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Thread: Breaking News regarding Frenchie!!

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    Who do you know? Have you seen the porn pictures?

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    Originally posted by phusion
    Who do you know? Have you seen the porn pictures?
    I have read descriptions of the pictures but chose not to look at them myself.

    Having seen Frenchie with clothes *ON*, the thought of seeing her naked is not palatable.

    The descriptions stated that she was dressed in costumes and had hair done to make her look like a little girl. Further, the scenarios were all childlike for the poses.

    Her excuse that she did it to pay for school was just a bunch of crap. With today's Stafford Student Loan system, ANYONE can get student loans to go to school. Posing nude is not the only way to pay for college, it just happens to be an EASY way.

    Additionally, the pictures were taken 3 or 4 years ago (I forget exactly as I read the story a while back) and she says she still has 1-2 years left of college.

    For someone who is trying to use the argument that she was so desirous of a college education she would do anything to get it, she sure hasn't been in a hurry to graduate.

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    i want to see the pics

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