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Thread: 4/27 Show Discussion

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    4/27 Show Discussion

    Didn't see a thread up for the elimination show. So glad this site is back up!!!

    I already posted on the Constantine thread, but I'm so sad that he is gone.

    Paula looked shockingly old last night, like a grannie.

    Bo's mom was shockingly hot (esp. in the younger picture). Previously I thought it was so sweet when he talked about what I presumed was his dear old mum, but after seeing her that sheds new light on the subject.

    I heard about the vote-for-loser-Scott conspiracy just today. That certainly would explain his being in the top 3!

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    Paula's reaction was priceless.

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    After Wednesday's show I have lost my faith in AI once again. I cannot even IMAGINE why SS was in the top 3 and not in the bottom 3 this week (How many people are part of the vote for the worst conspiracy?). While I do think that Constantine deserved to be in the bottom 3 this week, I DON'T think for a minute that he deserved to go home.
    Looking at the forums on the idolonfox website, MANY people said that there were problems with Constantine's phone lines and that they were not able to get through to vote for him. That technical issue may have contributed to his early exit.
    Also, WHY does Ryan keep saying "You have to VOTE people". We ARE voting, but the voting doesn't always come out the way you want it to. One person's vote will NOT sway this competition one way or the other. And technical problems where people are TRYING to vote and not getting through don't help.
    I don't plan on watching again until the finale, and if either Scott or Anthony make it to the final 2, I won't be watching then either.
    Constantine brought a bit of color to the competition that will be sorely missed.

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    OK, this is getting super ridiculous. If Scott doesn't go home next, I would probably mute the TV everytime he talks.

    I HATE THAT FAT GUY. :phhht Seriously, I hate him, VERY HATE HIM. Oh, god, I can't describe how do I feel to him.

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    I don't think Scott does a bad job of singing...at all. I've heard him do quite well, actually. Shocked over Constantine getting the boot?? YES. But that goes to show "performing" didnt get him the votes...singing does, and he didn't sing his best Tuesday night. I actually thought Anthony sounded better than he did.
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    I/We still can't believe it

    I was shocked when CM was booted off the show. We thought for sure that he would be in the final 3. Whether or not Constantine would have won, don't know. I do know that Scott has overly worn out his welcome. :phhht He has been awful the last few weeks, and he has a bad attitude. I know that dosen't mean he can't sing, honestly, in his case he can sing... a little, sometimes... on a really good night, when the planets are all in alignment. That said, he should have been gone weeks ago.
    Still, no one called and asked me my thoughts on the subject, so like it or lump it...I'm lumping it right now.

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    I think that two things hurt Constantine and that was the fact that he had two bad weeks in a row and when Ryan compared his dancing to Clays - Constantine didn't seem to like that at all and seemed a bit sarcastic in his response to that.

    Scott's days are numbered and I feel that there will be a backlash to him staying and Constantine leaving.

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    I was never a huge fan of Constantine's, but he grew on me. There were times I didn't mind his performances, but there were times where his performance was just too much for me. I have to say that I am a little disgusted that Scott has made it past yet another good singer/performer. Anyway....I honestly don't think we have heard the last from him. He will get a record deal once the show is over. Good luck Constantine to whatever your future holds.

    Side note: Did anyone else notice how upset Paula was? I'm not talking about when Ryan asked her what she thought. I'm talking about when he was performing. She was a complete mess. I honestly think she connects with each of the contestants (some more than others) and seeing them go really bothers her. She is their biggest fan.
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    Constantine will become a bigger success without AI. What is important to keep in mind that he will do it on his own terms and not become part of the machine that is American Idol. A lot of people showed their support for him yesterday by bringing Betty's CD up to #2 on Amazon.
    After going through the upset yesterday, I now think that this is really the best thing for him. I think he would have been unhappy with 19 owning him

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    I am done with this show. I thought the *vote for the worst* thing was funny at first, but it's sucked every bit of enjoyment for me from the show.

    I refuse to watch that fat, smirking, creepy, untalented bozo for even one more minute. Someone let me know if he's voted off, so I can tune in again. :phhht
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