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Thread: Ayla Brown - Season 5

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    She could model, play ball, sing.....she is beautiful, athletic and a refreshing change from the likes of the Pickler. I was sad to see her go.
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    Ms JCM
    This was the shocker of the night for me. I really thought she would have beat out Melissa. I wish her well.

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    What's a sitcom? Toxic's Avatar
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    I don't think I have been this bummed out by an elimination since Latoya London.

    You could just see how bad Ayla wanted this in every song she did. Her tears of frustration at the end of the night were pretty telling. Too bad America couldn't see that.

    I like to watch AI for those one or two performers that get better and better each week. They may not win it all, but you become amazed at how far they come over the weeks. It's strange that Gedeon and Ayla ... two who exemplify this trait are the ones who get the boot.

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    I so agree with you Toxic, but I am not 100% sold on America not seeing it... I think it had to do more with voting against Simon than anything. If he had not made the remark about Melissa booking her flight home.. I am sure that the masses would not have stood behind her like they did, and Ayla might have made it in. Who knows really though? It's just what I think.

    I am also sure that this is probably one of the first times Ayla didn't have things go her way, and to have it done on tv is a horrible experience, but truth is perhaps this is just what she needed in life. Nothing goes right or as expected all of the time, and that is a lesson that we all must and will learn one way or another. I wish her the best with her basketball scholarship.

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    I can't believe what people are saying on the internet about Alya deserving to be voted off since she is "privileged," "rich," "spoiled," "used to getting what she wants," "stuck up," etc. While I could be viewed as biased since I'm from Boston and I've been pretty vocal (no pun intended) about how much I enjoyed hearing Ayla, I never saw anything that would lead me to believe she was any of those things (correct me if I'm wrong). She is very well spoken, mature and gracious for a 17-year old. She seemed to improve every week and was respectful to the judges.

    Yes, she has two well-known parents who probably provide everything she needs, and then some. Does this mean she's any less entitled to pursue her dream?

    Why are people so darn jealous (and I don't mean anyone here)?
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    Anemic Dog
    I didn't much like her singing, but I agree with you that it's insane that people put her down because her parents are successful and she's a high achiever in many areas.

    What's wrong with a 4.0 GPA? In today's Bart Simpson inspired society, you feel like you have to apologize for wanting to get good grades so you have more options later in life.

    I usually agree with Simon about the singers, but he was being a first-class jerk when he was working Ayla over about her academic success. He should stick to talking about the performances. I'm half expecting him to get arrested for stalking Kellie Pickler by the end of the season.

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    I think bias against her comes more from most of America not being able to relate to her. People are quick to jump on the fact that Paris shouldn't be in the competition because she has family in the recording industry. Those same people probably feel as if Ayla is the last person that needs AI, if she really wants to pursue music over anything else (and even she admitted that she wasn't going to go primarily music, but try to do both) then i'm sure that her family will be able to work something out for her. Some of these other contestants like Kellie (who I can't stand), Mandisa and Chris for instance have no other chance then to get noticed through something like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
    I don't think I have been this bummed out by an elimination since Latoya London.
    Even worse, the performance she got booted for was far better than her earlier ones. She sounded contemporary and hip--things this show has no interest it. In fact, it often punishes it. Nikki McKibbin, anyone?

    I agree that America isn't perceptive enough to pick up on big things to hold against her. Instead they picked up more on a hundred other smaller things the show did to pimp other contestants. Kellie being cute/dumb. Paris being cute/bouncy. Lisa being... well... I've yet to figure out why people voted for Lisa.

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    I was really surprised to see Ayla go. I agree with Simon that she's the kind of person who succeeds at everything she sets her mind to. I would have enjoyed watching her grow throughout the show.

    That other girl shoulda' gone before Ayla - Maghee or sormething.

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    I was sad to see Ayla voted off. To me, Melissa, Paris and Kellie are in a similar league as Ayla. All great but not as good as Katharine/Mandisa but Ayla was not the worst performer of that night.
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