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Thread: Studdard, Clarkson Say They Had It Tougher On 'Idol'

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    Room-temperature water? A room with NO COLOUR on the walls? Folding chairs? And spending time with celebrity singers!?!?! Oh, God, the humanity! *wipes tear from cheek*

    Well, allow me to be the first to congratulate Kelly Clarkson on overcoming such grievous obstacles to become...um...a pop singer whose songs I keep getting confused with Avril Lavigne's. And Ruben - dude, that 25-piece orchestra would have completely drowned out your sweet little velvet teddy-bear voice. You can barely hear Carrie Underwood when the band is in full swing, and that girl has some powerful set of pipes.

    Kimberley who?
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    Oh, cry me a river. You get a chance to achieve what it took other years to do on [I]national tv[I] and you're complaining because the walls were dull and the water was warm? It kinda makes sense that the show has more money to spend now, therefore giving this season's contestants... ummmm...colored walls and soda. But gosh, I can TOTALLY see their point! Wouldn't you just DIE if you had to drink water or look at a white wall? (Please not sarcasm)
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