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Thread: Kimberley Locke

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    Re: Kimberley Locke

    The song she sang last night had been a hit on the Country Charts for Clay Walker for weeks. It just recently dropped off. She was good but I think the song works better as Country. Give it a listen sometime.

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    Re: Kimberley Locke

    Kimberly is on Don't Forget The Lyrics right now playing for charity.
    She's such a gorgeous young lady.
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    Re: Kimberley Locke

    Quote Originally Posted by graycat11;2856890;
    I don't know why some people think Kim Locke's attitude, personality is annoying. I think this gal has a sense of humor, personality. Sure, she stands up for herself and I think she should. Women today need to speak up for themselves.
    This is a really good point. She kind of rubbed me the wrong way on the weight loss show, but would I have been so put off if it were a man being so direct? Maybe not.

    There is some sort of expectation that women have to be more passive than men.

    At the end of the day, Kim is one of my favorite idols ever.

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    Re: Kimberley Locke

    Well now if you are a fan of Kimberley Locke OR Harvey Walden..this is the thing for you (I actually would love to go on this!!!)

    Link Here

    7-night Eastern Caribbean cruise sailing roundtrip from Miami September 12-19, 2009. * 7 night cruise * Private Cocktail Party * 2 Kimberley Locke Concerts * BOOTCAMP with Harvey Walden * Jon Peter Lewis In concert * Vonzell Solomon In concert * Private Parties and Autograph Sessions * Karaoke with Kimberley and Friends * Daily Workouts with Harvey Walden & Friends * Workout with Moni Aizik - Commando Krav Maga * Seminar with British Psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos * Lee Brandon In Concert * Jazz Singer Tom D’ Angelo In Concert * DJ Giuseppe
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