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Thread: 4/27 Show Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carla
    According to "Us" magazine, his band, "Pray for the Soul of Betty" will release its self-titled album on June 7. (Koch Records)
    I think its coming out in May. I hear it's #2 in records sales on Amazon, so good for Connie.

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    Thanks for the Welcome Ruby

    I have to agree and I don't feel too bad for Connie. I know that nearly all of the Top 10 will have record deals very shortly. He will be one of them. It may be better for him not to get fouled up with all the stuff I hear 'winners' of AI have to deal with. Still, don't you think it's the principle of the thing? Scott is safe and Constantine goes... I feel like doing a John Becker thing, but I can't find my soapbox!!
    I am, or was, blissfully unaware of this votefortheworst site, and now I'm mad again. I'm going to stare at the telephone and wait for those producers to call me and ask me what I think, boy do I have an earfull for somebody. And while I'm at it, what's up with SmokingGun? I wonder how many of those beauties have squeeky clean backgrounds?? (Wow, I did find my soapbox)
    Well, enough from me. I'm going to go feed something.

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    I was soooooo Happy when Constantstink was eliminated. His elimination was long overdue .

    Connie never gave a performance that I liked, and I don't think he deserved to even be part of the top 24. 99% of his "performance" skills was eye f!@$ the camera. the other 1% was horrible dancing, moving, ect.
    His singing was always below par compared to all the other contestants.

    Every year there's at least a few horrible singers in the comp. Season 2- Josh and Corey , season 3- jpl and season 4- Nikko, and constantstink.

    Hmm, Scott or Anthony should go next.

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    Ummm...did anyone notice how "off" Vonzell was during the opening number? Like she wasn't even singing the same song as the others...
    "Did you lose your mind all at once or was it a slow, gradual process?" -- Jeff Bridges as Jack Lucas in The Fisher King

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    Quote Originally Posted by pattia
    Ummm...did anyone notice how "off" Vonzell was during the opening number? Like she wasn't even singing the same song as the others...
    I noticed. She was REALLY off-key during her whole part.

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    I'm chiming in so late I don't know if this is the show discussion when they sang or Connie got the boot.

    Anyway, he was terrible. Carrie was second in the worst for that night IMO.
    Anthony was surprisingly good IMO

    I liked Bo the best.

    I also thought Scott was pretty good and better than Constantine.

    Actually, I thought he was better than Carrie too (another former fav of mine)

    I'd still be voting for Nadia if she were there as I think she had the whole package (their loss)

    Right now, my heart isn't in the show as it had been and I am hoping Bo kicks butt and wins.

    Who the h** knows at this point though.

    I'll never get my heart set on one contestant again like I did Nadia. America's voting pattern is bizzare.

    The only winner's music I'd buy though (or so called losers) is Bo and of course Nadia.
    The Pats will be back next year. Watch out.....

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    Regarding Vote For the Worst:
    "I think our site definitely has some effect on the results for 'Idol,' " says Dave DellaTerza, the site's creator.

    "That girl thinks her results affect the show, too, when they just help to contribute. But I've changed my tune a bit since our Web site got over 100,000 hits in the last two days."
    Well, since they've been getting both media attention and spamming various message boards with their url, that figure is not surprising. Also, would 100,000 people -- out of the 24+ million who watch the show -- really have that much of an effect on the results? (Granted, not everyone votes. But many of those that do, vote multiple times and more than make up for those who don't.)

    If there really are people who power-vote for the person they think is the worst... Well, that's just sad. They might want to delude themselves that they're sticking it to 19E, but they're really just screwing over some good, honest competitors -- including their chosen "worst" one.

    I honestly think that we're seeing more influence from "underdog" (remember John Stevens?) and "regional" voting (remember Carmen Rasmussen and Jasmine Trias?) than we are VFTW.

    Even if VFTW somehow "saved" Scott this week, that still means that Constantine would have otherwise received the second lowest number of votes without VFTW's "influence". Unless you believe (as some do) that 19E ignores the actual votes and rigs the results. In which case VFTW's efforts -- along with all of ours -- amount to nothing. In which case

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    Every group performance, I think Carrie and Bo shine. They also sound good together.

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    Still and all, it's bizarre that Constantine went from being very safe, to booted. Yes, his singing on Tuesday and Wednesday was dreadful (terrible choice, it's a very hard song to sing and Chad Kroeger is an exceptional rock vocalist) but both Bo and Anthony have had a couple of real stinker performances and they're still around. (I don't count Scott because as far as I'm concerned, his performances suck consistently - the only thing he did passably well was "Against All Odds".)
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    I didn't like Constantine all that much, so I was sort of glad, but he really shouldn't have been gone before Scott and Anthony.

    In my opinion (please don't get mad at me), Scott shouldn't have even made it to the top 12.

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