryl Hines told PEOPLE she was "very proud"" of Lohan and "had a great time" working with her, while producer Lati Grobman added, "The difference between her and the other girls that are naughty in the business is that she's actually talented."

    An added bonus: Kevin "Chicken Little" Covais from the fifth season of American Idol costars as one of Lohan's coworkers.

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    Re: Kevin Covais - Season 5

    I wonder how Kevin feels about being remembered as "Chicken Little" so long after his time on Idol.

    Anyway, good for him on the role.

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