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Thread: Bucky Covington - Season 5

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    I did like his hair the other night. I liked the way they smoothed it over in the front. He has what I call "thumbsucker" teeth. His voice is just alright ("It was just aiight, dog"). He reminds me of the guy sitting in the back of the bar near the pool tables drinking Coors Lite and always smiling. The one with the Metallica t-shirt on.

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......

    Bucky and his twin bro, Rocky...Bucky is on the right.......
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    I really liked Bucky, but a part of me feels he is too raw for this kind of competition. I think he has a great vibe like Bo did and alot of times last season I cringed imagining what stupide theme Bo would have to sing. A part of me feels like Bucky would stick out even more like a sore thumb. A part of me is rooting for him, but I think he would be extremely overwhelmed by the AI machine. If there were more than 6 guys allowed in the top 12, I would definitely want to see him there.

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    Bucky is a male version of Kellie Pickler. This would be a match made in heaven. He, like her, also did a good job this week for what they are capable of doing and they are both so likeable. Last week I thought for certain he would be gone this week, but I no longer think so. His face photographs very well on the stage and I hope he stays in the competition.

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    Save Bucky!

    I want to see Bucky make the top 6 men. He's just interesting! Most of the guys are just predictible, which is okay but a little boring. He will have to show a lot more though if he's going to get any further.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbnbama View Post

    Bucky and his twin bro, Rocky...Bucky is on the right.......
    Holy cannoli! They are CRAZY identical!! Awesome!
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    Rock on Bucky! I love you!!!! GitRDone!!!

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    I was glad to see someone did a Garth Brooks song other than Ain't Going Down Until the Sun Comes UP. Bucky did a great job last night & I also hope he is around for a while yet. Oh, & someone give him a biscuit & some sweet tea.

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    Yep, I like Bucky. And grits. And sweet tea and biscuits. I thought he did a fine job last night. A genuine Southern Boy makes good!!
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    I actually enjoyed Bucky this week. He's not horrible and he is personable and genuine. I hope he makes it to the top 12.

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