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Thread: Kelly Clarkson

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    Re: Kelly Clarkson

    Onto better news, the one true American Idol Kelly Clarkson keeps writing break-up songs so awesome you want to get your heart broken just so they'll apply to you. Her newest single "Never Again" debuted on the radio yesterday, but this particular remix was online somehow before that. Kelly remixes are generally awesome, probably simply because they are made by fans attempting to show their undying love and devotion, but I still look forward to hearing the original. At any rate, it looks like we've got our first nominee for Big Gay Summer Anthem 2007. If only it would stop snowing.

    Source: typepad

    The real original AMERICAN IDOL KELLY CLARKSON's new single NEVER AGAIN is now availlable on ITUNES !!!!

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    Re: Kelly Clarkson

    . . . break-up songs so awesome you want to get your heart broken just so they'll apply to you. . .
    Blecccccchhhhh! Should be "break-up songs so co-dependent that if they did apply to you, some therapist stands to make a fortune off of you."
    "There's no crying in baseball!"
    -- Tom Hanks, A League of Their Own

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    Re: Kelly Clarkson

    Kelly Clarkson's Third Album Comes with Summer Concert Tour

    Kelly Clarkson's Third Album Comes with Summer Concert Tour
    May 9, 2007

    After the success of her second album entitled “Breakaway,” which sold 6 million copies in the United States and 10 million copies worldwide, Kelly Clarkson, the first winner of American Idol, looks forward to the release of her third album entitled "My December," which will be available on July 24, 2007.

    Although “Never Again,” the first single from "My December," has aired on the radio just a month ago, it has already risen into the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, following the pace of her previous hits “Since U Been Gone,” “Because of You,” and “Walk Away” among others. The American Idol champ claims that “My December” is her most personal album yet since she has either written or co-written all the songs.

    In line with the release of her third album, Clarkson will be going on a Summer Concert Tour to promote “My December.” The Grammy-awarded artist will kick off a live Earth Show concert on July 7, 2007 at the Giants Stadium, and will continue her tour through September.

    “This will be the biggest tour I’ve ever done,” said Clarkson. “It’s all about the music - we’re bringing extra musicians and we’ll be making an arena environment intimate because I want the fans to be part of the show! And you’ll hear all your favorite hits too!”

    If you’re a Kelly Clarkson fan, you can catch her tour in the following dates:
    7/7 - Live Earth SOS Concert at Giants Stadium - E Rutherford, NJ
    7/11 - Portland, OR
    7/13 - Seattle, WA
    7/15 - Sacramento, CA
    7/17 - San Jose, CA
    7/19 - Anaheim, CA
    7/21 - Denver, CO
    7/22 - Kansas City, MO
    7/25 - Minneapolis, MN
    7/27 - St. Louis, MO
    7/29 - Chicago, IL
    7/31 - Columbus, OH
    8/2 - Toronto, ON
    8/4 - Boston, MA
    8/5 - Albany, NY
    8/10 - Detroit, MI
    8/12 - Cleveland, OH
    8/14 - Philadelphia, PA
    8/16 - Uncasville, CT
    8/18 - Nassau, NY
    8/19 - Washington DC
    8/22 - East Rutherford, NJ
    8/24 - East Rutherford, NJ
    8/26 - Nashville, TN
    8/28 - Atlanta, GA
    8/30 - Ft Lauderdale, FL
    9/1 - Orlando, FL
    9/2 - Tampa, FL
    9/5 - Dallas, TX
    9/7 - Houston, TX
    9/9 - Las Vegas, NV
    9/13 - Calgary, AB
    9/14 - Edmonton, AB
    9/16 - Vancouver, BC
    9/19 - Fresno, CA
    9/21 - San Diego, CA
    9/23 - Phoenix, AZ
    9/26 - Los Angeles, CA

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    Re: Kelly Clarkson

    I was at Wal-mart today and heard "A Moment Like This" over the background speakers. That was kind of a shock to hear.

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    Re: Kelly Clarkson

    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott;2378952;
    I was at Wal-mart today and heard "A Moment Like This" over the background speakers. That was kind of a shock to hear.
    LOL Unklescott I heard it in the Grocery Store the other day.

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    Re: Kelly Clarkson

    I'm really excited about her new CD. I've been looking forward to it for so long now. I saw a list of the tracks for the CD and was surprised that she didn't include the song "Go" (from her Ford Commercial.)
    It was so catchy... I hni why she left that one out.


    Clarkson sings about breakups but says she's never been in love
    The Associated Press
    Article Launched: 06/12/2007 10:05:22 AM PDT

    NEW YORK—Kelly Clarkson, who rails against a former flame in her new song "Never Again," says she's never been in love.
    "I love my friends and family," the Grammy-winning singer and original "American Idol" tells Elle magazine in its July issue. "But I have never said the words 'I love you' to anyone in a romantic relationship. Ever."

    The 25-year-old Texan doesn't take romance lightly.

    "I am very old-school, conservative in my thinking when it comes to relationships," Clarkson says. "Love is something you work at. It doesn't come easily. There are going to be bad days. You are going to have to work at loving someone when they are being an idiot."

    She adds: "People think they're just going to meet the perfect guy. Don't be ridiculous."

    Marriage and motherhood aren't in the cards for Clarkson—not right now, anyway.

    "My point of view is that I shouldn't be a mother at all, because I'd be horrible," she says. "I'm not willing to be that selfless."

    Her comments speak to the singer's frankness, which makes Clarkson stand out from many of today's publicist-protected pop stars. In recent weeks, Clarkson has made headlines for saying the media is exaggerating reports that she and music mogul Clive Davis clashed over her upcoming CD, "My December," to be released by RCA Records, a unit of Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

    It's a sensitive subject.

    "I've sold more than 15 million records worldwide, and still nobody
    listens to what I have to say. Because I'm 25 and a woman," she says.
    "I am a good singer, so I can't possibly be a good writer," she continues. "Women can't possibly be good at two things. I haven't lost my temper about it. It only drives me more. If your thing is to bring me down, cool. I'll just work harder."

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    Re: Kelly Clarkson

    What a wise young woman.

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    Re: Kelly Clarkson

    E! News - Kelly Clarkson's Management Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson

    Kelly Clarkson's Management Breakaway
    by Natalie Finn
    Tue, 12 Jun 2007 04:45:12 PM PDT
    Kelly Clarkson is going to learn how to fly on the wings of different representation.
    The two-time Grammy winner has broken ties with longtime manager Jeff Kwatinetz of The Firm in Los Angeles, E! News confirmed Tuesday.
    "Kelly Clarkson is an enormously talented artist and we are pleased to have served as her managers in her well-deserved rise to stardom," a spokesperson for The Firm said in a statement. "We have only the best wishes and hopes for her in the future."
    While the parting appears amicable, it's rumored that Kwatinetz is the one taking the heat for the lackluster radio reception for Clarkson's new single, "Never Again"—which debuted and peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100—as well as for the so-so ticket sales for her latest tour.
    A source told Us Weekly, which first reported the split, that Clarkson and Kwatinetz "disagreed over the songs and the direction" of her upcoming album, My December, with another insider saying, "Kelly had enough."
    ''He exacerbated a thermonuclear situation,'' a source told Entertainment Weekly. ''Jeff did everything he could to control Kelly and her career suffered. He should have steered her in the right direction.''
    The 25-year-old singer has been quick to point out in interviews that she either wrote or cowrote all of the material on My December, a decidedly darker album than the multiplatinum-selling Breakaway and her debut, Thankful.
    ''The whole album is a story of the past two years, all the highs and lows,'' Clarkson told Entertainment Weekly. ''It deals with so many situations, whether it's family, friends, relationships, or myself.''
    She also opted not to work with the producers who crafted Breakaway, which has sold 10 million copies and earned her Grammys for Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, leading to reports that Clarkson and RCA president Clive Davis were up in arms, creatively, over her latest effort.
    In an email to EW, however, Davis said that a major push for Clarkson's new album was in the works, "befitting her status as one of the world's bestselling artists."
    Clarkson told the magazine that she had since talked with Davis and told him that there were no hard feelings if he didn't embrace her new material.
    But the battle for creative control over My December has obviously left a few scars.
    "I’ve sold more than 15 million records worldwide, and still nobody listens to what I have to say. Because I’m 25 and a woman," Clarkson said in a recent interview with Elle. And to EW: "Everybody wants to come out with the same thing and put beats on it. That's not where I am right now."
    Interestingly, the Texas native told Elle that she didn't like the idea of singing "Never Again" on this year's Idol Gives Back episode, which featured performances by all of American Idol's past winners, minus Fantasia Barrino.
    "My label wanted me to sing 'Never Again' and I was like, to promote yourself on a charity event is beyond crass," Clarkson said. "People are starving and dying and I'm up there singing some bitter pop song?
    "And believe me, everyone wanted me to sing it. Because they are jaded and they have no soul. Imagine sitting in a room full of people totally against you. Can't they hear themselves speaking? Capitalize on AIDS? Are you kidding? Insulting an entire nation of people? I just refused."
    She did sing the feisty breakup tune during the two-hour special, however, and the song jumped from 17th to ninth place on the Billboard Hot 100, largely thanks to an uptick in digital downloads.
    Still, RCA is supposedly still worried that My December sounds too negative and that Clarkson fans might not be willing to make that leap with Kelly to the dark(ish) side.
    "I'm like, 'Well, I'm sorry I've inconvenienced you with my life,'" the singer told EW. "No, it doesn't say, 'I'm happy, I'm with a boy and having so much fun.'' But it's reality.
    "I know it's not going to do what Breakaway did, 'cause it's not as mainstream. I get that. Some of the songs are not what 10-year-olds are probably going to listen to. But we all go through situations for certain reasons, and I think we should share that. This record is more intense, it's more raw, it's more emotional. But it's not that different. It's not Metallica. Even if it does tank—who cares? It's one album!"

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......

    Re: Kelly Clarkson

    Her attitude and willingness to speak her mind is so refreshing! Its one of the reasons why I love her!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Re: Kelly Clarkson

    Another shoe drops. This comes from her fan site, but I think the rules here prevent me from adding the link. It’s not hard to find though, just type her name & add a dotcom.

    "I can't tell you how much I've been looking forward to getting out there to perform for y'all. In the craziness of the music business, performing is what I look forward to doing the most, so it really is disappointing for me to have to tell you that I won't be coming out to tour this summer. The fact is that touring is just too much too soon.
    But I promise you that we're going to get back out there as soon as is humanly possible to give you a show that will be even better.
    Thanks for all of your love and continued support."
    — Kelly

    Tickets for the tour can be refunded at the point of purchase.
    In addition, as future concert dates become available, current ticket holders will be invited via email, mail or phone notification, to purchase tickets through an exclusive presale, which will take place prior to the general on sale date for each concert.

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